I literally just had a 45 minute argument through the bathroom door with my mum (I lock myself in there when I can’t handle the stupid) about yahoo and Tumblr… It ended with me screaming “YOU’RE NOT MY REALY FAMILY IM MOVING TO AMERICA WHERE DADDY KARP LIVES” and running to my room, packing a bag with noodles, tea, my laptop and socks (idk why) and running up the road in only a towel… I later noticed this fact when I got wolf whistled at by a 60 year old man. Lets just say I’m not too happy about yahoo at the moment.

Just channel flipping and suddenly, Daddy!

I can’t believe I recognized David Karp on Charlie Rose. I caught the last part of the interview. Rose referred to Tumblr as a home for media. You get on tumblr for the things people create. Tumblr is media. He noted that Tumblr is a less social site, you don’t come her because your friends are, you come here for the content, the things you love. (I’m not sure but i think he said that’s why yahoo bought it and not another site I missed that bit) 

I never realized how much I love this guy. 

He closes the interview with, “David Karp. Tumblr. You’ll her a lot about him.”