daddy wants his cookies

A/N: And here we have Jacob Frye being a young dad and not knowing a single flippin’ thing and just talking to his baby. Can’t tell if this or modern day or not but uh… Let’s go with it is!

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I is a sad little

Sometimes I get sad and I don’t wanna get outta bed. I just wanna cuddle daddy. I don’t like adult life. I wanna colour and drink juicies and maybe eat some chocii cookies. I want daddy to hold me in his arms and sing to me and rub my tummy.
I wanna watch barbie and cuddle with my stuffies while I’m in daddy’s arms.
I wanna suck on some lollipops and jump around and laugh.
I just don’t want to deal with anything anymore.

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For the sentence thingy can i get either 14, 51 or 56 for Hinny

This is an ongoing joke in my family–someone always eats the chocolate chips and none of us ever take the blame squarely when my mother tries to figure out where they’ve gone.

56. “Did I interrupt something?” (Hinny)

“Did I interrupt something?”

Ginny started at the sound of her husband’s voice, clinging precariously to the top shelf of the pantry. “Um…?” She looked around guiltily.

“Two things, love: one, are you a witch or aren’t you? And two, if you’re looking for the chocolate chips, you won’t find them there.” He grinned up at her, green eyes twinkling. Muggle chocolate chips were one of Ginny’s favorite snacks. Harry, who actually cooked or baked with said sweets, had taken to hiding them, or else he found they had disappeared when he went to use them. No matter how many bags he bought. “Want a lift?”

Sighing, she turned and reached for his outstretched hand, swinging down into his arms.

“Hello,” he whispered, wrapping her in a hug and nuzzling her neck. “Craving something sweet?”

“Hmph.” Ginny pulled away, pouting. “If you hadn’t hid the chocolate chips again, then I wouldn’t have spent the entirety of James’ naptime searching for them.”

“But then I wouldn’t be able to make either of you cookies or pancakes on Saturdays. And then we’d all suffer.” Ginny stuck out her lower lip and Harry chucked at her childish behavior.

“Except your wife is suffering right now.”

Harry leaned in to kiss her. “Mhmm.”

Ginny tried another tactic. “Please, Harry?” She smirked. “I’ll make it worth your while tonight after James goes to bed,” she added saucily.

Kissing her again, he laughed. “Gin, you know I need them for baking. Besides, you asked me to hide them from you–”

“Well, I changed my mind!”

“–because your mum mentioned something about baby weight at Sunday dinner last week”– Ginny scowled–“even though I told you you’re absolutely perfect just like this.” Harry ran his hands up and down her sides, and kissed her nose lightly.

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Coming Home

It was mid December in New York, the cold weather making her want to go nowhere but her warm bed. Taylor was coming home from Australia where she had to do an appearence on The X Factor as a mentor a few days ago, and where cold was not a problem since it was summer and very hot. She was gone for almost a week, but she missed her family more than ever, her husband Adam was taking care of their little girl Alison, who was almost 3 years old. They had been married for a year when they found out they were having a baby. Alison was a bubbly little girl who was always smiling and trying to make everyone smile too, as Adam always said, she was a “mini Taylor” with blonde her and blue eyes always following her mom everywhere, so Taylor always missed her little partner when she was away.

Luckily she was able to sleep for almost the entire fly, and was woken up by the pilot telling her they were about to land. Her head was pounding and she was feeling slightly horase, almost inmediatly she let out a loud sneeze and a few coughs following it, she started looking for Kleenex in her purse and there another sneeze came out. Soon she was on a car going home to her family, feeling worse by every minute. She opened the door of her house and was greeted by her husband waiting for her with open arms.

“Hey babe I´ve missed you” He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forhead “I’ve missed you too, how’ve you two been? where’s my baby?” and with that another sneeze escaped from her mouth

“Bless you!” He said “It was good, she is naping right now but will be up in any second. She missed you so much, and so did I”

“Good, I´ve missed you so mu*sneeze* sorry, I´ve missed you so much too” She responded and started to look for a tissue.

“Are you okay love?” He asked, suddenly realizing her red nose and tired eyes

“Yeah, I think so, it´s just going from the cold of here to the hot of Australia and now coming back here is having an effect on me. I should be fine though, it´s just a little *sneeze* cold” she told him and started blowing her now stuffy nose.

“Okay, come here” He said going to the couch next to them “tell me how was your week, did you have fun there?” he asked and pulled a blanket to cover them both. They hadn´t been able to talk so much because of time difference, just messages that were answered hours later and one or two short calls.

“Yeah, it was great! It was just one show tough, they wanted me to be there and give the contestants advices and help them in the songs choices, then I had a bunch of interviews and went to the see the show the last day, they were amazing Adam, it´s like they all have their own light and they are all so talented” She finished and let out three sneezes, wich ended into a coughing fit.

“Babe I think you should go to bed and rest a little, you sound bad” He told her, starting to feel concerned.

“I´ll go try too sleep, please wake me up when Ali is up? I want to see her” She didn´t want her baby to wake up and not be able to see her because she was tired, she wanted to hug her and speak to her

“Okay, let´s go” They walked into their bedroom and Adam pulled her into his chest feeling the sent of her hair, god he´d missed her “I love you” she told him before colsing her eyes “I love you too”

They were woken up half an hour later by their beautiful daughter entering in their room

“Mommy you home!” She screamed cheerfully when she saw her mother lying on the bed

Taylor woke up and slowly opened her eyes “Yes I ab baby! I missed you so buch” she said sounding congested “Cobe here gimme a hug” she put her up on the bed and hugged her. “I missed you too mommy! Daddy and I have fun and he played with me a lot and he made your cookies and they were yummy” Alison said sounding exited wich made Taylor laugh “He did? well it sounds fud!” she responded and started coughing “Look at these! my two favorite girls togheter again” Said Adam waking up and seeing his girls interact “Hi daddy! look mommy is here” the little girl told making them laugh “Yes she is baby! Now why dont you go find the little surprise you make her a few days ago?” Alison jumped out of the bed and started runing into her room to find the draw she´d made Taylor

“How are you feeling love?” He asked her when they were alone and saw Taylor lying down and closing her eyes again

“I think I ab worse, what tibe is it?” She was feeling horrible honestly, she had a strong headache, her throat was burning, she had a stuffy nose and her body was completely horase

“Well honestly you sound worse, I think you should get cheked up Tay” He couldn´t help but wory about her, he hated seeing her like this, knowing she was feeling bad “Do it´s okay, don´t worry, I just need to rest and sleep id off *sneeze* also I *sneeze* "oh god” *sneeze* she grabbed a tissue and started blowing her nose while Adam untangled her messy hair “I think there´s sobe Aspirin in the bathroom coutner, cad you get me ode?” She sniffled “Sure love” He got up, kissed her head and went to the bathroom, when he came back he saw Alison runing into the bedroom with the card she had made for Taylor, it was a pink paper colored with pencil scribbles and stickers she had put on.

“Oh by god Ali it´s so beautiful! I love it so very buch! thank you baby girl!” Taylor smiled and gave her a kiss. Adam smiled at them and handed Taylor the Aspirin and a glass of water “So Ali are you hungry? What do you wanna eat?” He put Alison on his lap and started tickling her making her giggle “Hmm.. can we go to the restaurant in front of the park?” She asked remembering the cute little restaurant they always went and she loved because they gave her pencils and crayons to draw “I don´t think so baby…” Adam started but was interupted by Taylor sneezing other 3 times “Mommy is not feeling very well, so maybe we could cook something here and wach a movie or something?” He said looking at Taylor who was smiling gratefully at him “Mommy sick?” Alison look at her mom who nodded “Okay can we watch Frozen?” “Sure thing sweetie, now let´s go downstairs and help me make dinner?” He told her and her face lit up with joy “Yess!” She said and went downstairs, she loved to cook and loved feeling like she was old enough to help.

“What do you want Tay? You haven´t eaten anything since you got here” He asked sweetly stroking her cheek “Just sobe soup or sobething please? I´b not that hungry” “Of course baby, do you want it homemade or the little packets you bought the other time?, I don´t think Ali wants that so I´ll make her pasta or chiken, see what she wants” He pulled her bangs out of her face feeling her forhead

“Wow babe you´re hot” concern spreading over his face

“Thank you, you too” She mummbled jokingly making him laugh “But seriously Tay, you sure you don´t want me to take you to the doctor?” “I´b sure, I just took the Aspirin tough, it will take effect in any mobent” “Okay I´ll go downstairs then, call me if you need anything” He kissed her and felt her nod, then went to the kitchen to let her rest a little bit more. When he entered he saw Alison trying to reach the eggs that were about to fall and crash in the floor, fortunatly he reach them in time to avoid a desaster.

“Alison you have to wait for me or your mom to come help you, you can´t do this alone, you almost mess up everything” He told her not realising the raising volume of his voice.

“Sorry daddy, I just wanted to make cookies for mommy because she is not feeling well and cookies always make her happy and I wanted to help” Her eyes were full of dissapointement at herself and it made his heart melt how sweet his little baby was at this moment.

“It´s okay baby, but let´s better make mommy a soup so she can have dinner okay?” he told her and she made a disgusted face “But soup is yucky we have to make her something delicious so she is happy” she started rambling and getting exited again, Adam couldn´t help but laugh “Ali calm down, also I think there are a lot of cookies left from yesterday so there´s no need to make more” He lifted her up and put her in the kitchen corner “Okay so do you want some pasta or we can have chiken” “Chiken daddy chiken chiken chiken” She started singing and dancing while they made dinner, soon they´ve finished everything and were putting it all on a tray to take it to Taylor

“Mommy dinner´s here! Daddy said we could all eat here tonight so you don´t have to get up because you´re sick” Alison said as she got in the bed and cuddled on Taylor´s chest “That´s good Ali, did you helb daddy make dinner?” Taylor loved being back home, of course she was sick and feeling slightly miserable right now, but she loved being close to her family “Yess mom I did!” As Alison was talking Adam entered in the room and put the tray in the bed and they started eating “Tanks guys, the soup is delicious” Taylor said and inmediatly got the answer from Alison “Daddy said you wanted soup but I know it´s yucky so I can give you my chiken if you want because chiken is delicious, and also dad said we could have cookies after dinner so you can try the ones we made yesterday!"Alison always got exited when she talked, and they loved that about her, she was so enthusiastic about everything and could talk for hours if they didn´t stop her "But I love by soup honey, and of course I´d love to try your cookies after” Taylor laughed, soon they were done eating and started to watch a movie, which put Alison sleeping in less than 15 minutes

“I´ll take her to bed” Adam said and started carrying Alison to her bedroom, when he came back he saw Taylor coming out of the bathroom alredy changed into her favorite cat pijamas, he laughed and started walking to where she was so he could hug her

“You feeling any better?” He said trough her hair, he liked to make her feel loved and was always trying to let her know how special she was for him

“A little bit, I´b so tired tough, I dow I slept the whole day but between by cold and jetlag I´b exhausted” She said truthfully, he kissed her cheek and guided her to bed

“Well lets get you sleep and tomorrow you´ll be better” He put her on his chest and started stroking her hair “I love you so so much baby”

“Love you too Adam, so much”



Well that´s it.. i hope you guys liked it, i know its not that good but it´s my first story and i would love if you gave me your opinions? thanks for reading!