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I Didn't Mean To Say That part 2 (mature)

Ed slides himself into you slowly at first, letting you adjust to him. The first thrust makes you moan. You’ve been waiting so long. He bends your leg forward, allowing him to go deeper. His eyes roll back with pleasure as you clench your walls tightly around his length.

         “You’re so good,” he says, leaning down to kiss you while thrusting faster. He swirls his hips a bit, driving you wild.

         “Ha- harder please, daddy,” you plead.

         “Since you asked nicely,” he smirks.

         He starts pounding into you relentlessly and that’s exactly what you needed. Each thrust creating a slapping sound that took you higher. He pushes himself in all the way before pulling out and shoving himself back in frantically. His grunts and moans get the best of him and sweat drips down his face.

         “Oh god,” you whimper.

         With a determined look on his face, he presses your bodies completely together, supporting himself with his forearms rested on either side of your head. The new closeness gives you a different, loved and admired feeling. He stares into your eyes until you roll them back and shut them from the quickly building pressure.

         “Are you close, baby?” he grunts while thrusting as fast as he can, creating friction against your clit that gives you a dizzying feeling of ecstasy.

         “Yes, daddy,” you moan loudly.

         His face contorts and twitches when you tighten yourself around him. His thrusts become short, quick and needy.

         “That’s it, babe,” he pants. “Let go.”

         You scream his name and your body tenses as you enter euphoria, your back arched and eyes clamped shut. You moan and your body trembles but Ed doesn’t stop. He rides out your high with you, soon reaching his own. You nibble his neck to send him over the edge and it works.

         “Fuck, babe,” he mutters over and over again in your ear. He lets out short, quick ‘ah’ sounds as he comes. Eventually, he stops and rests his head against your chest while he catches his breath.

         “How was it?” he asks, pulling himself out of you and untying your wrists from the bed posts.

         You wince at the sudden empty feeling and say, “Amazing.” You rub your wrists and giggle to yourself a little bit. You never imagined Ed would be this kinky.

         “You’ve got to tell me about your kinks, love,” he says, rolling over to lie next to you. “That was fucking hot and I wish we had tried it earlier.”

         He pulls a blanket over you two, snuggling into you.

         “Yes, sir,” you say jokingly, smirking at him.

         He laughs and kisses your forehead.

Father’s Day//An Ed Sheeran Imagine

This is a special Father’s Day Imagine. I thought it was cute. Enjoy!


Title: Father’s Day

Character/Celebrity: Ed Sheeran

Word Count: 568

Rating: T

Warnings: none


Lacey was crying again.

She was a baby. She was always crying. She’d only been home for a week and all she had done so far was cry.

You knew Ed was paranoid. He was worried that it was his fault; he wasn’t holding her right, wasn’t feeding her the right things, wasn’t getting her to bed on time. You had to assure him hourly that he was perfect.

Still, when you woke up to a crying baby, you could have sworn it was a nightmare. You’d had them a lot when you were still pregnant.

“Babe.” You mumbled into Ed’s chest. He was snoring softly, his orange hair sticking up in various places. You knew it was even though you didn’t look up to see.

“Mm.” He mumbled right back, shifting and pulling you against him.

“Babe.” You tried again. He sniffed and his warm hand came up to cover your mouth. You rolled your eyes. “I knew you were awake.” You said into his skin.

“If anyone can sleep through her, they’re lucky.” He said, kissing your forehead and dragging his free hand down his face. His eyes still weren’t open.

“I should probably go.” You said, pulling his hand from your mouth and sitting up. Your hair fell out of its bun as you groaned.

“No, no, no.” Ed’s arm appeared over your chest, pushing you back down onto your pillows. “I’ve got it.”

The second you hit the pillow, you felt yourself melting back into the sheets and you sighed.

“You’re amazing.” You whispered, stretching your legs a little. He leaned over and kissed your lips gently.

“I know.” He said, sliding out of the bed and leaving the room.

The crying stopped a moment later and it was replaced by Ed’s voice. He was talking to her, whispering, comforting.

You loved seeing Ed act like a father. It looked good on him. And it was definitely attractive to see him hold her to his chest, kissing her forehead.

He may have been worried about his fathering abilities, but he was such a natural.

When you heard him singing, you had to get out of bed and follow his footsteps to her room.

“You are my one and only… And you can wrap your fingers ‘round my thumb and hold me tight.” You smiled and tried to be as quiet as possible as you came up behind him.

He had her in his arms, bouncing very subtly as he sang to her. After a few moments, he set her down in the crib and turned around, jumping almost a foot in the air when he saw you.

“Jesus.” He whispered. “You scared the hell out of me, baby.” You smiled and shrugged.

“Sorry.” You whispered back. “You know I can’t resist your singing.” He moved forward and pulled you into his arms.

“It’s a benefit.” He admitted.

“You’re really good with her, you know.” You said into his chest. He kissed the top of your head before resting his cheek against it.

“It terrifies me, you know.” He said. “Being a father.” You nodded.

“Yeah, I know.” You responded. “Good thing you’re such a natural.” You looked up to see him smiling down at you. You glanced at the clock and grinned.

3:07 am.

“What?” He asked. “Why so smiley?” You pressed your smiling mouth to his.

“Happy Father’s Day.”


requests are open.

They say boys don’t cry
But your daddy shed a lot of tears
They say I should be a strong man
But baby, I’m still filled with fear
Sometimes I don’t know who I am
Sometimes I question why I’m here
I just wanna be a good dad
Will I be? I have no idea
They say girls shouldn’t be tough
And moms should raise their kids at home
But baby, I know that that isn’t true
Cause your momma’s the toughest person I know
I wanna raise you to be like her
And watch you show the world how to do it on your own
I’m still tryna figure out who I am
I don’t wanna mess this up or do this wrong
I’m gonna be there for your first breath
I don’t know if I’ll be there for your first step
I can promise you that I’ll try to work less
But the tour’s routed, and I got this album
Put in so many hours, and I just want the outcome
To be something that I can look back and I can be proud of
Don’t wanna be a dad that’s living in FaceTime
But I’ve got a world to sing to and you at the same time
I won’t spoil you, you can trust that
For your sweet 16, you get a bus pass
Had your heart broken? Been there, done that
I love you and I can’t give you enough of that
Get back to community that raised you up
Read Langston Hughes, I suggest “A Raisin in the Sun”
Listen to Sam Cooke, a change gon’ come
You put the work in, don’t worry about the praise, my love
Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love
And do it every day
Do that for the rest of your life
And eventually, the world will change

I’ll be patient, one more month
You’ll wrap your fingers round my thumb
Times are changing, I know, but who am I if
I’m the person you become
If I’m still growing up, up, up, up
If I’m still growing up, up, up, up
I’m still growing up

I recommend that you read The Alchemist
Listen to your teachers, but cheat in calculus
Tell the truth, regardless of the consequence
And every day, give your momma a compliment
Take your girl to the prom
But don’t get too drunk hanging out the limo
Slow dance with your woman in your arms
Sneak her in after but boy, you better tiptoe
Don’t wake your mom up, do yoga, learn ‘bout karma
Find God, but leave the dogma
The quickest way to happiness? Learning to be selfless
Ask more questions, talk about yourself less
Study David Bowie, James Bowen and 2Pac
Watch the sun set with best friends from a rooftop
Wear a helmet, don’t be stupid
Jaywalk, but look before you do it
If it snows, go outside, build a jump, get some help
Get a sled, thrash the hill with your friends till it melts
Go to festivals, camp, fall in love and dance
You’re only young once, my loved one, this is your chance
Take risks, cause life moves so fast
You’re only young once, my loved one, this is your chance

I’ll be patient, one more month
You’ll wrap your fingers round my thumb
Times are changing, I know, but who am I if
I’m the person you become
If I’m still growing up, up, up, up
If I’m still growing up, up, up, up
I’m still growing up

—  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)

DADDY SONG [future/beats/remix]

This remix of the “Take Me To Church” cover by Ed Sheeran is one of the most revolutionary future beats songs I’ve ever heard. This remix is original, new, and the production honestly doesn’t get much better than this from a new indie artist such as Nomero. In fact, this is his first ever song. I expect great things. Just listen to this two-step piece of work, Ed Sheeran’s voice over these beats leaves nothing to be desired…

Support Nomero:

Stay fresh off the press, kids.

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Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXI

Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXI

Song of the chapter: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (yas daddy omg)

3 months later~

Jasmine sat on the floor in front of my as I fishtailed her hair. Man, it’s getting quite long, I thought to myself. My stomach gurgled with hunger, my second trimester causing my stomach to grow quickly. We finally found out the gender of the baby, Jack being more thrilled than ever. There’s only one bad thing thats happened. We still haven’t told Jasmine. She’s been poking and prodding at my stomach, confused why my stomach is bigger.

“Y/N, you really need to cut off of the cupcakes.” She shook her head disapprovingly, my quiet laugh causing her cheeks to heat.

“Y/N, can I call you mom?” She asked me one morning. My heart swelled and tears welled in my eyes. Pregnancy hormones, kys.

“Of course you can.” I told her, holding her in my arms. When Leah was found guilty for stealing my ring, she was sent to the state prison, and she has to pay $20,000 in restitution. Whilst in prison, Jack took Leah to court to get full custody of Jasmine. Judge granted it of course, so Leah won’t be around anymore. Thank god.

Right now, we are getting ready for the gender reveal party, which starts in an hour. Jack sat beside me, his hand on my thigh, occasionally scooting it higher up my pencil skirt, causing a glare from me.

“Jasmine, there’s something Alaska and I want to tell you.” Jack said as he helped me pin her braids up.

“Okay, and?” She whispered, turning to look at us. She discovered a new attitude by watching old re-runs of That’s So Raven. Me too, Jasmine, Me too.

“Well you see, Y/N is pregnant. She has a baby in her belly.” He said while patting my small bump.

“How did it get in there?” She said while tilting her head.

“Did you eat it? Y/N! First the cupcakes and now this? What’re you gonna eat next? Me?!” She yelled, Jack cracking the hell up, but lets be honest; so am I.

“Well you see, Daddy put his penis in Y/N’s vagina; Sperm connects to the egg and the process begins.” I looked at him with wild eyes. (literally what my parents told me when I asked, not even kidding.)

“What’s a penis?” Jasmine asked, as I interrupted her.

“Alright, we’ll continue this discussion another time.” I said while standing up. We set the room up nicely with gender neutral colors so it won’t give anything away. The cake is colored to the gender of the baby, with white frosting over it. People started piling in, My dad here with my brother and Alice. The party was mostly full of Jack’s family, his mom and dad inviting me with open arms. His parents honestly were the most nonjudgemental, loving parents anyone could ever ask for. He’s lucky. His sisters came as well. Ezra was standing in the corner with Phoenix, his new boyfriend.

I walked over to them smiling, their eyes glistened with joy.

“Bout damn time you two came out.” I whispered in their ears as I hugged them.

“Bitch, how did you know?” Ezra smiled mischievously as he sipped on lemonade in a champagne fluke.

“Oh please, I saw your little glances.” I smirked while pointing between them. Both of them blushed as I walked away.

I talked with everyone who arrived. About a minute before we decided it was time to cut the cake, a knock was placed on the door. I looked into the crowd of people, everyone seemed to be here. I walked to the door with confusion laced in my features.

“Mom?” I whispered.

i should be beheaded tbh