daddys credit card

the signs as typical teen movie things™
  • aries: "i dont really party..." "girl you are coming NOW"
  • taurus: *gets braces off, straightens hair, and gets contacts* now instantly lusted after
  • gemini: the little brother that is always in the girl's business
  • cancer: i'm not like other girls™
  • leo: "my daddy says this credit card is only for emergencies.... and this is an emergency!!" *proceeds to go shopping*
  • virgo: "him and i could talk about super deep things" *literally is talking about Hamlet*
  • libra: *popular girl chooses someone "nerdy" to makeover like some project*
  • scorpio: "you've changed. how could you become who we hated??"
  • sagittarius: *guy climbs a tree to get beside the girl's window*
  • capricorn: *girl approaches guy in her prom dress* "wow...... u are bEAutiFul"
  • aquarius: the single white gay best friend
  • pisces: the girl falls in love with her best friend after he helped her through her breakup with Chad
Worth It

Pairing: Y/N & Calum 

Words: 3400+

Warning: nsfw

Sugar Daddy Calum is what dreams are made of 


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Hi, I have read a fic with sugar baby! Stiles and sugar daddy! Peter somewhere in tumblr. I remember the part that stiles decided to leave and peter came back to a empty house without knowing. It would be great if you know where to look! Thanks a lot!

YESSSS I’m 1000000000% here for Steter with Sugar daddy!Peter.  <3  -Emmy

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Mall Crossings by SlasherFiend

(1,170 I Teen I Complete)  *also derek/lydia

Lydia takes Derek shopping at the mall, when Derek runs into Stiles though things get interesting.

Boyz&Toys by Udunie 

(1,772 I Explicit I Complete)  *camboy!stiles

Anonymous asked:
Steter for video, sugar, daddy, Bad, Dragon ;D

Or the one with all of the above.

Buy Me a New Pair by Julibean19 

(2,277 I Mature I Complete)

“I don’t practice law much these days.”

“And why is that?” Stiles asked, wondering why a handsome and presumably successful lawyer wouldn’t want to continue working.

“I’ve been drawn away by more pleasurable pursuits,” Peter said, lips quirked upward as he spoke.

Rent is Due by apeskyhedgehog 

(4,495 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles doesn’t have money for rent this month or the last two months due to being laid off from work. For being behind on rent the landlord, named Mr. Hale, has to come and visit poor Stiles. When Stiles opens the door he is surprised by the appearance of the landlord, Mr. Hale looking much different than he imagined. When Stiles finds himself on his knees begging to keep the apartment another month, Mr. Hale has another idea on how Stiles can use his mouth a lot better.

Video Killed the Photograph Star by mynightmarestays 

(5,732 I Explicit I WIP)   *camboy!stiles

Stiles Stilinksi or known as Roscoe Cockle, just started out camming as a rugged boy and slowly rising to the top. But his fan who’s been there since the beginning sponsors him and wants to fuck him

Sugar by asherly89

(7,811 I General-Teen I Complete)

Peter is Stiles’ sugar daddy.

AU: No werewolves, Hale Fire happened, but Peter wasn’t in it, and Jackson’s still in Beacon Hills.

The Real Crime by Julibean19 

(9,192 I Mature I Complete)  *crossdressing!stiles, feminization

“He knew he shouldn’t have.  Daddy said the credit card was only for emergencies, but when Stiles had seen it, dripping with Swarovski crystals, he hadn’t been able to stop himself from clicking ‘add to cart.’  Usually, Daddy liked to pick out all his jewelry, but Stiles knew he would like this.”

Smells Like Home by Kindred 

(10,595 I Mature I WIP)  *also sterek and derek/stiles/peter, mpreg, noncon

Peter pays for Stiles college fees and all Stiles has to do is sleep with him.

Gold Digger Universe by taylorpotato

(14,251 I Mature-Explicit I Series WIP)  *online dating, social media

Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here’s the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages. (Put me in the trash where I belong).

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One day Jason comes home late the see the tkf playing cards against humanity, so he decided to listen in. Now he kinda expected Whizzer and Marvin to play the worst cards, but then he listens in and Charlotte and Cordelia are saying the dirtiest shit?? And then, when he's about to walk in, and Mendel plays 'Daddy's Credit card' under the 'mommy lives daddy but apparently mommy loves blank more' AND JASON FREAKING DIED BEHIND THE DOOR

Day 5 [Gifts]

August 3 / Day 5: Gifts (Cardverse) i’m a prince from a small country nobody’s heard of and i’m in college pretending not to be royal and you’re another student who’s always calling me out on my bs”

Chat: it’s the gift of the friendship so suck my ass, also idk if I edited it and I don’t care @spamanoweek


Lovino didn’t like to call himself proper, maybe a bit overzealous and needy, but proper, no. These people, were animals. He just wanted to go to college (‘I want to be like the normal kids, Daddy!’) and Daddy waved his magical credit card and he was at school.

Good. Check mark. 10/10 would do again, but maybe after the first day it went to a 2/10 never do again kind of thing.

The Prince sat alone at one of the huge lunch tables, a half eaten salad placed on his left and a book placed in front. With a napkin placed over his lap, he spooned in copious amount of leafy greens as he read through the pages of the text book. He wanted to become a vet tech, he absolutely loved animals, sea animals to be exact. The textbook went on and on about seals and whales that filled his little heart with joy.

At the castle, he spent hours studying how to be King one day, take his father’s place and become the King of Spades, yet his heart had other opinions, ones that had the sea put in the middle. Ruling a kingdom just wasn’t his thing and maybe he did have the spade printed on his chest like every line of royalty, but to him it felt like just a reminder to keep going in life.

“Look at Prince over there delicately eating his salad,” Lovino’s ears twitched as he looked up hearing the taunting, standing in the food line was a group of boys led by a curly haired man who pointed at him in such a childish manner,

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Hey-one more question about your spirited away post. I'm sorry!! But why do you think that children can see the Spirit Gate, especially if spirits don't want humans walking in there? And on a semi-unrelated note, do you think Chihiro would've eaten the spirit-food if she had been an adult? I love hearing your thoughts!!!

Oh don’t be sorry! This stuff is so much fun. 

It’s a common theme that children see fae, ghosts, angels, and spirits etc, because… In religious views, children are ‘pure’ and still connected with that light. On a less religious note. One view is that children are more open to the possibilities of the world, unjaded if you will. And another is because they’re more observant. There’s a lot different views on the matter depending on where you look, socially and culturally. (It’s a common theme in horror movies that the kids see the demons. It’s a common theme in fairy tales that kids are taken by mysterious things.)

But above all. The most common thing across the majority of cultures, is that children are (usually) always the ones literally spirited away. In western culture it’s usually Fae that kidnap children. Part of the title for Spirited Away in Japanese is  神隠し Kamikakushi. It’s a term for both a mysterious death, or disappearance of someone, usually by a god/spirit.

As for the 2nd question, as an adult… Hmmm. That is a really good question.

As children you’re somewhat strictly raised with rules (especially outside of the US where there’s more importance on following rules and being polite and being aware of yourself amongst the many.)

You’re taught to be polite. To not take without asking/paying. To know a lot of social norms, and what’s right and wrong, and abide by them. And it’s ‘nurture’ that’s coming into play. You grow up with several life influences: parents, teachers, friends, and the general social climate that you live in.

So for a child, you know it’s wrong to take food without asking, and without paying. Society has taught you this at a baseline level. “Say please and thank you.”

BUT as you grow up, you get many other influences, you grow into yourself, you learn independence, you learn good and bad habits. You can grow into a selfless person, or a selfish person, or neither of those things, because people are multifaceted and constantly changing.

Important to note, Chihiro’s parents are used as a reflection on Capitalism’s effect on Japan. They drive a foreign car, they wear westernised european clothing, her father brags ‘daddy has credit cards and cash’, to brush away the fact they are eating without having paid yet. They then turn into literal pigs. 

It’s hard to say if Chihiro would have eaten the food if she had been an adult. She was a child who knew right from wrong, but depending on how, and who she grew up with as influence. She may have turned out like her parents, very much with a blase attitude towards expenses and manners. Or she may have retained her own values on the matter and stood firm. Or maybe she would have weakened to the peer pressure, as so often happens through growing up.

So I think it’s pretty grounding that Chihiro’s journey as a child helped solidify her foundations, and give her that wisdom from life, that she otherwise may have missed out on learning had she not entered the tunnel. 

When I got my manatee guide after adopting Merlin the manatee, I saw some pretty fucking horrific injuries to these poor beautiful manatees from being struck by boats, which really got me heated. How in the fuck can people in Florida be so fucking rude to these beautiful beings?! Like if you really want to boat around so badly, get a row boat you selfish lazy fuck or find a boat/build a boat that does not have a propeller! Honestly! It’s not a difficult solution. These manatees have lived here far longer than you’ve been running away with mommy and daddy’s credit card for spring break. Learn some respect for other beings! Fucking hell.

The First Date: Aftermath

Soooooo I thought I’d try my hand at a little fanfiction writing. This is a first attempt so….yeah. Some of the dialogue at the beginning is directly from the date quest so Pixelberry gets credit for that! Anyway I hope you enjoy it! Could maybe be more than a one-shot but we’ll see :)

Warnings: Some language
Around 1,200 words.

Alex walked into Hunt’s Monday lecture not quite sure what to expect, as amazing as the date was, nearly being caught by Jenni brought the reality of her and Hunt’s relationship to the foreground. The risks were real, and after all the time she spent trying to persuade Hunt that they were worth it the tables had turned. Hunt was very convincing in his “I’m in this, I’m all in” speech –plus that kiss, damn that kiss,— but over the last couple days Alex had spent too much time going over every possible scenario in her head and they all, for the most part, ended in flames. She sat next to Addison who shot her a mischievous grin, “Ready for today?”

Feigning ignorance Alex replied, “What about today?”

Addison rolled her eyes. “Oh come on! It’s the first class since the big night! Don’t act like you haven’t been thinking about h—”

“Addison!” Alex whispered dangerously

“–im the whole weekend, I know I would be,” she finished with a dreamlike expression on her face.

Alex gave her a look. “Seriously, Addi you nearly gave me a heart attack. We can’t talk about that here.” Scanning the students around her Alex concluded that everyone was too wrapped up in their own drama to even notice the exchange. This relationship was really going to test her nerves.

Just then, Hunt walked into the class and cleared his throat. As the class began to settle he looked up at Alex and gave her a quiet smile before beginning his lecture. Her heart gave a flutter and she couldn’t help but smile back. Relaxing a little, Alex directed her attention towards Bianca and Jenni who had just sat in front of them loudly discussing what sounded like a fascinating conversation on the best tactics for stalking someone on social media. Hunt glared up at them. “What? It’s not like we missed anything,” Bianca snapped.

Addison raised her eyebrows at Alex and mouthed “wow”. While Bianca generally had a bad attitude, she was usually respectful towards Hunt; Alex was surprised by her brash response. Maybe Daddy reduced her credit card limit she thought smirking. Hunt wasted no time putting Bianca in her place; he looked down at the paper in his hand, a little smile pulled at his lips, a look that Alex knew meant he was about to verbally devastate someone.

“Well, perhaps not today, Ms. Stone, but clearly you missed some of the main points of recent lectures.”

As he handed Bianca back her paper Alex saw the ‘C’ emblazoned on top; she loved the way he could do that.

“A 'C’!? Do you even know who I am?” Bianca demanded.

“Believe me I’m well aware” Hunt responded, unimpressed.

Alex was reveling in the fact that her Hunt just shot down one of her least favourite people when she saw Bianca glance at Jenni, a triumphant grin spreading across her face. Oh shit.

“Well, Professor, I hope you’ll take a moment to reconsider. I may not have understood every part of your lecture, but I do know a very interesting tidbit about you and a certain someone dancing on Catalina Island.”

Alex’s stomach dropped and Addison shot her a panicked look.

“I saw you and her on Saturday night when I was at my uncle’s wedding!” Jenni added.

The class erupted in excited whispers. Alex’s mind was racing. She was trying to catch Hunt’s eye but he was staring furiously at Bianca and Jenni.

“I don’t know what Jenni thinks she saw, but I would advise you to reconsider your attitude right now, Miss Stone. The faculty does not look kindly on students who attempt to blackmail their teachers. You’re far better off studying than spreading silly rumours.”

Alex thought he must’ve lost his mind trying to call her bluff; she looked nervously at Bianca who surprisingly backed down. The matter settled, Hunt continued handing back papers. Once he was turned away from Bianca and Jenni, they started whispering; Alex leaned in to catch what they were saying.

“OMG, I can’t believe Hunt burned us like that. Not. Cool,” Jenni whined.

“Ugh, whatever. He’ll wish he’d changed my grade once we’re through with him. All we have to do is show everyone proof,” Bianca said confidently.

Alex was glad she could count on Hunt to be calm and collected, ever the professional, she thought smiling; but at the same time she hated that she had no idea what he was thinking. Was he actually worried? What did this mean for them? What was their next move? Alex had a million questions racing through her mind and before she knew it everyone was standing up. “Uh, Alex?” Addison said cautiously. “Time to go. Class is over and we’re meeting Ethan for lunch, like now.”

Brought back to reality she looked for Hunt. He was discussing the likelihood of him granting Jake an extension on their latest project and judging by the way his brow was furrowed the chances were not good. “Go ahead Addi, I…um…need to…”

“I figured.” She smiled encouragingly. “I’ll cover for you with Ethan”.

“Did I ever tell you how awesome you are for going along with all this insanity?” Alex said gratefully.

“You could mention it a little more often…” Addison pouted jokingly.

“Well, you are. I owe you a drink…although after this I might need more than one.” Alex saw that Jake had left. She suspected he’d received a brutal tongue lashing on time management and the reality of Hollywood’s deadlines.

“Good luck!” Addison squeezed her arm and left.

A few students were still milling about as she approached Hunt.

“I’m sorry, Jake but having a concert to go to isn’t enough to warrant a—oh”, his face softened. “How can I help you, Alex?”

“Um…Professor I was wondering if I could talk to you about…"—she paused fabricating a reason—"my grade on the most recent assignment.” Real original, Alex.

“Of course. Do you have a free period now? If you wouldn’t mind discussing it in my office I believe there’s another class starting here any minute.”

“That would be fine. Thank-you, Professor.”

The minute Hunt closed his office door Alex started, “Holy shit, wha—"and then she felt his lips, gentle but with purpose, against hers . Alex melted into it for a second before pulling away. Flustered, she tried to remember why they were there in the first place. "As wonderful as that was, not to mention bringing a significant number of fantasies regarding this office to life, I think we have some more important issues to address.”

Hunt raised his eyebrow. “Fantasies? Please, do tell.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Another time. We need to discuss what happened in class.”

Hunt sighed. “I know we do, but, I wanted to remind you why we’re doing this in the first place before…well…before you tried to end it.”

Even though that’s exactly what she had been considering Alex was taken aback. “And what makes you think I’d try to end it?”

Hunt locked eyes with her. “Honestly, I’d be disappointed if you weren’t. It’s the logical choice. We both knew that there’d be risk involved with us. Having our fatal flaw exposed so early in our relationship is probably a giant, neon sign telling us to stop while we still can; while it’s still conjecture and rumour; while all Bianca and Jenni have what is most likely a blurred photo. It’s safer…” She felt a knot in her stomach as he said this. It was all trueIf they ended this now, they could both get out of it unscathed. “But,” Hunt stepped closer, his face inches from hers, “in spite of all that, I hope you’ll stay.”

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So my friends and i have this squad meme thats a paraphrased line from the spirited away dub “daddys got credit cards and cash” which is what we say when were paying, or assuring each other that we got money and can Do Shit

“Oh shit did we take a wrong turn?”
“Dont worry, daddys got credit cards and cash”

“I got it”
“You sure?”
“Daddys got credit cards and cash”

It's In the Bag

Author: @lovelizziekins

Rated: T    

No trigger warnings.  Kept it short, sweet and light-hearted.   Hope somebody enjoys!       


“What,” I mutter back to Madge who is bellowing down at me from upstairs.  I can only imagine what she wants now.  She’s the one planning this trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but I seem to be getting stuck with all the last minute errands that go with it.  

I don’t even want to go on this trip.  I have too many other things I could be doing with my next-to-last week of summer and it’s called working.  Earning money.  Getting paid.  I don’t have parents paying my way through college or paying for me to go on fun vacations with my friends, so how Madge talked me into going; I’ll never know.

“Katniss,” Madge says as she tumbles down the stairs, stopping short as soon as she sees me.  “Wait, are you really wearing that to the beach?

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