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This is why I love my Daddy
  • Daddy: Hey, little one!
  • Little one: Yes, Mr?
  • Daddy: You have been such a good girl lately I'm so proud of you!
  • Little one: *SQUEALS AND HIDES*
  • Daddy: I'm serious, I love you princess!
  • Little one: I LOVE YOU TOO *makes nonsensical little noises while wiggling around*
  • Daddy: princess go brush your teeth.
  • Me: otay!! *leaves for bathroom and locks the door*
  • Daddy:, why did you lock the door?
  • Daddy: baby...? *wiggles door knob*
  • Me: *jumps out with toothpaste all over mouth and nibbled on daddy*
  • Daddy: oh no!! I've been bitten by a rabid bunny!!
  • Me: rawr!! Now you is gonna be a werebunny!!
  • Daddy: nope. I'm a big strong teddy bear. I can't. Instead I get to chase the rabid bunny to bed!!
  • Me: *squeals and closes door*
  • Me: *comes out with a clean face and brushed teeth* no bad bunny here!!
  • Daddy: well then I guess this good bunny gets a bedtime story then!
  • Me: yay!! *hugs daddy's leg*
Things I have actually said playing Huniepop
  • Me: Hey porn star I am not your daddy.
  • Me: Oh yay an alien can't wait to fuck these dates up.
  • Me: Listen here you pink fairy I don't care if you're helping me get these dates stop breaking the fourth wall.
  • Me: Ooooh chola about to cut a bitch.
  • Me: Momo your occupation is not fucking kitty. Life doesn't work that way.
  • Me: Tiffany why can't you be easy like your mother!
  • Me: Aiko have you graded those papers yet.
  • Me: Beli I swear to god make this date work I've already given you a pinecone.
  • Me: Lola stop fucking leaving town. I get that you're a stewardess but stay the fuck in town I'm trying to get the pussy.
  • Me: Nikki stop wearing your damn pajamas to dates.
  • Me: *sees Venus* Oh hey Palutena.

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Rainy Days


REQUEST: YAY!! Here’s mine. Can I get a oneshot where me and Norman are dating & i’m younger than him (mid-20ish) It’s our first time having sex with each other. Kinda rough with a possible daddy kink (if you’re not ok with the kink I’ll understand)

((norm is gonna be 38 & she’s gonna be 24))


I had been dating Norman Reedus officially for one and a half months and so far it was the best six weeks of my life. He was sweet, funny, and caring. We were laid up on his couch, cuddling, and watching a movie as a thunderstorm raged on in the background. The scene got fairly graphic, a pretty detailed sex scene had begun with the guy asking the complying girl to call him daddy. I felt Norman shift next to me, adjusting himself before settling back, eyes focused solely on the screen.

At that point in the relationship we had done everything except fully having sex. We both weren’t virgins and the relationship was far from innocent. His bulge extremely prominent through his sweatpants and he was looking fairly uncomfortable. I reached my hand over and rubbed him through his pants, earning a low groan from the back of his throat. I kept my eyes on the screen when I felt his dig holes into the side of my face. He grabs my hips and pulls me on his lap, grinding me down on him.

“Fuck.” He moans out in my shoulder when I circle my hips. I play with the hair on the back of his neck, pushing my boobs into his face as I continue to grind on him.

“Oh god babe you’re so hard.” I pant, enjoying the friction immensely. He unbuttons my shirt and throws off my bra before burying his face in my chest, lightly nipping the inside side of my boob. I pull his off and stand to rip us both of our pants before climbing back on top of him to continue. His lips meet mine in a heated kiss as he kneads my boobs and pinches my nipples lightly. He flips us so I’m on his back and kisses down my chest to the top of my panties. He cups my sex and groans.

“Fuck you’re so wet already.” He pulls my panties off before coming up to meet my lips again. I pull away to look in his eyes.

“Norm it’s time.” His expression shifts to a mix of excitement and concern.

“Are you sure? It’s still pretty early on, I don’t mind waiting honestly. I know in the beginning you were concerned about our age difference so-” I cut him off by kissing him and dragging his hand down under my panties.

“Does that answer any concerns you have?” I smirk and he grins too before kissing me feverishly. He picks me up, still kissing me and brings me to the bedroom, throwing me down lightly. He rids us both of our underwear quickly and goes to get a condom before I stop him.

“I’m on the pill.” He smiles wider-if it’s even humanly possible- and walks back over to the bed.

“I want to try something.” He says and I already know what he wants.

“You want me to call you daddy, don’t you? Like on the film?” He suddenly turns less confident, eyes widening slightly.

“I mean, only if you want to! Its fine if you don’t!” He rushes out, I grab his hand and pull him so he’s standing in between my legs.

“I’ve never done anything super kinky before but, I’m willing to try.” He kisses me again, much more forcefully and lays me back on the bed. He lines himself up and pushes in slowly.

“Oh fuck, you’re so tight.” He pushes in all the way and stops before withdrawing almost completely and slamming back in.

“Oh shit.” I moan out gripping his shoulders tightly. He continues to thrust hard and fast, grunting as he goes.

“Please say it baby, I want to hear you say it. Tell daddy how good he makes you feel.”

“Oh god daddy so good, so fucking good.”

“Good girl, that’s it, keep doing that.”

“Fuck daddy you’re so big.” He moans loudly and thrusts faster, rubbing my clit with his free hand.

“Do you want to ride me baby? Would that feel good? Do you want to ride daddy’s cock?” I nod, not trusting my voice and he flips us over. I roll my hips, grabbing his chest as he thrusts up to meet me.

“Oh god daddy you feel so fucking good.”

“God baby you’re so tight.”

“I’m gonna cum.”

“Let go baby, cum on daddy’s cock.” He rubbed my clit faster and his words sent me over the edge with him following. Our thrusts slow until I’m just laying on top of him, both of us relishing in the after sex state. He pulls out but keeps me tucked into his chest. He starts to play with my hair, moving it out of my face, and kisses my forehead.

“Thank you.” He rasps out, sleep lacing his voice.

“Hmm, thank you.” I look up and he kisses me quickly before he tucks us under the covers and we begin to go to sleep.

“Hey the rain stopped.” I realize suddenly and he chuckles.

“I’m glad it rained.” I nod, knowing fully that wouldn’t have happened had it not, before drifting off to sleep.


Surprise! You’re Gonna Be An Aunt!

“Felicity, honey, I’m pretty sure Captain Lance isn’t going to need therapy.”

“You obviously didn’t see his face after I made that comment about cockerels.”

While Oliver breaks the news to Thea, Felicity can’t help but chime in herself. The resulting conversation is an interesting one.

(because I need pregnant!Felicity right now please @marcguggenheim)

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