daddys shirt


skinner inhaled

“I’m Peri! P for pulverize, E for eviscerate, R for ruin, and I for impale!”

I couldn’t stop myself from dressing up Peri in Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look. You can’t tell me they don’t go together.

  • Taehyung: Jungkook, what are you doing?
  • Jungkook:
  • Taehyung: Why are you staring at Jimin like that???
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: I'm confused....
  • Taehyung: About what?
  • Jungkook: Jimin is wearing jeans that say "come get me daddy" but his shirt says "don't worry baby boy I'll come get you" and my body doesn't know how to handle these mix signals.
  • Taehyung:
  • Taehyung: What the-