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⚠️⚠️ MONEY ADVICE ⚠️⚠️

Okey so Kim just posted on her story what Kanye got her, and honestly there is such a good lesson in wealth and prosperity right there.
Every millionaire I know does this. See that money you have left over from paying your bills?? You have to make your money, make more money.
Early on in your game you gotta use that extra money to invest in yourself, this could be better clothes, gym membership, confidence classes idk anything that is going to better yourself and make you a 5 star bitch. 💫
When this investment in yourself in time makes you MORE money, when you still have some left from investing in yourself- this is where the money is. When you can start thinking about the Millions.
You gotta put that money in a savings-to-invest account. You gotta invest in what you know. Learn the trick of the industry you want to go into. Scan exactly where the money is at, where it’s not. Ask your goddamn man, go into business with him even. You see a CEO of a company making millions? Make him YOUR man. Then you take this money sitting cosy in your account, and you invest the hell out of it. Never too much you’re uncomfortable with.

More sugar inspiration to start the week off! I came across this couple last night. The woman is Dana Cody and is a nail tech who owns her own business. The man is George Teichner, nw of $50million. They met when he walked into her store for a mani/pedi! Now, they’re married💰💰

This is why I can’t stress the importance of staying ready enough. You can literally meet an sd anywhere. From what I’ve read in these cases where young women meet and marry whales it’s a random meeting that goes well and turns into something more.

I’m not saying go everywhere with a full face of makeup but just know stuff like this happens. Rich men aren’t only at high class lounges and shit they do normal/ every-day things too! Maybe if you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere this isn’t as realistic lol but for those of us near wealthy areas it’s definitely possible.

Shout out to her for making such a huge comeup, he’s past my age limit though I couldn’t do it lol. Also, her ig is tippietoediva.


Babe is talking about moving me out! It has been little spurts of conversation here and there but I’ve been brushing them off. Tonight, he really went for it 🤭😝! New apartment coming soon? Stay tuned!!!!

Pro tip: Always make him think it’s his idea! Therefore, when the money gets rolled out, you don’t feel guilty or at fault. “Babe, I’m so happy to see how much you missed our time together. I never thought we’d be so close to where you’d get a place for US ❤️.” I’m getting my speech ready already lol but you see how I made that about him and “his idea”? Someone asked me do I ask my man for money and this is why I don’t. He will give me whatever I need & can never tell me I ask or beg cause I literally don’t ask for anything. He’s planted his seed but I planted mine too from the second his messaged me on Tinder 🤷🏽‍♀️. It’s never what you say, it’s always how you say it 💅🏾.

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Are SDs picky about pubic hair? I Get a landing strip most of the time and I'm going to have my first intimate meeting with my first SD in a few days and I dont want him to be grossed out (even though Im a grown woman) I feel like they may be expecting a pornstar pussy

I read a post yesterday and it said, “Pussy hair is like orange juice with pulp. Only the children complain.” lmao 😜😂. If he has a problem with your landing strip, send him in invoice for a full wax at your nearest wax salon sis. If he wants porn start pussy then he better be paying porn star pussy prices. Daddy pays for what daddy likes 🤷🏽‍♀️.