King Cyrus Rains Over Polo

While this was quite the eventful polo match, our award for most WTF moment has to go to the King himself.

Continuing his trend of over the top, heinous behavior, the leader of our nation “made it rain” during today’s match. No, he can’t control the weather yet but we’re sure he’s trying…

In a gesture commonly reserved for strip clubs, King Cyrus rose from his perch in the royal box and, with much flair, showered patrons in currency bearing his likeness (talk about narcissism). Is he going mad? Was this some warped idea of charity? Is it futile to ascribe meaning to anything this weirdo does? Probably, but that won’t stop us from trying. Our experts say it was likely a misguided attempt to cultivate approval or popularity, to show the world he’s “cool.” Whatever it was, it reeks of desperation. Can you say #daddydidntloveme?

One thing we’re certain of is that there’s more where this came from and D-throned has got you covered. Stick around to find out what ridiculous stunt he pulls next.