Who Yah Gonna Call~

Dawn rubbed her arm as she stared up at the huge tower which was in Lavender Town, she heard of the place many times along with some creepy un-welcoming stories about the place itself. Though it’s something that can’t be helped if it’s a place dedicated to to remember all the pokemon which passed away.  

Taking in a small breath she glanced about the place taking in all the sights, though when she stared back at the entrance there seemed to be something staring right at her? Blinking a couple of times the bluenette continued to stare at it and it happened to be a pokemon, luckily it was one she was familiar with, which was a Gastly.

Slowly raising up her hand she gave the ghost pokemon a small wave, alot of people said ghost pokemon only approach you to curse you or prank you but that was just lies and slander, the girl was very fond of the type. “Well hey there little guy” She started but the pokemon hovered about before hovering inside the building, so on instinct the girl followed and saw the pokemon floating above a green haired man. He either didn’t notice or?…

Slowly approaching him she stood beside the older man and glanced up at him, “Hey does he belong to you then?”