I don’t feel attractive.

(Daddy and I are home making food before our date. Im in a really cute dress.)

Me:* in the my dress feeling self conscience* Daddy I’m not attractive.

Daddy: *looks at me and pushes me up against the fridge* you are so fucking sexy.

Me: b..but my bruises

Daddy: *growls* shut up.*kisses me deeply and runs his hand up my dress*

Me: *moans* D..Daddy

Daddy: *squeezing my ass and pushing me harder into the fridge so I feel his cock through his jeans* Do you really think you’re not attractive little one? Look at what you do to me. You make me want to fuck you right here and now.

Me: *whimpers* yes please Daddy

Daddy: *pulls away* go check your food, it will burn.

Me: *whines while checking food* please Daddy!

Daddy: no we have a date to go on. But I think this will make it better. *pulls down my panties while I’m cooking so I can’t move too much or run away* step out of them little one.

Me: yes daddy *does as I’m told*

Daddy: *whispers in ear* You will go like this on our date. I think that best suits my little whore. Right?

Me: Yes daddy.

Conversations with Daddy: Daddy knows all

*Calling with Daddy and being a smol little glitter puddle*

Daddy: Go take your Med little girl

Me: I have fixed ittttt so all is good

Daddy: Good girl. Have you eaten?

Me: yer! I had an Apple, Chex mix, and ham!

Daddy: Been drinking your water?

Me: Yahhhh! I gotta refill my water bottle thoughhhhhh

Daddy: Go do it missy, but good girl, I’m proud of you

Me: *flails because I live for Daddy to be proud of me* Awwwww thank you!

Daddy: Anytime princess

Me: !!!! Hehehe thank you Daddy!!! I’m glad you’re prouddd!!!!!

Daddy: Always am of my special little girl!

Me: *melts into a smiley blushy little puddle of glitter and pride* AWWW!! THANK YOU DADDY!!! Hehe!!!

Daddy: Daddy loves you so muchhhh

Me: ^.^!!! I love Daddy sooooooo muchhhh!!!

Daddy: You are such a cutie!!


Daddy: Is someone all smiley?


Daddy: Also blushy?


Daddy: All wiggly?

Me: *flail* (how’d you know that wiggles?!)

Daddy: Because I know my little girl!! I feel like that conversation is gonna be a tumblr post

Me: *stops dead in my tracks and looks around* (Isn’t currently writing one) noooooo

Daddy: Okay princess, remember daddy loves you with all his heart

Me: *wiggles around being a tomato color as I hide under every blanket there ever was as I giggle* I love Daddy with all my heart!!!!!