daddy loves you .3

His smile x.


For those who are unfamiliar with how this works, below I have listed quite a few quotes and if you want to see me integrate one of them into an imagine with one of the boys, all you have to do is message me with a number and who you want me to write about (i.e. Calum, Luke, Michael, or Ashton). Or, if you have a particular one in mind that I haven’t listed, you can simply just send me a quote. The more requests I get for a specific one, the more likely I am to do it!

1. “Did you just call me…daddy?”

2. “Are you leaving me?”

3. “B-But, I love you.”

4. “I’m trying to study!”

5. “Really? You want a blowjob right now?”

6. “Aw, come on, Princess, I know you can do better than that.”

7. “Bet your boyfriend doesn’t know how to do this…”

8. “Babe! C’mon, a threesome isn’t that bad!”

9. “I let you take my virginity!”

10. “Wh-Where are all these bruises from?”

11. “I really need a hug right now, (Y/N).”

12. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

13. “Because I don’t want to hurt you again!”

14. “Please, just don’t break my heart.”

15. “Oh…fuck…just like that, baby.”

16. “You’re a bitch sometimes, you know that?”

17. “I-I don’t even know who you are anymore…”

18. “You did this…for me?”

19. “Did you just…spank me?”

20. “Of course I love you.”

21. “I know I messed up, but I can’t live without you. Please.”

22. “That’s…our kid?”

23. “I found your smut blog.”

24. “I never thought I’d date a fan.”

25. “How am I supposed to fit that inside me?”

26. “Is that…a boner?”

27. “Friends with benefits?”

28. “I guess I just don’t want you seeing other people.”

29. “Your friend is hot.”

30. “I trusted you.”

31. “Whose fucking sweatshirt is that?”

32. “Did you just fake your orgasm?”

33. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

34. “I’m in love with your body.”

35. “I’m going to fucking wreck you.”

36. “Are you sore from last night?”

37. “I wish I was him.”

38. “Was he the one who gave you those hickies?”

39. “Don’t lie to me.”

40. “You slept with him?”

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“You like it when daddy uses his fingers on you, don’t you baby?” Evan asked as he kept pumping his fingers inside Jonathan. Said man whined uncontrollably and writhed on the bed, sweat dripping and his hands tied to the headboard. Evans merciless fingers continued to push him to his limits.
“Come on baby, you’ll get punished if you don’t answer daddy” Evan curled his fingers and softly stroked his prostate, which made him whine and move his hips. The continuous pressure made it even harder for Jonathan to focus, who couldn’t do much more than to whine and beg. His blue eyes filled with tears of frustration and pleasure, it was all too much.

“Please daddy,” Jonathan sobbed. “Please daddy, I need it. Please give it to me.”
“What do you need baby?” Evan asked softly as his free hand moved to grip Jonathan’s dick. “Tell daddy what you want, and daddy will give it to you”.
Jonathan’s dick was almost purple. It had been staying untouched the whole time, with a cock ring sitting snug at the bottom of his shaft. It was so sensitive, and Jonathan almost screamed. His tied hands found the headboard, and he gripped it for dear life.
“You are so sensitive baby,” Evan cooed as he stroked Jonathans aching dick.

“Please! Please daddy,” Jonathan screamed. “Please, let me cum. I need it so bad daddy.”
Evan had added a third finger and was slowly stroking Jon’s prostate. Jonathan’s body was shaking and he was crying, completely at the edge of an incredible orgasm, but the cock ring held him back.
“Soon baby”, Evan said softly, as his fingers scissored Jonathan open. “You’ve been such a good boy. Daddy is going to let you cum baby.”

Evan smiled and kissed his way from Jon’s inner thigh towards his neglected cock. His lips moved up the shaft and he slowly engulfed the head between his lips. Jonathans mind were a fuzz, all he could do was cry and scream. His hands were gripping the headboard so tight his knuckles had turned white, and his legs were shaking. He wanted to cum so bad.

Evan lifted his head up and met Jonathan’s teary eyes as he took him deep into his throat. His teeth slowly took a grip of the cock ring, and pulled it upwards, his tongue doing wicked things to the head as we went.
As soon as the ring was off, Jonathan came with a scream. His balls drew up beneath him, and his body tensed as his cock spurted rows of cum into his boyfriends waiting mouth. Evan swallowed his load like a good boyfriend, and let his dick slip from between his lips with a string of cum and saliva. As he came down from his high, Jonathan’s tense body relaxed and just went completely slack.

“You’re such a good boy for me, Jonathan,” Evan praised and smiled sweetly as he stroked his boyfriend’s cheek. Jonathan gave a tired smile back before he closed his eyes. He was too tired to move, not that he could do much with his hand still tied. Evan picked up the small key on the nightstand and unlocks the handcuffs, kissing each of his wrists softly. He climbed out of their shared bed and into their bathroom, coming back out with a wet and warm cloth to clean them him up.
Jonathan whined tiredly as his dick were exposed to the cloth, and lazily opened one eye. Evan shushed him softly and kissed him on his lips before making sure he was cleaned throughout. Then he threw the cloth on the floor and climbed in the bed again, making sure to pull the blanked over both of them as he cuddled with Jonathan.  
Evan pulled him towards his chest and wrapped his arms around the smaller body. Jonathan was already halfway into dreamland as Evan kissed him on the forehead and said a soft goodnight.
“Goodnight, daddy,” he murmured back before promptly falling asleep.

Daddy Jungkook


Anonymous said: Oh my God, I love the Daddy Yoongi! Can you do one for Jungkook please?? ^3^

Daddy Jungkook:

- actually screams when you tell him

- spends the first few months fucking scared

- a baby? oh no oh no

- sprints to tell the hyungs and beg for help

- “How do you take care of a baby at my age!”

- “Be calm first of all, this is your own doing”

- cries when your doctor shows you two its a girl

- “I have a daughter”

- you panic and have to quickly clean your stomach off to hug him

- again screams when he feels her kick for the first time

- probably pokes your stomach to make her kick on purpose bc he loves it

- gets so excited when she donkey kicks you in the ribs at the sound of his voice

- “She loves me already”

- ripping his hair out when your water breaks

- accidentally lifts you into his arms and runs you to the hospital bc he was too delirious to call Jin to pick you both up

- wide eyes and shaky hands while you scream in pain

-  more crying when he holds her for the first time

- “Jungkook, stop crying.”

- “I c-can’t. I’m s-so sorry baby, daddy’s a man, he doesn’t usually cry like this. You’re just so beautiful..”

- shows her off to the other boys like she is his world

- oh wait she is

- literally never lets her leave his sight

- he seriously takes her to the studio and buys her little ear plugs so she can go to concerts too

- so fucking protective

- “If you wake her up I swear to God”

- Never lets you carry the car seat

- will actually slap your hand if you try to grab it

- “Daddy can do it.”

- not allowed to sleep in her crib, only in his arms

- you catch him randomly singing to her and bouncing her in his arms while he floats around the room

- pouts when you take her to breast feed her

- steals her right back

- “Jungkook, she’ll be fine if you set her down for two seconds”

- “No, Y/n you don’t understand. She’s made of fucking glass

Sometimes she's a pain, but I love her.
  • Me: Don't fall in
  • Me: while you're in the potty
  • Me: brush your teeth
  • Me: get some food
  • Me: Okay, princess?
  • Princess ♥: I'm too fat to fall in
  • Me: Stop
  • Princess ♥: XD
  • Me: You're beautiful
  • Princess ♥: Still too fat to fall in. :3 no toilet monster for me!
  • Me: And I will kiss every inch of you and never stop letting you know how beautiful you are. Because even that word alone, will always be a mere understatement. Stop putting yourself down.
  • Me: There will be none of that.
  • Me: Do you understand?
  • Princess ♥: Yes daddy. =3=
  • Me: Good girl. You are beautiful and don't you ever forget that. Daddy loves all of you forever and ever <3
  • Princess ♥: ^-^ I love you too daddy
  • Me: And all my love with always be yours, my little princess.
  • My little girl loves putting herself down so much, but there wont ever be any of that.
  • You're beautiful, princess. Inside and out. And you are not fat, you're gorgeous and I will spend every day of my life proving to you that you are. Caring for you and loving you unconditionally is my job, and it truly is a job I love more than anything.

There! for my sweet theadventurouspancake a family portrait of her amazing idea ‘Brave AU’ and her beautiful character Bella UwU

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Hey for an SoA request do you think you could do "Sex with" and "Daddy Kink with" prompts for Tig Trager please? I've been binge watching the show and he's my bae <3

YAAAASSS 😏(Lol the daddy has been requested for also) (Yaaay I hope you loved the show :3)

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Headcanons request: Ryoma as a father of a little daughter.

Here you go, love! <3 Daddy!Ryoma is the cutest thing ever. xxx


  • obviously he loved his daughter from the start, but he was afraid of not being a good father or not being able to connect with her
  • it turned out that he has nothing to worry about – she’s such a daddy’s girl
  • Ryoma’s tries to not show it but he loves how she follows him around wherever he goes
  • he sucks at doing her hair, he even watched a tutorial on YouTube once, but he just is sooo bad
  • adores it when he comes home from a tennis tournament and she comes running out of the house and throws her arms around him while screaming “Daddy!”
  • Ryoma never scolds her – he just can’t and she gets away with everything, let’s be honest she has him wrapped around her little finger
  • he actually comes to every of her plays and things like that – he’s this one grumpy parent who sits in the back and only watches when his daughter is on stage
  • there are a lot of cute pictures of both of them sleeping with her laying on top of his chest
  • Ryoma loves to take her along to his tennis matches – she even has a miniature jersey and wears the same cap as Ryoma when she’s watching
  • actually lets her win when they play tennis – his teammates were so surprised when she told them that she beat her daddy in a tennis match
  • can’t stand seeing her cry – it makes him freak out and he just wants it to stop – he doesn’t know what to do and ends up buying her ice cream or something to get her to stop
  • he adores her and it’s the cutest thing ever

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IC: "A shadow from your past has come to visit your children. Who would it be and what would you do?"

((Sorry this took so long, Lovely Anon <3 ))

“You’re not daddy!” Belisara’s voice rang out from outside and Sophysa froze mid-page turn. It was one of the first warm days of spring and the kids had insisted on going outside to play. The front door had been left slightly ajar so Sophysa could hear them…and this was not anything she had expected to come from her daughter’s mouth. Standing up from the kitchen table and setting paperwork aside, she crossed the distance to the door in a handful of easy, loping strides. A tense hand grabbed the door, throwing it open.

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aomine, kiyoshi, himuro nsfw daddy kink? love your blog ♥♥♥

thank you <3 i honestly cannot see himuro’s daddy kink but i shall try. semi-NSFW untagged.

AOMINE: When he walked in on you with your hand pleasing yourself, he growled but smirked. “Look at you,” he leaned against the doorframe which directly faced the bed. Your face was flushed red and your eyes snapped open to the sound of his voice. Letting out a small squeak, you pulled your hand away. Shit. He had made you promise that you wouldn’t touch yourself while he was away. But you did. “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” He purred, taking steps closer towards you, shrugging off his shirt in the process, revealing his toned abs. Your breathing hitched in your throat. He had the body of a Greek god and no one could deny.

“N-No,” you shook your head, covering yourself with your blanket only to have Aomine yank it away. With a feral grin, he prowled over you and whispered dirty words in your ear. “What were you thinking off, sweetheart? Don’t you want me to please you instead? Am I not enough? Maybe I should just leave.” You whined in complaint as his hands began to stroke down your waist, fingers finding your clit. He pinched it lightly. “Maybe I should punish you for being such a bad girl.”

“Punish me please,” you begged, biting your lip. You would do anything at that moment to get some form of pleasure. You just needed your release. He quirked an eyebrow, waiting. “Please, daddy.” You sighed. The desperation in your voice made it sound even more erotic as the words echoed in his ears. He smirked and went in for the kill.

HIMURO: He unknotted his tie, tossing it over the bench in the kitchen. “Hi, sweetheart.” He smiled, ducking his head down to kiss you on your neck. “Did you behave well today?” You hummed in pleasure and shut the drawer you were rummaging through, before turning around to slowly undo his buttons. “Were you a good girl?” You nodded, pressing against him. Seeing your breasts squeezed against his chest, he gave you another seemingly nonthreatening smile. “Do you want to be rewarded?”

Eagerly, you nodded and started to unbutton his shirt faster. He raised an eyebrow at your excitement and you merely shrugged. “Have you been waiting for me to come home, baby?” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You whispered a ‘yes’ against his chest as you pressed your lips against his warm skin. Your tongue darted out and dragged up to his neck as you begin to lightly suck on his skin. “Can I pleasure you?” You stared up at him with twinkling, hopeful eyes. He stroked your hair and nodded. You grinned eagerly and slid to your knees, ready to give him what he really wanted.

KIYOSHI: Kiyoshi might be what you consider a doting father, but at the same time, a very doting boyfriend. However, there were days that he came home tired and perhaps you had been misbehaving a little. You were somewhat of a slob when it came too food even though you were mostly tidy with everything else. So, when he came to popcorn bits all over the floor, he raised an eyebrow. “Creating a mess, sweetheart?”

You grinned up at him innocently. He shook his head and easily picked you up off the couch before plopping himself down and placing you horizontally across his lap. “Kiyoshi—“ you started before the loud slap that rang in the room stopped you in your tracks. You felt the pain stinging through you, numbing you. “What was that for?” He stroked your ass once more comfortingly, sweetly, before smacking your butt again. “Kiyoshi!” You squealed this time in surprise.

“This is your punishment for making such a mess.” He smiled, pulling down your pants and throwing them aside. He tenderly massaged you again, letting you relax in his grip, before slapping you again. However, this time, he quickly inserted two fingers into your already wet pussy. “My, my, ___-chan, who knew you could be such a dirty little girl? I’ll make sure that you know never to make messes ever again.”

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do you have some watersports, swallowing or daddy kink fanfics? thanks... I love you<3

Oh hello there darling I have to say you have A+ taste in kinks *waggles eyebrows*
As daddy kink has been lately very high in demand I’ll direct you to our most recent lists here, here and here

BUT STILL I’ll spoil you with some more of my faves :^)

  • Cover Your Body with My Autograph - kaspian ok

  • Cotton Covers - /breathes heavily all over this fic

  • Truth & Dare - soo is jongin’s sugar daddy (but it’s still sweet af and i luv it) + swallowing !!!!!!1

  • Erase/Rewind - both top!soo + top!jongin here; it’s daddy!soo *o* (5th chap. just. kyungsoo’s stamina. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP?!) + yooo and there’s some swallowing too just saying

  • Partition - my daddy soo kink is showing :—)))



+ more swallowing!!!1!1

(remember when kyungsoo ate yogurt on the radio broadcast cause i do and i’ll never forget)


Happy kinky reading <3

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