daddy's a cutie!

Dealing with sassy littles!! 😇
  • Me: -rolls eyes-
  • Daddy: Baby, did you just roll your eyes?
  • Me: -sighs dramatically-
  • Daddy: Don't you be sassy with me.
  • Me: -mumbles under my breath-
  • Daddy: Princess. Don't give daddy attitude.
  • Me: -crosses arms grumpily-
  • Daddy: I think you need a hug.
  • Me: -nods angrily-
  • Daddy: Come here baby, let me make it better.
  • Me: -smiles a little and walks over shyly-
  • Daddy: -gasps- WAS THAT A SMILE!?
  • Me: -covers my face and pretends to be mad-
  • Daddy: Are you blushing!?
  • Me: -growls softly while smiling-
  • Daddy: Don't laugh baby girl you know it's my weakness.
  • Me: -starts to laugh and giggle-
  • Me: *dying*
  • Doctor: we're losing her!
  • Nurse: her heart is beating so slowly, we need something to make her heart race.
  • Doctor, taking drastic measures: Oh look, it's Jumin Han
  • Me, rising up at the speed of light: wHERE
  • Me before Mystic Messenger Valentines After End: Saeyoung is pure cute sad meme boy that must be protected.
  • Me after Mystic Messenger Valentines After End: i just lost my virginity to saeyoung choi

So I was just wondering how many stuffies I have and I counted 134!!!!!

That picture is most of them, only like 6 are left out.

(My picture, please don’t remove caption)