daddy's little prince

How I little in everyday-life

▪I wear baggy jumpers… it makes me feel small and vulnerable!

▪When I place things into alaphabetical order I HAVE to sing the ABC song!

▪I am very picky with my food and hate most vegetables.

▪When I am in a lecture and not bothered to write notes I start drawing in my book (and use more than one pen colour).

▪Everytime I saw a dog I am in awestruck and must go “awwweeeee!” while giggling.

▪I find it impossible to not buy chocolate when it is in sights view!

▪I love to give warm hugs to everyone! ♡

Sometimes there are characteristics of my little self that will always be in my everyday life without me even realising it! The subconscious just wants to take over sometimes hehehe

Reblog this if you do other little thing in your big everyday-life! I would love to know ♡