daddy was a real good dancer

My Personal Top 11

 just realistically (as of episode 5), in no particular order

1. Park Jihoon // versatile dancer // clearly talented but his vocals could use more practice // spicy just like hot sauce // mY jiHOOnie

2. Kang Daniel // well-rounded // 60cm shouldered sorry sorry daddy // rapper but he can hit his notes  // hArrY pote yo 

3. Takada Kenta // underrated asf // be mine fancam slayed me // mnet please let him be seen more // いただきます (itadakimasu)

4. Ahn Hyeongseop // impressive stage charisma (10 out of 10) // D to A real quick // cutie pie // sees a ghost and throws a chair

5. Kim Jaehwan // i feel theres a serious lack of good vocals in this show // guitar playing genius // voice of an angel // 미칠 것만 같아 

6. Kim Samuel // i dont think hes overrated, he clearly lives up to the idol standards // dancing is amazing // vocals are pretty good // someone give him a nickname pls

7. Ong Seongwoo // dancing king (imo) // centre for sorry sorry had me ded // pop n lock the world yo // visuals undeniably on point // the scream

8. Kim Jonghyun // well rounded in every aspect // national international leader // patient and kind // wartortle 

9. Noh Taehyun // krumping god // expressions on point // decent vocals // mnet pls acknowledge his talent and give him love

10. Yoon Jisung // extremely charismatic // Ö // stable vocals // daring expressions

11. Park Woojin // because final 11 needs more rappers yo // i thought he was a quiet person // but his 10 out of 10 rap had me shOOK // dancing and choreography skills are FIRE // stan talent pls mnet

Honorable Mentions:

- Hong Eunki

- Lee Woojin

- Park Woodam

- Ha Sungwoon

- Bae Jinyoung

- Yu Seonho

this is just my personal opinion on people i stan and think are just about good enough to be in final 11. i took into account not just talent (singing, dancing, rap etc.) but also stage/real life charisma that i think is important to have as an idol. i personally feel this as an overall group would do better due to the members being more talented as compared to many leading trainees whom i feel are severely lacking and are leading only due to their good looks (eg cube kids, kwon hyunbin etc). i fear that korean fans are sadly looking more at looks than talent. 


(From left to right) Jinyoung , Bam Bam, Mark, Jackson, JB, Youngjae, Yugyeom

GOT7 is a group formed by JYP Entertainment. They debuted (in Korea) in January 16th 2014. their fandom name is IGOT7 or Aghase because the number 7 is considered a good luck number, so you can say you have the 7 members with you. Their official color is green. The group consists of 7 members: Jinyoung, Bam Bam, Mark, Jackson, JB, Youngjae and yugyeom. Some of their most-known songs are “Fly”, “Hard Carry”, “Never Ever”, etc…

Now for the members:


Stage name // JB (제이비)                                                                                                                          

Real Name // Im Jae Bum (임재범)

Birth Date // January 6, 1994

Role // Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Height // 179 cm

Weight // 63 kg

Zodiac Sign // Capricorn


- He is part of a sub unit (kinda??? idk) with jinyoung, and it’s called JJ Project.

- He is daddy material - Wait what

- He hates to do aegyo but let’s be honest he low-key likes it

- he is considered one of the best group leaders

- protect 24/7 he is precious

ok that was cyberbullying let me put a good gif of him


Stage Name // Mark (마크)

Real Name // Mark Yi En Tuan (마크이엔투안)

Birth Date // September 4, 1993

Role // Rapper, Dancer, Visual

Height // 175 cm

Weight // 59 kg

Zodiac Sign // Virgo


- he was born in the united states

- he is a hoe for jackson let’s be real here

- like they even went to after school club together dafak

- he is a fluff ball that should be protected all the time

- he can talk english fluently


Stage Name // Jackson (잭슨)

Real Name // Wang Jia Er or english name, Jackson Wang

Birth date // march 28, 1994

Role // Rapper, Dancer

Height // 174 cm

weight // 63 kg

zodiac sign // aries


- he is from china

- he is a hoe for mark

- he is a living meme

- he can talk a lot of languages and he can talk english fluently

- idk what 2 say protect u know he is a diva let’s be honest


stage name // jinyoung (진영)

Real Name // park jin young (박진영)

birth date // september 22, 1994

role // vocalist

height // 178 cm

weight // 63 kg

zodiac sign // virgo


- he is on JJ Project with Jb

- before his stage name was Jr (Junior) but now it’s jinyoung because he wanted to use his real name

- umm he looks kinda shy but he is a living meme trust me

- also he is a fluff ball like??

- yeah, support


stage name // youngjae (영재)

Real Name // choi young jae (최영재)

birth date // september 17, 1996

role // main vocal

height // 177 cm

weight // 59 kg

zodiac sign // virgo


- his smile is angelic

- never committed a sin, son of god, too precious

- but rude af

- he plays the piano

- he is a fluff ball and his voice 10/10

bam bam :

stage name // bambaam (뱀뱀)

Real Name // kunpinmook bhuwakul (กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล)

birth date // may 2, 1997

role // rapper, dancer

height // 176 cm

weight // 52 kg

zodiac sign // taurus


- he is a diva

- but also living meme

- he is form thailand

- he dabs for a living (StopDabbingForHumanity)

- also known as DabDab


stage name // yugyeom  (유겸)

Real Name // kim yu gyeom (김유겸)

birth date // november 17, 1997

role // dancer, vocal, rapper, maknae

height // 180 cm

weight // 64 kg

zodiac sign // scorpio


- and now, the little maknae

- umm as u can see i’m not the best at writing facts

- he doesn’t look like a maknae to me, but

- he dances like a pro

- shy fluff ball should protect


agent-sapphire  asked:

HI!!! I've read the last Voltron Family AU and--- BALLERINA LANCE!!! *0* His family supporting him so much and coming to watch whenever Lance gets to get on stages and just cheering on him loudly? And instead of being embarrassed, Lance beams at them and waves wildly. also i can't help but also imagine insecure lance about his ballerina----

kaguyaice said: Well if ya consider the dance au with voltron family au, shiro would be estatic to see Lance do ballet, I can see pidge do hip hop. Lol I have no clue fo hunk though, but I think the kids praising and going to their dad’s asking for help
clubspooky said: hello again!! i have another question about the voltron family au! do lance and the kiddos actually pursue ballet?? for lance in particular, is it something he still does as a teenager/adult?? how does his family react when they go to one of his recitals? does shiro record them all like he did keith’s competitions?? thank you again for sharing this wonderful au with us!!!!

[The Voltron Family] Lance did indeed take ballet with Hunk and Pidge like he said when he asked Daddy Keith one day. But unfortunately his other two siblings stopped because they had other interests. 

Shiro recorded EVERYTHING because he was so proud of Lance and tbh that was the only reason Lance kept up with it. He knew he wasn’t that great, but he wanted to make his Daddy Shiro the proudest. So when he heard the news, he immediately called his Dad to pick him up at the dance studio.

Lance: *sees his Dad parking* *runs quickly to the car and open the door to the passenger’s seat* *hugs Shiro tight*
Shiro: *hugs back* *chuckles* What’s gotten into you? You’re very cuddly today. Not that I am complaining.
Lance: *leans back and beams at Shiro* You wouldn’t believe what happened today, Daddy Shiro! Oh wait. *quickly kisses Shiro’s cheek* 
Shiro: *smiles* Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt. *starts the car* *looks behind him so he can see* *leaves the parking lot*
Lance: *fastens seatbelt* Okay, okay. So! Today it was announced that we’re going to have a winter recital and it’s The Nutcracker. Guess what my role is? *looks at Shiro excitedly*
Shiro: Surprise me.
Lance: *giddly* *screams* I’m Hans Peter!  Daddy Shiro I’m the—
Shiro and Lance: Nutcracker Prince.
Shiro: *eyes widens* *looks at Lance* LANCE. THAT IS AMAZING!!
Lance: *laughs* I knoooow!!!! *hands in the air* And Dad, hands on the wheel.
Shiro: Ooops, sorry. *goes back to driving* But damn, Lance. This is wonderful. You’re finally… *looks at Lance*
Lance: *flushes* *plays with his fingers* *whispers* I know. *smiles*
Shiro: *pulls Lance for a side hug* I’m really proud of you. *kisses his head*
Lance: Thanks, Dad. And hands on the wheel! *chuckles*

It was the night of the recital and the whole family was present. Lance was fricking nervous, he felt like barfing every damn second. 

Keith: *leans in to Shiro* Got everything covered?
Shiro: *chuckles* I do. Why do you ask every single time?
Keith: *shocked* I’m triple checking! I don’t want to miss this! My son is the friggin Nutcracker Prince there! Forgive for being a little too excited!
Shiro: *squeezes Keith’s hand* Relax. He’ll be fine.
Keith: I know. But I’ve danced in dance concerts before. This thing makes people barf a few seconds before their performance.

When Lance was on stage, Keith cried. But Shiro cried the hardest and no one should blame him. When the dancers lined up to bow, Lance waved at his family while wiping his tears as he chuckled. He did his best and it was enough. So when he joined his family, he got hugs and kisses from all of them.

Lance: Careful with the make-up there. *jokes*
Shiro: Awwww, sweetheart. *cups Lance’s face* That was your best performance yet. You made all of us cry our hearts out. *hugs*
Lance: *smiles sadly* Thanks. Though it’ll be my last.
Hunk and Pidge: WHAT?!
Shiro and Keith: *in complete utter shock*
Hunk: Lance, what are you talking about?
Lance: *shoulders sagging down* I’m retiring.
Keith: You’re 15. You’re too young to retire—
Shiro: *stops Keith* Let him finish.
Lance: *looks up at them and forces a smile* I love ballet don’t get me wrong. But I know that I’m not as good as everyone here.
Shiro: Lance, don’t say that. *frowns*
Lance: I know, Daddy Shiro. *sighs* I know it, okay? No matter what I do, I just can’t be as good as the others.
Pidge: But you got the Prince role. Pretty sure that’s a big deal.
Lance: *starts tearing up* I got lucky. We hardly have male dancers so they were kinda stuck with me.
Hunk: Awww, Lance. *hugs Lance tight* You were really great out there tonight. Like a real prince from a fairytale! 
Lance: Thanks, big guy. *chuckles* I wanted this last one to be my best. I wanted all of you to be proud of me. *looks at his family nodding and smiling at him* *smiles while wiping his tears*
Shiro: You sure about this, buddy?
Lance: *nods* I wanted to keep ballet and baseball, but I can’t really do both at the same time. Plus, I’m pretty good at baseball.
Keith: *nods in agreement* I have to agree on that. Though stop dancing too much while you’re on the mount, alright? It’s embarrassing for me
Lance: *laughs* I can’t help it! I’m a ballet dancer!