only tru tumlr users remember
  • the onceler fandom
  • people shipping a notepad with a clock
  • discourse of said notepad and clock about how it was too hetero
  • dashcon
  • the guy who pissed in the ballpit at dashcon
  • the homestuck cosplayer who almost killed themsellf by trying to dye their skin gray
  • WHAT NOW????
  • homestuck fandom in general
  • “peasent”
  • 2014 4chumblr raids
  • “superwholocks fans grab your tardis. 1D fans, grab harry. attack on titan fans, gra-”
  • january 2015 where the entire website broke
  • sonic for real justice
  • “always reblog the creator”
  • people calling danny divito “daddy”
  • people calling david karp daddy unironically
  • people changing john greens posts with the “cock is one of my favrouite tastes” copypasta
  • do you love the colour of the sky
  • mishapocolypse
  • doge
  • the time they changed the colour by like 2 shades
  • moreos guy
  • tumblr user pizza discourse
  • mario kart meme
  • flappy bird
  • i give you a hamburgur

thats it im in hell remembering all of theese fucking goodnight

tumblr theme park idea

-when u enter the park you have to have a tag on you that has your url on it
-all of the rides are based off of famous tumblr posts such as “Randy Your Sticks Ride”, a roller coaster where you get sedated and shoved into a giant oven
-mickeys dick smasher is there too
-a memorial statue to daddy david karp is on display in the entrance
-daily cs:go lan partys
-the tumblr theme park is also home to the most polluted lake in the world
-there are no bathrooms
-the music playing in the park constantly stops to buffer and just not work
-the giftshops sell firearms
-all of the rides are consistently out-of-service 
-there are fursuiters everywhere (with firearms)
-there is no exit
-there is no escape

ive been on tumblr since 2011 so im just gonna list random memories

- swag asians
- galaxy everything
- “our creator, daddy david karp”
- jamjars
- wwiao
- justgirlythings
- kushandwizdom
- best-absolute-funniest-posts
- dionthesocialist
- blackinasia
- holdmydiiiiiiiiiiick
- irenigg
- “peasants”
- mischapolcalypse or however you spell it
- glee gifs. nothing but glee gifs
- the rise of communismkills
- frick frack
- that awful “hilter was a person too” post

2011: what is air XD i love triangles david karp is daddy etc
2012: black and white pics of girls blowing smoke and effie from skins and the 1975
2013: bee movies i guess idk that was a hell year but i think that was when mishapocalypse happened yikess
2014: jelly sandals and holographic skirts and petra collins and feminist as fuck pastel graphics
2015: pics of matisse paintings and kankens and ppl tragically putting frida kahlo on t shirts and stuff and copic markers and doodles on grid moleskines
2016: mulder and scully and a weird obsession with having a gf and suggestion blogs
2017: so far it is more of that bog witch culture and lo fi pics and cursed images and being as ironic as. u can be

remember that there was a time on this site, this literal pit of villainy and wretchedness and scum, that people used to unironically refer to david karp as ‘daddy’ on a daily basis and this was seen as some kind of integral part of the tumblr experience

“lgbt oppression originates with gay men”

Posts like these are the reason text posts should be disabled for this website cuz like you have OP which is ridiculously stupid and then you have ppl arguing it with something equally stupid on the other side of the Moronic Hue spectrum…. It just never ends and the only thing that can save us is daddy Karp pulling the plug and killing us all

a list of horrible moments from tumblr’s history i wish i could forget:

  • calling david karp “daddy”
  • U MAD?
  • over-saturated 500k glee gifs
  • tumblr university
  • gif stories
  • tumbleasts
  • bird in the chocolate fountain gif
  • lolsummer69
  • “peasants”
  • the height of yourfaveisproblematic’s popularity
  • doge
  • surprise, bitch
  • crave that mineral
  • people wanting to fuck the copy machine
my favorite tumblr eras

- swag/dope blogs
- california/starbucks/infinity symbol aesthetic blogs
- superwholock
- tumblr funnymen
- barbershop tumblr
- “eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man” glitter feminism
- #melanin urls
- Always Reblog Daddy (David Karp)
- communismkills
- privilege checklists
- fuckyeah blogs
- Ding Dong you are wrong
- frick

the general atmosphere of The Tumblr Community ™ has changed drastically over the past few years but nobody calls david karp “daddy” anymore so i think on the whole we’ve improved as people and a website