Daddy’s Rules

1.Listen to daddy
2.Clean your room
3.Send me a selfie every day
4.Dont stay up too late
5.Play with daddy whenever its playtime
6.Be happy
7.Any time you are upset you have to tell daddy so he can make his little princess smile
8.Spontaneous pictures
9.Dont show any boys your body thats for daddyonly
10.Enjoy life
11.No skype while youre sick
12.Single player games only while you feel sick
13.Eat atleast two meals a day or drink milk atleast
14.No ignoring daddy
15.Respect your body, or no self harm or belittling yourself
16.Daddy’s job is to care for his little, do not ever feel guilty about worrying him
17.Ask daddy permission to touch yourself
18.Princess MUST tell Daddy immediately if she breaks any of his rules
19.Use your big girl words to ask, if the answer is no, dont fuss
20.Tell daddy when boys approach me
21.When going to hang out with any boys make sure daddy approves first
22.Safe word is “red”
23.Dont under value yourself
24.No talking back to daddy
25.No drugs unless they’re pills for good reasons
26.No big girl drinks without daddy there
27.Weekday bedtime is 1am, weekend bedtime is never
28.Princess is allowed to tease daddy, but dont be mad when he teases back
29.No “hella” or “low/highkey”
30.You do not have to do anything youre uncomfortable with
31.Little can only sleep with stuffies when daddy’s not in bed
32.Little must take care of stuffies
33.Homework is very important, always do your homework
34.Skype atleast every other day, miiiinimum
35.Keep a ‘little journal’ about life as a little
36.Discuss but dont argue
37.No nude or revealing pics to anyone but daddy
38.No sexting anyone but daddy
39.If baby girl is horny she has to tell daddy so he can help her out
40.Princess must always tell daddy when shes feeling sick

[TRANS/FULL] 150804 Baekhyun’s comments compilation on Instagram

1. Is it Ellie’s first birthday tomorrow!?>< What should I do for you guys!? >< Tell daddy

2. What should daddy do ! Ellie’s turning one tomorrow!

3. I have to upload a picture you have never seen anywhere else tomorrow ! To commemorate Ellie’s 1st anniversary!

4. It was your doljabi but you can’t grab daddy’s throat
[note: Doljabi is a Korean tradition wherein babies will choose an item from a table placed with food and objects on their first birthday. The object that they choose is said to foretell their future]

4. Baekhyun time😍
[note: Baekhyun time just means Baekhyun’s birthday in the form of time and since his birthday is on the 6th of May (06/05), Baekhyun time would be 05:06]

5. I also took part in Baekhyun time!

6. Baekhyun time is over!!

7. It was Baekhyun time!!

8. For those who couldn’t catch Baekhyun time, write it in past tense !

9. Saying it was Baekhyun time!

10. It’s nice hearing you call me daddy><

11. My daughters !

12. I miss you, my daughters

13.  In the most recent concert, while I was singing the high note in Love Me Right, I used too much of my head voice so my vision blacked out, but I’m alright!^^
[note: A video of Baekhyun being seemingly light-headed/uncomfortable after his part in Love Me Right during the 150803 TEL in Chengdu was uploaded]

14. When will we meet… ㅠㅠ

15. When are we going to meet..?

16. Ah, I really miss youuu

17. Please say “Daddy, stay strong”! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s a big favour I’m asking.. Isn’t it?^^

18. I ate noodles!

19. No, daddy ate noodles hohoho

20. You guys … Where did you go after throwing daddy away..? I’m putting up comments alone… No, I meant daddy is putting up comments alone

21. Daddy’s here! I was getting my make-up done so you couldn’t see me for a bit. Sorry!^^

22. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋKeke!!><

23. I had Janchi noodles, of course!!!!!
[note: Janchi noodles, or Banquet noodles, is usually eaten in birthday parties to symbolise longevity]

24.  I’ve gained a lot of strength because I heard “Daddy be strong”!^^

25.  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋCute><♥

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hi, mana2 daddy bottom nak kenal sama aku boleh je pm, tapi untuk di negeri terengganu shj la ya, in book shj.. tu pic kote aku. tunggu masa shj nk jolok pada daddy2