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Tony Stark as a Father (50+ HEADCANNONS)

A/N: ik this has been done so many times but fuck i live and breathe for dad!tony ok BTW THIS IS QUITE LONG IM SORRY BUT NOT SORRY

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  • ok so tony had no idea at all that you were born until you were one and a half years old
  • it turns out your mother wasn’t really mother material and tony gained custody
  • The minute he had you in his arms, he knew that he would never let you believe that he didn’t love and care for you as he never believed his dad loved him.
  • there was no doubt that you were in fact a stark
  • but tony had no idea how to be a dad as he always saw himself to be the “cool uncle”
  • rhodey being the cool uncle even at a young age
  • him introducing you to pepper out of no where
  • “Tony you have a child?”
  • “I’m just as shocked as you.”
  • you being his biggest fan by him making you sleep in iron man onesies
  • him trying to get you to say “daddy”
  • too bad your first ever word was in fact “rhodey”
  • tony would change some of the chairs in his lab so you could stand on them and be able to tinker around in the lab and work with him
  • nat being your aunt/sister figure as you grow up
  • as you start to grow older, your inner stark sass slowly awakens which allows everyone to see that there is no doubt that you were a younger version of tony stark
  • tbh you’re a pain in the ass, always being needy and emotional
  • it wasn’t a night in the stark tower with you crying about the dark, causing you to run into your dads room every night and sleeping in his room because he was your hero from any scary monster
  • tony secretly loving this but hating this at the same time because he cant spend time with pepper ;)
  • tony showing you off to anyone and everyone
  • “Isn’t she the most precious and adorable little devil you’ve ever seen?”
  • “Devil?”
  • “Yes, Clint- devil.”
  • always dressing up as captain america on halloween just to make your dad salty af
  • tony learning how to braid hair when you were at the age of 5, with the help of pepper of course
  • there’s been ups and downs where Tony has honestly thought he wasn’t cut out to be a dad, but at the end of the day you are the one to always put a smile on his face in the darkest of days.
  • tony secretly loves that you keep an iron man plush toy in your room to help you sleep and cuddle with at night
  • you’re literally tony, minus his facial hair
  • tony now knows every single nursery rhyme in the english language.
  • disney!! world!! trips!!
  • possibly has watched every single disney and pixar move at least 5 times each.
  • tony would never admit it to anyone else, but he loved singing you to sleep
  • instead of a lullaby, he would sing “hey jude” by the beatles which would help you sleep
  • pepper being your mother figure
  • being VERY fussy with your food
  • constantly sassing your father and rolling your eyes whenever he annoys you
  • being such a daddys girl and always getting your own way
  • whenever playing hide and seek, you always hide behind a curtain. despite tony clearly seeing your adorable lil feet he lets you win each game.
  • the avengers being protective over you
  • tony loving this
  • you’d get lonely from time to time #homeschooled!!!!
  • as you’d near your pre-teen years, tony would notice that this would be a problem and he didn’t want to completely trap you with him 24/7
  • you needed a life and tony wanted you to find your own path without being known as his daughter
  • tony puts you in a public school at age 13
  • you are quick to adapt to your surroundings and you make friends quickly
  • when you get your first period, tony practically goes into a melt down because you’re growing up too quickly
  • he also has no idea what to do
  • “Hey dad, why am I bleeding?”
  • “You’re bleeding?! Oh sweetheart- what happened?!”
  • “No one hurt me, its just my stomach has really bad cramps and now im bleeding ‘down there’..”
  • “…oh…”
  • tony freaks out
  • you freak out
  • pepper sighs and takes you away from your dramatic father and sorts you out
  • tony freaks out even more a few weeks later when pepper informs him that the school had contacted her to tell your family that you were learning sex ed in school
  • he fainted
  • he freaks out even more once he sees you come back with pepper after bra!! shopping!!
  • “P-pepper what are you buying her these for?!”
  • “Tony, she is growing up.”
  • Tony refuses to believe this and hates that what Pepper is telling him is the truth
  • you’re one of the smartest in your school at age 15
  • except your competition is peter parker
  • it starts to become at that age where you talk about boys
  • tony having to walk in on you watching romantic movies all the time and ranting to pepper how you are too young to even breathe in a boys direction
  • pepper rolls her eyes
  • tony being a very supportive father, he wants you to be happy in life and live life to the fullest and be a strong individual
  • you’d be able to talk to your dad about anything however, any problems you have you’d go to him no matter what
  • but he will never watch a horror movie with you
  • he’s terrified
  • once you realise that your father is scared easily, you quickly devote yourself to prank him once a week at least
  • the avengers help you with this
  • as you get older, you realise that your parents aren’t always happy and it breaks your heart to hear them fight and how they put on a fake act whenever you are around
  • telling natasha about this and she confronts pepper and tony about it
  • tony assuring you that everything is okay
  • forehead kisses !!!
  • you start to date peter parker
  • you find out peter is spiderman
  • your dad has an heart attack
  • “You’re dating spiderboy?!”
  • “It’s spiderman dad..”
  • as a teenage girl, you get emotional moodswings and its hard for tony to comprehend 
  • this causing a few arguments
  • however, tony’s way of saying sorry is always bringing you ice cream and watching a disney movie like you would when you were little
  • you lose your old iron man plush toy from your childhood and your heart breaks
  • pepper telling tony and tony buys you another one
  • when you first sneak out, tony is shocked but impressed that you managed to get past jarvis
  • he’s ticked off when he realises you sneaked out with peter
  • tony claiming to hate spiders even more
  • tony tearing up as he sees how grown up you are at prom
  • him having a photographer for you for your special night, making sure you are happy
  • he gives peter the “talk” as he is with you as your date for the night
  • he’s glad that you have peter though, peter was a good man for you and it secretly made his heart swell even though he would never admit it to anyone
  • you knew though
  • high school passing quickly
  • as you grow older and go off to college, tony realises that you’re both growing apart
  • he’s proud of you
  • and he loves you no matter where you are
  • and you love him
  • but no matter what, you are always his little girl

Bill dancing with Chelsea and with Hillary at the Governor’s Inaugural Ball, January, 1991

Killian had held her first, the squalling baby miraculously quietening in her father’s arms. Perhaps even more so, was the fact that she’d opened her eyes almost immediately, a shocking green that had him gasping, calling out Kayleen, as he looked at his daughter. 

She remembers her confusion, wondering where he’d come up with Kay-leen, only for him to laugh at her softly, saying ‘No love, it’s C-a-o-i-l-i-n-n’.

“Caoilinn Margaret,” she had repeated, receiving the little girl with a shock of black hair and bright green eyes, who was quiet, a trait she would carry on well into her childhood. 

Six years later they would be graced with an unexpected surprise in the form of little Aylish Evangeline, whose bright blue eyes and blonde hair often served as the perfect cover for the little helion that lay within. 

Despite looking almost exactly like Emma, Aylish was every bit a mini-Killian, extremely feisty and cunning, with a vindictive streak that sometimes worried her. Like the time she had stuck all of Henry’s things to the roof, all because he’d been unable to come back for the holidays one time

Caoilinn on the other hand, was the one who would have been perfectly at home as a princess in a castle, content to read and draw and experiment in her broody way. She had Emma’s eyes and chin, but Killian often remarked how she looked like a carbon copy of his mother, her features so fair and fae-like he admitted that he often wondered the same about his heritage. 

“Love?” Kilian called, popping his pepper grey haired-head by the door, eyebrow raised at her. 

Emma raised her gaze away from the photo frame of her two girls, setting it down on the mantle as she turned to her husband. 

“They’re almost here, love.”


He moved closer to her, weathered hands resting by her waist, scruffy chin on her shoulder. “Oh, is that what you’re looking at. They were such cute kids, weren’t they?”

“Yeah. I can’t believe Aylish is going to high school this year.”

“Still a brat, that one.”

“Just her father’s daughter.”

“Aye, that she is. Come on love, time to meet the newest member of the clan. I can’t believe Henry won’t tell us his name.”

“Ten bucks says the kid’s middle name is Killian,” she said, kissing him lightly on the cheek. It was a confident bet, she didn’t know her grandson’s full name, but Henry had asked her about giving him Killian’s name, because he’d wanted his son to be named after his grandfather, a hero. She had twenty bucks riding on the fact that Killian was going to bawl at that. 

“You’re on, Swan. It’s probably going to be something like Shakespeare, knowing our boy.” 

She laughed, moving to the door when she heard the car pull up by the driveway. “Come on, grandpa.”

“Still devilishly handsome, I might add.”

Damn right, thought Emma. 

The phantom thieves children

This was really fun to write! If you guys want me to write this for the p4 gang or for the rest of the p5 crew then let me know!

•everyone sees him as the quiet good child, he’s polite to adults, kind to the younger kids and generally gets along with his class.
•but he’s far from good. All those ‘pranks’ that happened that no one found out who did them… akira was behind all of it
•who let the class frog out from its cage in the middle of the night? Akira.
•who put super glue on the class bullies chair? Akira
•no one knows it’s him though, seriously not a single person assumed the quiet studious Akira would be the type of person to play pranks like this
•Akira is a sneaky little asshole even at a young age
•Akira also did gymnastics as a kid (I mean seriously have you seen him in palaces? He did gymnastics at some point) he only stoped after he got bored with it
•he would play outside a lot but he wouldn’t get dirty, he usually climbed up trees and read on the highest branch he could climb to
•he wouldn’t show up back home covered in dirty and mud, mostly because he likes to stay clean himself
•his reading level was way above most his age due the fact he reads so much
•he read mostly chapter books. He loved detective novels and stories about thieves
•he has a clean room, the only things that may get a bit cluttered is his bookshelf and desk
•he’s a pretty independent child so he cleans his own room
•over all he’s also a very good student, top marks in almost every class except geography, for some reason I think he’d find that subject a little harder than most

•he’s that loud asshole kid in the back of the class who interrupts every single class
•he gets along with most people, I think before the whole track team thing Ryuji would be pretty popular. He’d be the class clown. Always able to make people laugh
•of corse he wouldn’t do too well in his studies, Ryuji would be terrible in maths and English.
•he’d be that one child who yell in the middle of class that he didn’t understand what he was doing
•while he lacks academic ability he’ll do great in anything physical.
•First in cross country every year, breaking a number of records in athletics and he’ll be that one kid entering in every race at swimming sports (is that a thing outside of New Zealand?)
•he’d play outside a lot as a kid, always getting dirty and making a mess
•his mother always got mad as hell when she saw the mud Ryuji dragged in after she had just cleaned the floors
•his room is a mess 24/7
•bed half made, clothes littered the ground, copies of Naruto and Bleach covering his over due homework
•his mother tried to clean his room but she’s given up
•it just turns into a mess again after a week
•the first time he swore was when he was eight
•he said shit after falling out of a tree and broke his arm
•his mother was not impressed at all
•speaking of broken bones, Ryuji broke a lot of arms as a kid. Just from play a bit to rough
•over all Ryuji is that loud, active child that seems to be in every class. He’s a ball of hyperactive energy to say the least.

•Ann has been the source of rumours since a child, I mean here’s a blonde haired, blue eye child who is pretty confident.
•as a child her Japanese wasn’t the best, she could make conversation but she didn’t get a few of the jokes or word play
•that being said she made friends pretty easily, she was easy to get along with and pretty funny
•she wasn’t that much of an outside kid,
•she wouldn’t climb trees or anything but she would sit out in the grass and talk with her friends
•or make flower crowns. Ann made a lot of flower crowns in her childhood, to the point where her parents begged her to stop because she was pulling all the flowers out of the garden
•she was average at school. Social studies and English were her best subject
•but she struggled with complicated maths and Japanese grammar
•her room was always clean.
•bed made, desk organised, books in alphabetical order all that
•pink, as a child she had a lot of pink.
•pink tutu, pink hair scrunchies, pink stationary PINK EVERYWHERE
•in class Ann is pretty quiet, she doesn’t take a lot of detailed notes but she does take them
•she loves cats, she actually had one as a child
•it was a white fluffy one with bright blue eyes
•you better believe it wore a pink ribbon for a collar
•the cat was called Gum Drop
•she does draw a lot in her note book though, mostly flowers, love hearts and cute little animals
•over all she’s the definition of the cute girly girl child

•quiet child, he barely ever speaks to anyone his age
•seriously most of the people in his class don’t know what his voice sounds like
•he’ll just sit in the front of the class and do his work quietly
•or during break he’ll just find a tree and draw in his art pad
•most of the children think he’s pretty weird and ovoid him most of the time anyway
•yusuke is pretty close to some of Madarame other students
•In fact there was a girl a few years older than him (14 or 15) who he sees as a big sister
•they spent a lot of time together, she would give him some tips with his charcoal drawing and Yusuke would help her with water colour
•of corse that didn’t last forever as the girl he saw as family soon left Madarame never to be seen again
•yusuke was heartbroken, he didn’t understand why she would leave him like that without a word
•of corse when he found out the truth about Madarame when he was older he understood but before that he grew to resent the girl for abandoning him
•yusuke is an adverse student as a kid
•average grades in everything except art and Japanese literature where they’ll obviously be higher
•very clean bedroom, but that’s mostly because he hardly spends any time in there
•he’s always in his work space painting
•it’s that art room that shows how much of a slob he can be
•there’s wet and dry paint everywhere! Paint brushes laying on every flat surface and canvases leaning against the wall
•over all as a child Yusuke wasn’t much different to the way he his now, he’s a little bit more closed off but he’s still that same weird art kid as he is in the main game

•Makoto was a happy go lucky kid, always smiling and laughing
•she was a real daddies girl, she always looked up to and admired her father
•some of her best memories where when her dad took her and Sae to work with him for the day
•in class she was still the straight A student, getting perfect grades in all her classes and all the teachers liking her
•she got along with kids her age well, and had a handful of very close friends but she still had times where she felt lonely or left out
•this is mostly because she was more mature than those around her
•she was totally the mum friend when at a young age
•she played outside a lot but she rarely got messy
•the worst that would happen would be grass stains on her socks from running in the park
•rather than climbing trees or playing on the play ground she stuck to riding her bike around the neighbourhood
•she was actually a huge girly girl as a kid
•she had dolls and Teddie bears
•Makoto wore dresses and ballet flats often, there’s countless photos of her dressed like this in the family album
•her room is spotless
•seriously all her toys are ordered and standing straight, her bookcase is in alphabetical order according to the books author
•she’s a very organised child
•she loves stationary
•seriously she has like twenty unused notebooks
•thirty pens that she refuses to use because there 'too pretty to use’
•over all she’s the good and studious child, the definition of the angel child

•She is so loud, oh my god
•seriously she’s the kind of girl that runs to every destination, and her lowest volume was a whisper shout
•she always watched Saturday morning cartoons religiously
•As a child Futaba had some really close friends
•they were all as loud and energetic as she was
•she got pretty good grades
•she was terrible at English and Japanese… her grammar was terrible
•but she was good at the rest, especially maths. She was damn good at maths
•she was more of an indoor child
•she would go outside but it was mostly when her mother forced her to go outside
•she would just walk around the neighbourhood and play with the neighbours dog
•really she was just annoying the poor animal until the neighbour kicked her out of their yard
•room is a mess 24/7
•doesn’t matter how many times she tries to clean it it just stays a constant mess
•she stays in shorts and a graphic tee shirt
•no one has ever seen her in a dress
•ever, and no one will if she has a choice
•Futaba’s mum would always find the time to do her hair when she was a child
•she would show up to school with buns, braids, ponytails and everything in between
•Futaba still missed when her mum played and styled her hair
•Futaba didn’t get her glasses till she was 9. She refused to admit she was blind
•so she spend a few years running into walls, tripping over stairs and shoving books right in front of her face to read the text
•she hated her glasses at first, it took her mother to start wearing her constantly for Futaba to start wearing them
•over all Futaba is a loud, hyper child. She all over the place and can’t sit still for more than five minutes but she’s a good child who loved her mother dearly

•Haru was one of the most polite children you’ve ever meet
•she has perfect manners, perfect communication skills, perfect everything really
•she was raised to be a proper young lady so she didn’t have that much of a childhood
•sure she had dolls and fairy tales but she was never allowed to climb trees or play tag
•she was not allowed to get messy.
•seriously when she was outside of she brought a single speck of dirt into the house trouble would arise
•Haru still had a love for flowers and the garden as a young child
•she would read books about flowers, examining the meaning behind each plant
•every year for her birthday her father would gift her with flowers
•he would add a flower to the bouquet for each year (eg she got 6 roses when she turned 6 and so on)
•she was a good student
•she had private tutors for any of the subjects she struggled so her grades were never lower than a A
•Haru loved fairy tales as a kid
•she love the story of Cinderella and Snow White, she would read them almost daily
•when she was around 8 or 9 she started to read Alice in Wonderland and fall in love with the story
•she still reads the book today
•she was very girly
•dresses and skirts were the only things she would wear
•her hair was also a fuzzy mess
•seriously, in the mornings her hair is sticking up everywhere
•she wears a lot of ribbons and hair bands as a kid
•she’s a very clean child
•the messiest place in Haru’s room is her wardrobe
•Haru had two close friends as a child
•they were both neighbours of hers and they spent hours together on the daily
•over all Haru was one of the most polite children you’ll ever meet. She’s almost any parents dream child.

Today when I started crying because I felt like I was annoying Daddy by talking too much
  • Me: *randomly start sobbing*
  • Daddy: Baby girl why are you crying?
  • Me: *cries harder*
  • Daddy: Please tell me what's wrong baby girl. Let me hold you.
  • Me: *still crying* Please hit me Daddy.
  • Daddy: No I won't.
  • Me: Please I've been a bad girl and now I'm being worse by crying.
  • Daddy: No baby girl you don't need to be hit right now. You need love. Now come here.

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Bucky's teenage daughter loves to steal his sweaters especially when he's on missions and stuff. She's a daddy's girl and always will be. She will wait up on the couch for him to come home but always falls asleep sooner or later, so Bucky always comes home to see his daughter asleep on the couch safe and wearing one of his sweaters

and he carries her to bed 

Daddy Wednesday™