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What do you think the other Avengers think of Peter's trans status? I imagine Thor would be pretty impressed that humans can transition like that haha

*rubs hands* Oh man I’m so glad you asked about this!

  • So first of all, Thor is Asgardian. It’s been mentioned in some of the newer comics (namely, Loki: Agent of Asgard and The Young Avengers) that Asgardian’s don’t have the same societal perception of sexuality or gender that most human cultures do. Male, female, gay, straight, etc. are all just meaningless labels to most of them. Because of this, I doubt Thor would care that Peter is trans. If anything, Thor would be surprised that Peter’s transition is so difficult. Thor knows Loki, who is canonically genderfluid and can change his appearance from ‘male’ to ‘female’ at will. Upon finding out that Peter is trans, Thor would probably react like, “So, Man of Spiders, when will you perform the Trans Magic?”
  • Obviously, Tony “Daddy Warbucks” Stark would be supportive of Peter. I also headcanon Tony as trans so?? i might write about that in a separate post. Tony probably found out Peter was trans before he met the kid, while he was still researching ‘Spider-Man’. Tony knows, and he’s been on Peter’s side from day one. I’m a big fan of the theory that Tony designed a special binder in the Spider-Man suit, but also: Tony takes Peter shopping to buy him a ‘male’ wardrobe. As a philanthropist, he donates to charities that help trans kid, and as an adopt-a-dad, he does his best to finance Peter’s transition in any way he can.
  • Steve is also such a good ally about the whole deal. Sometimes, he’ll dress up in ‘civilian disguise’ and spend the day with Peter. Steve accompanies him into locker rooms, bathrooms, and all other “men only” spaces to make sure Peter feels safe (and honestly, who’s gonna fuck with you when there’s a 6′0″ beefcake at your side?). Steve also talks to Peter’s bullies like a total dad. When he found out Flash was calling Peter “Penis Parker” he showed up at the Thompson’s house and had a polite discussion with their son about the importance of respecting others.
  • Natasha has a different approach to bullies. She always tells Peter, “If you ever need a transphobe ‘taken care of’, just call me.” She says it with a smile, but Peter still can’t tell if she’s joking or not. She’s tried to teach him self-defense that doesn’t involve web shooters. They spar together after Peter finishes school on Tuesdays. Natasha taught him the ever-useful ‘leg scissor’ move, from one spider to another.
  • Bruce didn’t know much about the whole trans thing before Peter came along. Sure, he had heard stories on the news from time to time, but he had a very surface-level understanding of the matter. When Bruce found out Peter was trans, he took the opportunity to research as much about the subject as possible. He wants to respect Peter’s privacy, but he’s also very curious by nature. Tony eventually designates Bruce as Peter’s personal doctor (which excites the both of them). At some point, Bruce designs a form of testosterone that can keep up with Peter’s heightened immune system. Bruce also does most of Peter’s T injections, because Peter is squeamish about needles.
  • Clint is cool with it. He taught Peter how to skateboard. 

I’ve been cleaning all day and I feel asleep mid-afternoon and I’m pretty sure that the dream I had was an “Annie” au, which is not a thing that should exist, but it was Tony in the Daddy Warbucks role and Steve as a NYPD officer and DJ as Annie.

And DJ kept running away from the horrible orphanage, and Steve kept having to bring him back and hated it, he hated it so much, so he convinces Pepper to choose DJ when she’s going in to pick up a PR Orphan.  No idea why, maybe he’s planning on sneaking DJ back to his place if it doesn’t work out.

And then assassination attempts, and Steve goes to take the report and ends up staying.

I think I’ve inhaled too many cleaning product fumes.


“I present myself as an archetype, as an incredibly strong, almost a dominatrix type. But my actual persona as a woman is really submissive — in terms of business, very submissive. So I’ll rant and I’ll rave and I’ll moan and I’ll write the f*cking craziest emails, but when I’m facing that really, really smooth guy, it’s really hard for me to say no. And I will keep looking for saviors and looking for saviors, but the truth is, there is no Daddy Warbucks. Nobody’s gonna pull up in a limousine and say they’re going to save you. That’s not how it happens. You save yourself from drowning; that’s how you do it.” - Courtney Love


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Imagine being frenemies with Jackson Whittemore and constantly playfully insulting each other until one day Jackson goes too far and really hurts you, so you fire back with, “Why don’t you go back home to Daddy Warbucks!” and after a few weeks of not talking, the pack gets you to apologize.

——— Request for anon ———

Being around Jackson with your personality meant being frenemies. Sure, you liked him well enough, but that didn’t mean you put up with his crap. He didn’t put up with yours, either. It was inevitable that one day everything would blow up in your face, but you hadn’t anticipated just how much his words would hurt until you were firing back with your own venomous anger.

“Why don’t you go back home to Daddy Warbucks?” had been the last thing you’d said to him. The following months filled with angry glares and avoidant huffs as you passed each other in the hallways of school, but nothing else. You were both giving each other the silent treatment after the way things went and there was no sign of either of you letting up any time soon.

“Why do I have be the one to apologize?” you’d growled when Lydia came to talk to you about making up with Jackson.

“You both have to! Okay? You’re both acting silly at this point. It’s been weeks since you’ve talked! You guys were friends,” Lydia frowns at you, making you roll your eyes. Somewhere deep inside, you did miss the arrogant bastard, but that didn’t mean you wanted to make the first move to apologize. You were about to blow her off when she said, “Don’t make me drag you to see him!”

Somehow, you knew she would.

Always & Forever (One Shot)

 Summary: It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and Bucky wants to surprise you with something special. Only problem is, he’s absolutely clueless. Time to call in the Cavalry!

Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is my first one shot. I’m truly a sap for Bucky Barnes and romance. Happy reading!!!

7 years. That’s how long you and James Buchanan Barnes have been together. 2 years dating and 5 years married. No one knew the impact [Y/N] had on the brooding super soldier. She managed to creep inside his scrambled mind, knock out the darkness and replace it with happiness, self-worth, and unyielding love fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb. That’s why Bucky knew your upcoming anniversary had to be nothing short of amazing!!!

However, one MAJOR obstacle stood between him and the coveted “Husband of the Year” award…….James Buchanan Barnes didn’t know diddly-squat about planning an anniversary shindig!! Sure picking out flowers and candy were easy, along with ordering pizza or going out to dinner at ‘The Cre8tion Station’, a quaint little bistro [Y/N] loved, specializing in mouthwatering sushi, a vast array of soup and delicious chicken salad.  

But your wedding anniversary wasn’t some mediocre occasion and everything had to be on a grander scale. Bucky wanted to have the dinner on the Tower’s rooftop!! In order to make this elegant evening come to life, he enlisted the help of some real heavy hitters; Pepper for her event planning expertise. She knew the best decorators, florists and caterers in the world! Nat and Wanda volunteered for shopping duty. They knew [Y/N’s] taste in clothing and Bucky trusted their flair for fashion.

Let’s not forget Daddy Warbucks himself, Anthony Edward Stark. His fondness for her meant nothing was too expensive. That made Nat and Wanda simply giddy because running amuck in New York with limitless credit was every woman’s dream.

[Y/N], Steve, Scott, Thor and Rhodey were on a 5 day mission, scheduled to return on Friday. This afforded Pepper, Nat, Wanda, and Tony time to plan without interference. It would be a total surprise!!! Tears pooled in Bucky’s azure blue-grey eyes simply thinking about your wedding anniversary. Never in a million years could he have dreamt love would overtake the demons in his mind and ground him. He loved [Y/N] with every fiber of his being and wanted nothing short of perfection to make this night memorable!!!


By the time Wednesday rolled around, ‘Operation Anniversary Surprise’ was in full effect. Bucky checked the weather forecast for the 100th time. Nat and Wanda’s tasks were complete. [Y/N’s] dress was stunning; a charcoal grey Kaufman Franco Studded Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail dress, paired with black stiletto’s to accentuate [Y/N]’s long legs. Although Bucky wanted to see her dress, Nat and Wanda forbid him from peeking until Friday.


Bucky and Tony visited “DuBose & Son Atelier.” Francois chose a Charcoal grey fitted suit, deep purple tie and pocket square. He said it brought out Bucky’s blue eyes. “Monsieur Barnes, c’est magnifique and might I add, no outfit is complete without a pair of black shoes.”

Tony pointed to a pair of black Hugo Boss Italian Leather shoes. “Excellent choice Monsieur Stark.” Bucky stepped out of the fitting room. Tony and Francois were absolutely floored. “I gotta admit Buckaroo, you look dashing. Not as handsome as I am, but it’s a close fifth.”

Turning his gaze towards the full length mirror, Bucky couldn’t believe his eyes. Gone were the shadows that outlined his scarred body; gone were the voices that ran rampant through his thoughts.

“Hmmm, not bad Barnes,” he mumbled.

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The Adoption

Part Six

Justin Withers looked like Albert Finney, the guy who played Daddy Warbucks in the movie version of Annie.  He was intimidating in that respect as well.  I suddenly felt like I was sitting in the boss’s office after getting caught taking too many sick days.

He didn’t say anything for the first few minutes we were in the room after introducing himself. He was reading.  I hoped he was reading our file but I wasn’t sure.  Emily nervously fidgeted in the chair next to me.  I reached over and threaded my fingers through hers, giving her a look of reassurance.  I knew how she felt, I was on edge as well.

I jumped slightly when Justin sighed.  He looked up at me, his brown eyes piercing into mine.  I held my breath when he opened his mouth to speak,

“I’ve been doing this a long time.  I’ve run into a lot of situations that were…”  He smirked, “Not ideal.  One of the parents has a record.  Someone had a drug problem.”  He folded his hands over the manila folder on his desk, “But that all pales in comparison to two people in a committed relationship but not married when it comes to adoption.”

Emily’s eyes dropped and I knew she was holding back tears.  I wanted to protest.  Protest?  Shit.  I wanted to stand up, stomp my feet, fold my arms over my chest and whine until someone agreed that this was unfair.  Emily and I weren’t legally married but we were in every other sense.  We were committed to each other.  We already had two kids.  And Jesus Christ it was 2017 not 1955. 

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I’ll see you on the plane tomorrow. And at your birthday party. And at Marianne’s play. What, she has another play? It’s Annie, but the entire thing is whispered, and Annie is played by a ninety-year-old man. I’m going to regret asking this, but who plays Daddy Warbucks? A twelve-year-old girl. Of course.

Big Tree Dreams

Summary: In which little and ridiculously ginormous Christmas dreams come true. Nalu Christmas tree farm AU. 

AN: MERRY CHRISTMAS @joannya! I’m your Secret Santa for @rivendell101′s Fic Exchange! I hope you have/had a wonderful holiday!!! Sorry this is late!! I mean it’s only been the 26th for one minute where I live, so does it still count…? I hope? I hope the Naluness makes up for my bad timing! Sorry, I’ve been with family cooking and cleaning and celebrating for days straight and finally I am free for about an hour… at midnight. Hehe. Well, here it is. :3

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The same question had circled around Natsu’s mind for several hours: Why would anyone wait till the night of Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas tree?

Lounging behind the thick, oak counter in the spinning office chair, Natsu grumpily huffed some pink bangs from his face and kicked a line of sleigh bells nearby. All of his friends were at parties, (not that he’d been invited, considering the fruit punch and puppy fiasco last year, but he’d been planning on coming anyway) or at home with their families. While Natsu’s only remaining family was his cat, his tiny apartment with his full refrigerator, hot sauce, and Netflix were far better company than the occasional passing car and the fire crackling mournfully in the corner.

Gramps, his boss at the little Christmas tree farm, had insisted that someone stay to man the place because someone still might come for a tree. (Why Natsu got chosen for the job unsupervised was a mystery to him, considering how prone he was to lighting things on fire. He kept lighters in his pocket that he’d flick on whenever he was bored. People referred to him as a pyromaniac in general conversation. And their entire business was trees. How did he even get a job here? Was he the only interviewee that knew how to swing an ax?) Well, if someone did come, Natsu figured he’d be just about ready to pick up his ax and brain whoever dared to step in that front door-

“Um, excuse me? Could I, ah, have some help?”

Natsu had been so busy simmering that he didn’t hear the bell ring for the angel at the door to get her wings.

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Full Casting for Annie

Full casting has today been announced for the new production of Annie which is set to run at the Piccadilly Theatre from the end of May. 

It has previously been announced that comedian Miranda Hart will lead the cast as Miss Hannigan but she will be joined by Alex Bourne as Daddy Warbucks, Holly Dale Spencer as Crace Farrell, Jonny Fines as Rooster and Djalenga Scott as Lily.

The role of Annie will be shared by 3 young actresses, Madeleine Haynes, Lola Moxom and Ruby Stokes. 
Sandy (Annie’s Dog) will be played by Amber, a 4 year-old Labradoodle. 

The ensemble will be maid up of Keisha Atwell, Sophie Ayers, Bobby Delaney, Nic Gibney, Patrick Harper, Ben Harrold, George Ioannides, Megan Louch, Benjamin Mundy, Ben Oliver, Heather Scott-Martin, Anne Smith, Kate Somerset How, Katie Warsop and Russell Wilcox.

The production begins previews from the 23rd of May and will officially open on the 5th of June. The show is currently booking till the 6th of January 2018. For tickets or more information head to the ATG Piccadilly Theatre website.

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Traveling Etiquette for Sugar Babies

by AngelaSA

Around the time we launch, we realized one thing: Sugar Daddies love bringing their Babies on vacation with them. And why wouldn’t they? What man doesn’t love vacationing with arm candy at his beck and call.

But it’s not all fun in the sand. Just like traveling to outside the country, every Sugar Baby must be equipped with proper etiquette tips when it comes to traveling with a Sugar Daddy. “Sometimes you’ve got to dance with the one that brung ya.”

Leave the Attitude at Home

Okay. So maybe Daddy Warbucks decided to book the trip to Aruba during the middle of finals, but remember that it was your choice to come along. Keep the attitude in check and try to enjoy trip. You’re already there.

Understand the Purpose of Your Trip

If your Sugar Daddy brings you to Hong Kong while working on a merger, 9 times out of 10 you will only see him for dinners and after work. Try to plan an itinerary that matches his, that way you won’t feel abandoned with nothing to do except get massages, facials, and room service—wait, that is not too shabby either.

Be D.T.E.

That’s not a typo. Unfortunately, a large number of younger Sugar Babies would rather shop or get massages versus going on a hike or zip lining. Be Down To Explore. Trust me, your Sugar Daddy will be ever grateful that he brought you.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Grab you Sugar Daddy and vacation in the lap of luxury!

    HERE’S A CONCEPT – You only want me for my body? FINE. I only want you for your money. You can think badly of me as you please. Call me names, tell me I’m materialistic – I don’t care. Because at the end of the day, you’re the rich old man who’s slobbering over a young girl and I’m the one with the money. Did you ever think about your wife? Have you ever thought about your children, your daughter that’s the same age as me? Have you ever considered the implications of you, a crusty old man, trying to cop a feel on a girl just out of college?

   NO? That’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it, daddy, because as long as you’re hooked up to life support, I can live in that big mansion of yours. Oh, please, don’t croak before you write me into your will. Don’t die before you make me your sole benefactor. Don’t kick the bucket before I get the house on the coast and the yacht!

   Do he love me? He loves my tits, my ass and young I am. He likes that I’m HOTTER than his ex. Do I love him? I love his bank account and I can suffer all the gross comments and nasty words because I won’t have to worry. GO AHEAD! Call me a fake, a GOLD DIGGER, a nasty bitch who only cares about money. Go ahead and defend the lies and actions of geriatric freaks with hard-ons for girls barely touching their twenties. He wants to manipulate me since I look like his daughter? Fine. I want to manipulate him because I don’t want to die poor. I’m not gonna struggle when Daddy Warbucks is handing out MORE bucks than you’ll ever see in your entire life.

   I’m not going to feel guilty about wringing old men for their money and you can’t make. Show me pictures of his wife, show me pictures of his kids! I’ll show you pictures of me sitting on his lap, drinking champagne and wearing diamonds. A fool is quick to part with his money, and BOY, was he happy to SPOIL his “baby”. 

                      We poppin’ the BIGGEST bottles when “DADDY” dies.


I absolutely LOVE Flynn/Eugene. The reason why I love him so much is because of how much he’s changed throughout the film. At first all he wanted was a castle and a crown and some money— that was his dream— but once he got to know Rapunzel more, his perspective on life began to change, and he realized that there was more than just castles and money and being rich. The way Rapunzel sees life as something new and exciting made him see it as something more than just trying to be the wealthiest man. And in the floating lanterns scene, I think you can see just how much he’s changed, and how he’s finally understood what life has to offer him and what it can be. In this scene, he sings, something he said he didn’t do. And the only reason why he’s singing is because of Rapunzel. Rapunzel made him a singer. Rapunzel changed him, showed him how great life can be, she showed him how you can just start fresh. Because of her, he found his place in life, and realized what he was really dreaming for— to fit in, to be accepted. 

and yes, i do know that he ends up singing after saying “i don’t sing”. but that doesn’t mean he became a singer after that. he was threatened, and if he didn’t sing, the thugs probably wouldn’t have let him go… so i don’t think the thugs made him a singer, i think rapunzel did. just thought i’d say that here.

Also, scratch that “LOVING Flynn/Eugene” part. What I LOVE is his and Rapunzel’s relationship.

Gifs/Movie: Tangled © Disney


Albert Finney clutched his hairless head and his formerly attached hair during his transformation into Daddy Warbucks for the filming of “Annie.” It was one of many films he made in the early 1980s, after taking a hiatus to appear in the classics at the National Theater in London. “When you’re making movies all the time, you stop breathing,” he said in 1981. He had a variety of roles to choose from for his “comeback,” and the role of Daddy Warbucks appealed because of its simplicity. “It needs bold, primary colors. I don’t have to reveal the inner workings of the character, and that’s a relief,” he said. Photo: Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

the types as texts I’ve sent/received

INFJ: sent: you always ask me how I’m doing. and thank you for that, it’s not a bad thing, but what usually happens is my mind jumps from “that’s a sick meme” to deep self evaluation and wondering if I am actually Alright At The Moment

ENFJ: sent: he’s still here disrespectfully playing youtube videos out loud in public spaces. same old andrew :’)

INFP: received: [after explaining how incredibly sad they are] feelings are fun

ENFP: received: well I only watched a few episodes of the show. there was a drag queen named “jiggle caliente” and that’s all I remember

ENTP: sent: [after receiving a chain text that tells me to look at my hand at the end of it] I’m scared that if I do this and then look at my hand, there’ll be some weird shit in there. like gum I didn’t chew. or a doodle I didn’t draw. or an actual, live mouth or a cluster of eyeballs in my skin. or like……. the essence of someone’s fart. what if there’s a fart in my hand when I open it???

INTP: sent: [watching My Strange Addiction] imagine two people at netflix and chill while there’s a lady eating dirty diapers on the screen

INTJ: sent: [about a kid I saw on a hoverboard] he’s holding a drink and food, I’m waiting for him to fall the fuck over and spill everything

ENTJ: received: yeah, and to double check you might want to check the meme documentation database. 

ESTJ: sent: I can rest easy knowing I’m not nearly as fucked as our pal Hassan over here.

ISTJ: sent: @everyone else please come in costume don’t make it weird

ISFJ: sent: ALRIGHT FINE PIPSQUEAK WE CAN TAKE THIS OUTSIDE ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. just remember to bring a sweater it’s chilly out

ESFJ: sent: we ended up at Home Goods buying like 10 boxes of mix for those rosemary pecan muffins

ESFP: sent: oh shit, where did this bitch get that cupcake car? Did he construct it himself?? Did he bUY IT???

ISFP: sent: a lady tried to make me dance to an INTENSE trap song with her and I legit almost cried I CANT EVEN WHIP

ISTP: sent: “daddy warbucks” was the end of the rope for me.

ESTP: received: how do you politely tell a 7 year old to shut up when I’m watching say yes to the dress