daddy solving a problem

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today my older coworker (has kids a few years older than me, older) suggested i should get a sugar daddy to solve all my problems. wtf dude. i've literally had one boyfriend i didn't even want to date. which i told you a few minutes before. why would you say something like that to someone like me.

Valentine's Day Secrets
  • Me: Daddy, what did you get me for Valentine's day?
  • Daddy: It's a secret, I can't tell you.
  • Me: Is it...a million stuffies?
  • Daddy: A million stuffies wouldn't fit in the house!
  • Me: What if they were kinda small?
  • Daddy: Even if they were small, they'd be bursting out everywhere! Coming out the doors, and windows, and probably the chimney!
  • Me: That's fine! I want a million.
  • Daddy: It's not a million stuffies.
  • ===
  • Me: I need to go out to get coffee on Sunday.
  • Daddy: That's fine, we're headed that way anyways.
  • Me: To go to...a warehouse? Full of my stuffies?
  • Daddy: Is that how you solved the stuffie problem?
  • Me: Yep, and it'd be all mine under lock and key. No one could enter, not even you.
  • Daddy: It still isn't a million stuffies, be patient princess.