daddys rules

Daddy owns me! Only daddy! He is da best! Nite Nite evurywun hoo is up!

👑 So...Rules? 👑
  • Me: Daddy…i think i need rules, the others little girls have rules, i want rules too!
  • Daddy: Of course we need rules, but don’t worry about it, that’s my job.
  • [After long hours of thought and writing]
  • Daddy: Okay baby girl, Here are your new rules, make sure to follow them.
  • Me: Okay Daddy.
  • [Five minutes later, breaks the half of the rules]
  • Daddy: Explains this
  • Me: I’m a Princess?
  • Daddy: *facepalms*
Mr.Bear's Rules


  1. Always take care of yourself.
  2. Be honest and open.
  3. In bed before 12 on school nights and 2 on weekends/ No-School Days.
  4. tell daddy before going anywhere.
  5. Say goodnight and good morning, every day and night with a selfie.
  6. Ask before playing with yourself.
  7. You can not engage in any sexual activity with anyone. either RP or in real life.
  8. Call me daddy unless around people who don’t know or understand.
  9. no cussing.
  10. Only daddy should see you naked.
  11. Never be negative about yourself, you’re daddy’s little angel, act like it.
  12. Read everything daddy give you.
  13. no self-harm.
  14. During play, you will address Daddy as “Daddy” or “Sir”.
  15. You are submissive only to Daddy never allow others to bully you.
  16. You will wear a choker at all times to show you are collared.
  17. You will stay focused and pay attention to your surroundings. 
  18. follow your schedule unless you are given permission from daddy.
  19. At Least one body check per day for any cuts/bruises.


You are expected to.

  1. Respect daddy.
  2. Follow the rules, if you don’t agree with a rule, tell daddy he will compromise always.
  3. Respect yourself and your wants, never be embarrassed about something you want just ask.
  4. honesty is the most important thing.
  5. Be loyal, daddy will be in return.
  6. Spam daddy with extra cute selfies.
  7. Check in with daddy every 2 hours.

Little’s right

You have a right to.

  1. use your safe word whenever you want without retaliation.
  2. Contact other kink groups, or other caregivers and littles.
  3. make social plans, just ask daddy, don’t worry he won’t say no to these.
  4. You can call for a hold at any time and talk to me as an equal.


  1. Spanking
  2. Early Bedtime
  3. Ruler Across the Palm of your Hand
  4. Time Out
  5. Writing Assignment
  6. Extra Chores
  7. Loss of Privilege
  8. Cold Shower/Bath
  9. Soap in your Mouth
  10. No playtime
  11. Break from your stuffed animal
  12. No TV at Bedtime
  13. Lecture from Daddy
  14. Loss of Sweets
  15. Pinching
  16. Loss of Makeup

Daddy may control

  1. What you wear, always show daddy what you have on before going out, If daddy doesn’t answer he won’t hold you responsible for clothes you wear.
  2. What you eat.
  3. When you sleep or wake up.
  4. When you touch yourself, play with your toys, or when you cum.

In return Daddy

will promise to be.

  1. Caring.
  2. Understanding.
  3. Sensitive to your needs and desires.
  4. Respectful of you at all times.
  5. Honest, always.
  6. Loyal, even if daddy is upset.
  7. There to care for you whenever you need it, whether on hold or not.

“I used a lot of Cg/l blogs and sites to make up this rule book I am not taking any credit for it all I did was put it together and change some of the words” - Mr.bear 

Daddy’s Rules

Always love Daddy

Always love and take care of your stuffies

Always Be a good girl

Always love yourself

Always listen to Daddy

Make sure to eat 3 meals a day and drink lots of water

No self harm (always come to Daddy if you have a problem)

Bedtime: 11 p.m on school nights

Make sure to do your homework

Give Daddy kissies every day

Tell Daddy you love him

Be polite and use manners towards Daddy

Never swear to Daddy

Always come to Daddy if you need help with adult things

Always be honest with Daddy, never lie (good girls don’t lie)

You are mine and mine only

Only cum when Daddy says you can cum

You can only touch your princess parts if Daddy gives you permission


Spankings, however many Daddy sees fit. Every 5 minutes after bedtime you get a spanking

No kissies or cuddles

Timeout (no phone, no stuffies, corner time, time out jar, etc)

Lines, however many Daddy sees fit and whatever Daddy says to write

No playtime or touching princess parts

Daddy will tease you


Sticker Chart: If Daddy thinks you’ve been a good girl that day he will give you a sticker






Butt rubs

Bath time

Color time with Daddy

Building Forts

Daddy will buy gifts

How to get me into little space.

❤ Call me “baby”, “kitten”, “my girl”.
❤ Tell me when to go to sleep/get food.
❤ Don’t let me pay for myself.
❤ Encourage me to try new ice cream flavours.
❤ Correct my spelling mistakes.
❤ Read me bedtime stories.
❤ Hold my hand in public.
❤ Pat on my head.
❤ Brush and braid my hair.

🎀 When Daddy Says…

💕 Don’t talk back to Daddy, sweetheart.

💕 Follow Daddy’s rules.

💕 Time for bed, little one.

💕 You’re too little to do that, Princess. Let Daddy help you.

💕 I’m so proud of you.

💕 Good girl.

💕 Please do as Daddy says.

💕 Daddy’s here.

💕 Daddy will take care of you, little one.