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you guys frickle frackle.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. I hope it wasn’t to dirty for you, my writing is pretty graphic. Very graphic , much intensity . Hope this shook some of you guys, gosh it killed me writing it.

Pregnancy Series

Baby Series | Toddler Series | Daddy  Preferences 

#1 - Talking about having a baby

#2 - Taking a pregnancy test

#3 - Telling him

#4 - First ultrasound

#5 - Morning sickness

#6 - Telling his family

#7 - Telling the boys

#8 - Starting to show

#9 - Twitter announcement

#10 - Cravings

#11 - Mood swings

#12 - Gender predictions

#13 - Finding out the gender

#14 - Picking names

#15 - First kick

#16 - Baby shower

#17 - Picking the Godfather

#18 - The nursery

#19 - Shopping for the baby

#20 - Asked about the baby in an interview

#21 - Talking to his family

#22 - Uncomfortable

#23 - He gets protective

#24 - Labor

#25 - Delivery | Part 2

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when calum finally settles down and has a kid,it would look just like him (cause those maori hood genes are strong) and he’d be so proud to mention his new bundle of joy,posting any picture he’s taken. he’d post pictures like “lil hood & littler hood” with the baby and duke. he’d be so cautious when the boys come over to see mom and baby,hovering over their shoulders as they coo over little hood. he’d name ash the godfather and luke and mike the uncles. i think the baby’s name would symbolize so much for cals life. like the first name would tie back to his family and culture,the middle name would tie back to the band,like giving them a band members name or close,and his last name. he’d be so cuddly and protective over lil hood and when they get older he’s definitely wrapped around their little finger with a pout and those big brown puppy dog eyes ok i’m sad as hell.

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

This is the official masterlist for my Pregnancy Series! 


Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower

Baby Nurseries

Last Scanning Before Birth

Birth Classes

Trying To Induce Labor

You Go Into Labor | Part 1

You Go Into Labor | Part 2 

You Give Birth | Part 1 

You Give Birth | Part 2

You Give Birth | Part 3 

The Boys Meet Your Baby For The First Time At The Hospital

Coming Home With The Baby


Pregnancy Series #3 - Telling Him

A/N: Luke’s is a little different because he obviously “found out” in the last preference and Michael’s was so fluffy it gave me a toothache, hope you enjoy!!

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You couldn’t wait to tell Ashton the news. The thought of what his reaction might be bringing a smile to your face. The both of you had been waiting so long to start your family and now it was happening. You couldn’t remember a time that you’d ever been happier and you knew that Ash would feel the same.

You stayed the afternoon at the Hemming’s household, talking all things baby with Luke’s wife. Your son or daughter would be the very first of the 5sos babies and you could already tell that they would be so loved by everyone. You sat on the back deck with her, soaking in the last of the afternoon sun as you waited for both Luke and Ashton. You’d texted him earlier, telling him to come home with Luke after the studio.

When they did step inside the house about an hour later they were greeted by Luke’s wife, a huge smile on her face as she greeted Luke with a kiss and Ashton with a tight hug. As she pulled away from him she nodded in the direction of the deck, grabbing hold of Luke’s elbow to tug him in the direction of the kitchen.
“Y/n’s just out the back.”
Ashton knit his eyebrows together at the slightly unusual behaviour but headed in the direction of the deck nonetheless. He always looked forward to seeing you in the after a long day at the studio, there was just something about your presence that relaxed him like nothing else.

As he stepped outside you looked over your shoulder, reaching out your hand for him to take.
“How was work?” You ask as he sits down next to you, giving your hand a soft squeeze.
“Good. We actually got a lot done for the new album.”
“That’s great Ash, really.”
“What did you get up to today?”
“Well I had lunch with Luke and Michael’s wives,” He smiled at that. “And then I found out some really exciting news.”
“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, biting your lip as you guided his hands over to rest on your still flat stomach.
It only took him a second to understand what you were talking about and when he did you could have sworn you’ve never seen a bigger smile on his face. You felt a few tears gather in the corner of your eyes as Ashton looked up at you, his hazel orbs swimming with his own happiness.
“Are you serious?”
“We’re going to have a baby Ash.”


You’re lying in bed later that night, your head resting against Luke’s chest as he absentmindedly rubs his hand over your stomach. You’re not sure whether he knows he’s doing it or not but it brings back all the feelings from earlier when you first found out you were pregnant. Your head and your heart is pulling you in two very different directions and right now you aren’t sure which is coming out on top. Luke is a good man, a good husband and logically you know that he’d never leave you, not when there was a baby involved, but you can’t help but to keep telling yourself that he really didn’t want this.

You look up at him, shifting your hand up to trace random patterns across his pecs. You haven’t brought the baby up again since Luke walked in on you mid breakdown but you know this is something you have to talk about. You’re about to become parents.
“Hmm?” He replies, turning so he can look at you properly, his hand falling away from your abdomen.
“This is good news right?”
He’s quiet for so long you start to fear for the worst, a lump forming in the back of your throat. When he does finally say something you can hear his hesitation.
“Yeah, yeah it’s good news,” He presses a kiss to the side of your head. “I won’t lie to you y/n, it isn’t ideal timing and I’m scared as all hell about this but…I’ve always wanted to have kids with you. That hasn’t changed.”

“You know that we’ll figure this out right?” You continue. “You and me, we’re in this together.”
“I know, it’s just with this album about to drop and a tour on the table…”
“Luke listen to me,” You instruct softly, pushing yourself up on your elbow so you are face to face with him. “We aren’t the first ones to do this, all of your band mates have been there and you know that they’d all help out if we asked.”

Luke nods again and you feel a little of the weight on your chest lift. You know it’ll be hard work, hell there was nothing about this situation you expected to be easy but you also know that the only man you’d want to do it with is Luke and whatever hurdles the two of you come across in the next few months you know you’ll get over them. You give your husband a quick kiss, settling in against his side again.
“We’re really doing this,” He murmurs a minute later and you smile against his skin.


You’re pacing and you wonder whether or not you’ve worn out a hole in the rug already. It helps though, as funny as it sounds; it gives you something to focus on except your impending Motherhood and the reaction of your best friend when he finds out he’s the Father. You laugh, running your fingers up into your hair as you shake your head back and forth. This really isn’t the way you imagined this happening.

Twenty minutes later there’s a knock on your apartment door and you’re still no closer to figuring out what you’re going to say. There’s so many ways this could end and in each of them you feel like you might lose Calum or at least the easy relationship you’ve had for years. Is there ever an easy way to tell a man that you got pregnant after a drunken hook up?

There’s a lump in the back of your throat as you let Calum inside but he seems to not notice your uncomfortable mood, giving you a quick side hug before he’s heading towards your couch, throwing himself down onto the cushions. He’s trying to tell you something about Michael but you aren’t paying any attention, your hands wringing together in front of you.
“Calum we need to talk,” You blurt out, cutting across his sentence.
“Are you breaking up with me?” He jokes, playfully pouting his bottom lip.
Normally that would have you cracking a smile, but not today. Tears sting at the corner of your eyes, your breath shaky and uneven as you try to calm yourself down. Calum is instantly concerned, ushering you over to the couch and immediately pulling you into his arms.
“What’s going on y/n? You’re scaring me half to death here.”

Another shaky breath.
“You remember that night a couple months ago? Just after you got home from tour?”
“Yeah, bits and pieces of it,” He waggles his eyebrows a little. “Why?”
“Calum…I’m pregnant.”
His playful expression slips right off his face, his arm falling away from where it was resting over your shoulders. You feel a few tears slip down your cheeks but make no move to wipe them away.
“Pregnant?” He asks after the longest pause. “An - and you know that it’s mine?”
“Calum -”
“Okay, alright I know that was a stupid question but I just - what are we going to do?”
“I don’t know…”


You’ve known you were pregnant now for just over a week and you haven’t said anything to Michael. It’s not that you don’t want to tell him, because keeping a secret like this has been really hard, it’s just because it isn’t something you want to tell him over the phone. You want to see his face when he finds out and that alone has kept you from saying anything over the last few dozen phone calls this week. Things are starting to slow down a little in the studio now that everything has been recorded and you can tell by the tone of his voice that Michael is a whole lot less stressed. He even has a few days off this weekend and agreed to drive up to your parents place after you asked.

Your Mum helps you figure out how to tell him and you are so excited you can’t keep the smile off your face. Baby clifford will be the third of the 5sos babies and you know everyone will be excited when they find out, Michael in particular. Ever since Ash and Calum’s wives had had their children Michael has been the doting Uncle, but you know that he’s wanted a child of his own for so long now.

Your parents go out about half an hour before Michael is due to turn up and you’re thankful for the privacy, choosing to set everything up to keep yourself busy. Around the house you place a few baby things, some left over from when your Brother’s two children were younger. On the coffee table you leave a folded up baby blanket with a teddy bear sitting on top; on the bottom stair you leave a pair of booties and hanging off your bedroom door handle you hang a dummy.

When the front door opens you smile, ignoring it when Michael calls out for you, staying sat on the end of your bed. Michael calls out again and you hear him walking around downstairs, the sound of feet on the stairs a minute later.

Your smile gets wider as you hear him pause outside of the door, no doubt finally piecing everything together. When he finally comes inside you see that he has tears in his eyes, the teddy bear and blanket in his arms.
“You aren’t joking are you?”
“I’m not joking Mikey,” You reply, placing your hands over your tummy. “We’re really going to have a baby.”

It only takes four steps for him to be in front of you, Michael falling down onto his knees, hands on either side of your waist. He leans his forehead against your stomach and you hear him sniff, your fingers immediately combing into his hair.
“I love you so much,” He murmurs. “You and baby Clifford.”

calum’s the type of boyfriend to always make a comment about your kisses like when you finish eating and you give him a kiss he’d say “mm salty” or if you try a new lip gloss he’d go “babe you know i like strawberries,keep wearing this” like he’s just so in love with your lips that he notices slight differences…wow i’m sad

Spoiled (sugar Daddy!Calum) part 3

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Hello! I apologise for the wait on this part, but I’ve been working hard to make sure that this story develops a plot line, instead of being straight smut, so I hope you enjoy!

“Is there anything else I can get for you miss?” The man asked, as he finished pouring you a steaming cup of tea.

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But being in labour with Calum’s baby and he’s just having a sudden realisation that he’s about to meet his baby so he gets really nervous and starts coming out with stupid shit, that really irritates you whilst you’re feeling the worst pain of your life, like “wait babe, do I look ok like do you think he’ll like me oh my god” whilst checking himself out in the mirror before turning to look at you dead-panning him. “Sorry” he says quietly, before returning to your bedside
“You look beautiful” he says in a way that makes him sound like he just realised he loved you for the first time.

Terrible Twos

“Jaxon Koa Asher Hood!” boomed throughout the spacious house as giggles and padding of small baby feet echoed after it. You and Calum’s 2 year old Jaxon was being as rambunctious as usual,driving Calum up a wall with his shenanigans. Calum rounded the corner and into the living room where you were sitting,looking defeated as all hell. 

“Oh baby,look at that face,” Was all you could choke out without laughing. Just as Calum began to trot over to the couch,Jaxon’s small and naked body flew past him and landed on his mommy’s lap. This time you couldn’t help the giggles that were spilling out of your mouth.

For 10 minutes Calum had been trying to give little Jax a bath so he can get put down for the night,but as soon as his clothes came off he ran wild. 

“Well,you can’t get mad at the baby,” You said,cuddling up to your panting and giggling son. “And why the hell not Y/N?” “He’s acting just like you: naked and wild.” 

You pushed yourself off of the plush couch with your toddler in tow and walked him up to the second floor bathroom where the lukewarm bathwater awaited. As you washed Jaxon up,Calum made himself busy by tidying up where ‘The Hurricane’ that was little Hood destroyed. 

“All done mamas boy,” You said to your son,with a smacking kiss on his damp cheek. You lifted him out of the tub and drained the water,wrapping him in his Superman towel and leading him into his room. After dressing him in his pajamas,you sat with him in his bed and began to do his hair.

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okay but picture daddy luke with his long blonde curls standing in front of the bathroom mirror, a “how-to” youtube video up on his phone, hopelessly trying to master a french braid because your daughter asked him if he could braid her hair like her favorite disney princess and even though his struggle and exasperation are almost laughable, you’re so in awe of his effort because he’s just trying to make your daughter happy

I bet Cal is one of those dads who would call his baby cub, you would be breast feeding in the rocking chair at the corner of the pretty nursery you two had set up months ago, your front facing the window while you enjoyed the view the bright blue sea provided you, he would come and hold you from behind poking the exact little replica of his own nose in your baby’s face “how ya doing over there cub?” he would whisper lovingly.