I literally just had a 45 minute argument through the bathroom door with my mum (I lock myself in there when I can’t handle the stupid) about yahoo and Tumblr… It ended with me screaming “YOU’RE NOT MY REALY FAMILY IM MOVING TO AMERICA WHERE DADDY KARP LIVES” and running to my room, packing a bag with noodles, tea, my laptop and socks (idk why) and running up the road in only a towel… I later noticed this fact when I got wolf whistled at by a 60 year old man. Lets just say I’m not too happy about yahoo at the moment.

Imagine Tumblrschool

First years will be sorted into houses based on the most commonly featured fandom of their blog, or the fandom that they choose to give the most priority to. 


Dormitories are decorated with fairy lights and relevant posters. Each student is given a Library Candle and a Natural Light Alarm Clock for their bedside table, and a giant dream catcher hangs over each bed.


The curriculum at Tumblr School is quite unusual, yet successfully prepares its students for the harsh world of blogging, as well as giving them skills to climb the slippery slope of Tumblrfame.


Lessons include:

Photography - Photoshop skills, gif-making as well as film and digital camera work.

Defense Against the Absolute-Funniest-Posts - Pretty self-explanatory.

Care of OTPs - Keeping your ship floating when it is attacked by an author’s canon.

Charms - Equipping students with techniques to gain followers without selling out.

Literacy - This may be seen as the most boring subject by many newcomers to Tumblrschool, but soon they will realise its importance when pursuing a career in fanfic writing. Good grammar, simile and metaphor creating, and an accurate idea of how English people actually talk will all be necessary when trying to write a good story.

Muggle Studies - It is important to remain connected with society, even when the majority of these humans are as unimaginative as cabbages.

History of fandoms - Seeing how different fandoms interrelate, covering the connections between fandoms such as Doctor Who and Harry Potter, as well as their derivatives.

And of course, we have optional sport classes for the more active members of the student population. Sports include bending, flying, martial arts, sword fighting, dragon riding and punching hipsters. 


The teachers of Tumblrschool are carefully selected Tumblrfamous blog-runners who have become experts in their fields. They have been specially trained in social skills so they can pass on their expertise without being too emotionally traumatized by the prospect of having to communicate with other people face-to-face. 

Unlike Hogwarts, students have an unlimited access to Social Networking, as well as all other areas of the internet. Students are encouraged to visit the kitchens, regardless of the time of day, where they will find mugs of hot cocoa and snacks prepared by the house elves. Those concerned with Elvish welfare need not worry; Professor David Karp, the headmaster, ensures that they are perfectly happy and well cared for. 


Prospective and new students must be aware of the rules of Tumblrschool

1. You must always reblog the creator and do whatever he says

2. This includes not calling him “Daddy”. If you are fine with being punched in the uterus, however, then proceed in doing so. 

3. You must not link your Tumblr to your Facebook. All those who disobey this rule will be expelled. 

4. Those who use the term “YOLO” without trying to be ironic will also be asked to leave the school.

5. Students must never enter parts of Tumblr where the metaphorical sun of fiction does not shine, for that is not owned by the fandom kingdom, but rather the outcast hipsters and porn-blogging scourges of the internet. If you wish to be caught by these unsavory characters, among the skeletons of their lost hopes and dreams, then on your own head be it. 

For more rules, please consult David Karp’s Twitter page.


Good luck to all those bloggers intending to apply to Tumblrschool. 

Just channel flipping and suddenly, Daddy!

I can’t believe I recognized David Karp on Charlie Rose. I caught the last part of the interview. Rose referred to Tumblr as a home for media. You get on tumblr for the things people create. Tumblr is media. He noted that Tumblr is a less social site, you don’t come her because your friends are, you come here for the content, the things you love. (I’m not sure but i think he said that’s why yahoo bought it and not another site I missed that bit) 

I never realized how much I love this guy. 

He closes the interview with, “David Karp. Tumblr. You’ll her a lot about him.”