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Mukami, Sakamaki and Tsukinami brothers reacting to their little daughters hugging them and saying "I love you daddy! Forever and ever!"

  • Ayato: “T-That’s right! Daddy is the best! Yours truly.” He would pick her up and hug her tightly, his face beaming with joy.
  • Reiji: “I told you it’s ‘Father’- never mind that now. If you wish to love me forever, then so be it. I’ll be glad to return feeling.” Reiji would pet her head before carrying on with his normal routine, but with a slight smirk. 
  •  Laito: “Awe~! Yes sweet heart! Daddy loves you forever and ever too!” Laito would pick her up and swing her around, cuddling her for the rest of the day. 
  • Kanato: “EhhhhhHHHH-.” He would see you scowling and quickly stop, “Eh- yes…I..feel the same way…” (nO HE DOESN’T-)
  •  Shu: He would chuckle, “You’re just like your mother, loud and clingy. Daddy loves you too, forever and ever and even after that.” He would kiss her forehead and let her lay on his chest for a nap. 
  • Subaru: “W-What…?” He would pick her up, “ I love you t-too…” He’s shocked. 
  • Ruki: Shockingly, he would embrace his little girl and swing her around cuddling her and saying how much he loved her, he’s waited for moments like this. He knows there won’t be many. 
  • Kou: “Say it again!” He would make his daughter say it all day, him giggling every time she did. He loved it more than anything. 
  • Yuma: “Daddy loves you too little piglet! You’re getting big, you’ll have to help daddy in the garden soon!” He bends down and picks her up, he knows she will grow up eventually, but for now he savors these special times. 
  • Azusa: “Daddy loves ….you more…. princess.” He would sit her in his lap and hold her, enjoying the peace. 
  • Carla: “Mmm…I love you too.” Carla would kiss her cheek and pat her head, he wasn’t the affectionate type. 
  • Shin: “Forever? That’s a long time! I don’t mind it though!” He would ruffle her hair and move on, laughing a bit every time he thought about it.