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the almost unanimous daddy!Kim kink in the trimberly fandom is as unsettling as it is hilarious.


A = Angst

F = Fluff

M = Smut



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Lies (A)

Babyboy (M)






Tease Pt. 2 (M)







As Your Boyfriend:













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MAFIA!AU UNDERCOVER | PT.2 | PT.3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6 | PT. 7 | EPILOGUE (A, F, M)


Under The Stars (M)

Walk You Home (F)

Wake Up! (F)

Perfect (F)

Not Fair (M)

Home Alone (M)

Good For Me (M)

Guidance (M)

Dressing Room (M)



Powerful (A, M)

Amazing (M)

8PM (M)

Accidents Happen (M)

Bent It Over For Daddy VKook (M)

Ride Me (M)

Can’t Take Anymore (M)

Rejecting My Needs (F)


Somewhere Special (F)

Birthday Sex (M)

Rap Monster:



Bent It Over For Daddy VKook (M)

It’s Never Fair (M)


As Your Boyfriend:


Rap Monster






Sex With BTS (Hyung Line) (M)

Sex With BTS (Maknae Line) (M)

Sex With:

Jungkook (M)

Suga (M)


Seeing You Dance Sexy

You Come Out As Trans

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Physically Hurt (A)

I Win (M)

Surprise (F)

Under The Mistletoe (F)

Care For You (F)

Double Trouble Feat. Yugueom (M)

Focused (M)

I Promise (M)

Love At First Sight (A, F)

Sick Days (F)


Puppy (F)

Champion Pt. 2 Pt. 3 (M)

Practice (F)

Precious Moments (F)

The Girl Who Waited (A, F)


When The Rain Falls (F)

Birthday Dance (M)


Clumsy (F)

Ice Cream, Please? (F)

Hands Up (M)

Let Me Hold You (F)

Watch Me (M)

Accidental Confessions (F)

Oblivious Love (A,F)


I’m Here (F)

Late Night Talks (F)

Nice To Meet You Pt. 2 (F)

First Date (F)


I Told You Not To (A, F)

Unexpected (F)

Stalker (A)

I Brought You An Umbrella (F)

Thinking Out Loud (A)


Love (M)

Shorty (F)

Hold Me Tight (F)

Christmas Miracle (F)

Winter Vacation (M)

Love Spots (F)

Touching (M)

I Miss You (A)

Yes (F)

Secretly Pt. 2 Pt. 3 (M)

Daddy Loves You (F)

Don’t Cry  (A)

Sorry, This Spot Is Taken (A)

Hurt  (A)


As your Boyfriend:








Sex With Got7 (M)

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I Think You’re Beautiful (F)



Mistakes (M)



Is This A Proposal? (F)


As Your Boyfriend:







The Media Bashes His Girlfriend

Holding Their Child For The First Time

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Right There (M)


Prince Mak:

San Cheong:

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Ex Boy (F)


Marked: Part 1 | Part 2



Special Moments (F)

Business as Usual (M)



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Stay with Me (F)






On Your First Show (F)


Jay Park:

Sex with Jay Park (M)

Jay Park As Your Boyfriend

Christian Yu:

Christian Yu As Your Boyfriend

Sex With Christian Yu


Giriboy As Your Boyfriend

Simon D:

Simon D As Your Boyfriend


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birth. @visselpipan any of you have time pls send many hugs and loves toward their inbox,, so they can see it when they wake up,

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Seeing Double

Anon Request: Hi! I’ve been reading your fics for a while now, I totally love them!!! I have a request, if you’re willing. A jim kirk x 5 year old child! reader who’s actually his child from one of his old one night stand or something that he has to take care of. Thank you!

Daddy!Jim and Daughter!Reader (Part 2!)

Word Count: 1626

Warnings: None!!

A/N: I hope this is okay! I realize there really isn’t a lot of Jim taking care of the kid but idk I’m still happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you are too! I definitely got a little too involved in the backstory lol. I think I might do a part 2 at some point, just because I like the idea of Jim and his kid pulling pranks on people throughout the ship. We’ll see, we’ll see. 

“Sir, we have a wee situation in Engineering.”

Jim cursed under his breath. It hadn’t even been three hours yet. “Guess it’s a good thing you’re the best engineer in the fleet Mr. Scott. I trust you can handle it while I finish this briefing.”

“I think this is something you’ll want to come down and see for yourself, captain.”

Jim pushed himself up from the table, cradling the comm to his ear. He spoke in a whisper: “Look, Scotty. I told you I’m in a briefing and frankly the admiral in charge is pretty hot so I’ve got to act like a Captain, okay? Whatever it is you can handle it.”

Scotty sighed. “All right, all right. Remind me what the procedure is for stowaways again.”

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i feel like gucci, baby ❖ junmyeon

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

1536 words | smut, praise kink, sugar daddy, mafia!au, masturbation | velvet

✎ When your own Sugar Daddy cheats on you, you need to teach him a lesson and what’s better than him watching you and not being able to do what he loves the most: touching you?

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Well darn it! Now I need to know what kind of yandere Deathsaurus is!! Wanna pick up where you left off with Tarn? XD And I love yandere Fort Max too, but somehow also yandere Overlord??! D: Imagine the nightmare of Overlord taking interest in the same human as Fort Max, considering their history! QAQ Obviously I'd choose Fort Max... but since when did the "object of affection" get to chose?

You have tempted me!  I am now tempt!  XD  (Continuation of this post.)

Truthfully, Deathasaurus would be pretty tame as far as the Decepticon yanderes go.  He already has a great relationship with his crew, so he’s not starved for attention or anything,  He’s more concerned with your welfare, and making sure you have time to adjust after being held captive by the DJD for so long.  You two actually end up forming a pretty strong bond, although a very strange one.  He casually threatens you with the possibility of murder at least once a day a la The Princess Bride, but it’s mostly just bluster on his end.  

His yandere side comes out whenever he senses a threat to your safety.  He knows his men wouldn’t lay a finger on you (at least not to harm you, but Deathasaurus has made it perfectly clear to them that they’re not to touch you for… other purposes either) but he will bristle on go on the alert around strangers or anyone who seems suspicious.  He hates to admit it, but you’ve managed to worm your way into his spark.  There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you.  Some mech giving you a rough time?  Don’t worry, sweetspark, he’s got this!  See something you like out shopping?  Deathasaurus will buy you one in every color!  Heck, he’ll buy you the whole store!  Anything to keep you at his side.  

At night he likes to cuddle you close to his chest and rarely will take no for an answer,  More often than not, you find your self drifting off to sleep as you’re lulled by his rumbling sleepy purr.

As for Overlord and Fort Max, well, why do you think Overlord became so fascinated with you in the first place?  ;)

Truthfully, Overlord has no interest in you personally at all, he just can’t stand for Max to have any sort of happiness in his life.  If he can, he takes it for himself, if not, he ruins it.  He becomes obsessed with you, trying to find a way to take you away from his long time rival.  (He’s got so many things planned for you, and if he can, he’s going to make Fort Max watch it all until he rips out his spark)

This drives Fort Max’s paranoia up 1000%!  Forget sneaking around and checking the security cameras.  He’s never letting you out of his sight again!  He insists on carrying you everywhere you go, even for short distances.  He becomes increasingly more suspicious of strangers and the other mech on the ship.  Sometimes his frustrations will get the better of him and he will snap at or lecture you if you do something that could put yourself in danger (though he always apologizes after.  It breaks his spark to see you upset.)  He insists on having you sleep in his room at night and installs about 50 more locks on the inside.  

He’ll do everything in his power to make sure that monster never gets his hands on you, and if he somehow does?  Max will tear Overlord apart with his bare hands to get you back.

sEnD mE A pRoMpT aNd i’Ll tRy nOt To SuCk! (Masterpost) (CLOSED)

I’m closing request until i can catch up with the ones i already have

1. “Did you just call me…daddy?”
2. “Are you leaving me?”
3. “B-But, I love you.”
4. “I’m trying to study!”
5. “Really? You want a blowjob right now?”
6. “Aw, come on, Princess, I know you can do better than that.”
7. “Bet your boyfriend doesn’t know how to do this…”
8. “Babe! C’mon, a threesome isn’t that bad!”
9. “I let you take my virginity!”
10. “Wh-Where are all these bruises from?”
11. “I really need a hug right now, (Y/N).”
12. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
13. “Because I don’t want to hurt you again!”
14. “Please, just don’t break my heart.”
15. “Oh…fuck…just like that, baby.”
16. “You’re a bitch sometimes, you know that?”
17. “I-I don’t even know who you are anymore…”
18. “You did this…for me?”
19. “Did you just…spank me?”
20. “Of course I love you.”
21. “I know I messed up, but I can’t live without you. Please.”
22. “That’s…our kid?”
23. “I found your smut blog.”
24. “I never thought I’d date a fan.”
25. “How am I supposed to fit that inside me?”
26. “Is that…a boner?”
27. “Friends with benefits?”
28. “I guess I just don’t want you seeing other people.”
29. “Your friend is hot.”
30. “I trusted you.”
31. “Whose fucking sweatshirt is that?”
32. “Did you just fake your orgasm?”
33. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”
34. “I’m in love with your body.”
35. “I’m going to fucking wreck you.”
36. “Are you sore from last night?” x
37. “I wish I was him.”
38. “Was he the one who gave you those hickies?”
39. “Don’t lie to me.”
40. “You slept with him?”

His smile x.

Not yet

I really loved the concept. Fluff warning!

Anonymous: YESSS!!! DADDY BLURBS AY!!! I know valentine’s day is over but hooow about Harry’s idk 8 year old son having a teeny tiny crush on one of his classmates, so they go shopping or they craft something together. And you have that tiny boy, who looks just exactly like Harry and is just as charming, with his soft curls and green eyes and blindingly white teeth, and he has that cute little british accent you only notice when you listen carefully or he talks really fast. And omg!!! Just daddy Harry!!!      

“Mornin’ Love” Harry said coming from behind as you bounced your 3 year old daughter, Snow on your hips.

“Mornin’ Happy valentines day peaches” you said leaning a bit so that you can touch your lips to his welcoming ones. You kissed a bit and smiled. But it couldn’t last long as the three year old in your arms started whining.

“Happy valentines day baby, and to you too snow.” harry cooed as he took the the toddler from your arms and showered her face with kisses making her giggled. 

“mum I have t’go out with jake today.” Your eldest said from living room.

“Yeah i remember Rose” you said over Harry’s shoulder and winked as your 16 year old teen gave you a thumbs up.

“You didn’t told meh!!!” harry said as he turned to face Rose who was already out of the house to school. You giggled as you rubbed Harry’s arm.

“Its okay haz” You said and kissed his pouty lips. Rose was daddy’s girl and Harry always whined at the fact that how quicky she’s growing up already.

“My baby” Harry pouted and you giggled again as he went in the livingroom to play with Snow. You perched up a bit on your tip toes to get the flour from the top when you felt a soft tug on your shorts. You glanced down and saw your eight year old boy. At least one out of three was mumma’s baby. He stared at you with those big green eyes, his hair in a mess and curls at the end of his hair were everywhere. 

You smiled and picked him up. His cheeks were all pink and his ears were red probably because how much he moves in sleep, rubbing his cheek on the pillow.

“Morning baby!” you said cheerfuly setting Noah on the shelf a bit away from stove.

“Morning mumma” he said wrapping his arms round you, hugging himself to your chest. Your heart swells seeing your kids. Little angels that you and harry made with all your love.

A soft smile creeped up on your face as you ran your finger through his soft brown hair.

“What’s wrong bubba?” You asked as he tightened his grip around you.

“Hey there bud!” Harry cheered entering the kitchen with snow who was almost asleep on her father’s shoulder. A little slight of drool wetting Harrys shoulder as her bubbly cheeks were squished on it. Her hands were around Harry’s neck. She had lots of cute rolls.

“hi daddy” Noah’s voice was muffled because he still had his face hidden in your chest.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked looking at you with a questioned face. You shrugged and pulled away from the hug.

“Tell us sweetie” You said

“i-i like a girl” Noah admitted as his cheeks turned red. Your eyes widened as Harry did the same.

“S-sheisverypretty. I-I likeheras muchas daddylikes mommy.” he said. You giggled on the trait of him which he got from you. Speaking fast. Harry on the other was slow speaker and so were the other two  girls, well no one knew about snow but Rose did speak slow.

“slow down honey.” you said kissing noah’s nose.

“i like a girl mommy. Her name is susan and she is very pretty and i like her as much as daddy likes you” Noah finished. He was so cute that you couldn’t help but kiss all over his face.

“Aww buddy” harry said handing you snow as he picked Noah up. He instantly wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck smiling. Both of their dimples popping up as they shared a cute moment of father and a son.

“I think tha’ I and Noah need t'talk yeah?” Harry said and you nodded. Harry knew how to handle kids well. He pecked your lips as he made his way to the couch carrying on son.

“So. Tell m'more about this girl.” Harry said sitting on couch with Noah on his lap.

“She is in my class and sits beside me. She has loooong pretty hair. Jus’ like mommy and she’s very beautiful. I-I’ve noticed how yeh look a’ mommy. I look a'her the same way daddy.” Noah said shyly.

Harry’s eyes softened and so did his heart. It seemed like yesterday he was born and today he grew 8 years old. His little man was growing up too fast just like his other two. Harry leaned in to press his lips on his son’s head.

“What d'yeh say if we make a card fo’ her?” Harry suggested as Noah ran upstairs happily to get the craft work.

Your own eyes filled with tears as you saw them leaning on the kitchen door. Your little family was your everything. Especially the one who made this real.

You walked to Harry and sat beside him.

“You ready fo’ a daughter in-law?” Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows smirking.

“Not yet”

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Can i have a headcanon about dazai , chuuya and akutagawa being awaken by thier crying 3 months old child at night ? If you ask box is still open of course :3 sorry for my poor english and i love your blog ♡

your english is fine, thank you for the love <3! more daddy! dazai, chuuya, & akutagawa 


• Entirely used to barely getting any sleep even before he had a child, so when his little girl starts wiggling around and whimpering he drags himself out of bed without a problem. Rather than have the little nub in the bed with him he keeps her in a bassinet by the bed so night time wake-ups don’t take much effort other than sitting up.

• Dazai loves talking to his daughter even though she has no idea what he’s saying. He picks her up tight to his chest and talks to her about how he used to stay up till early in the morning drinking beer (and other inappropriate topics) as he pads to the kitchen to make her a bottle. This one sided conversation continues until he’s back in the bed with her cradled in his arms drinking her bottle. The only time he’s quiet his when she’s feeding and he has the chance to just watch her little motions and tiny fingers try to grip at the bottle he’s holding.

• If she’s not hungry Dazai takes her for a little walk around the house, and if it’s warm enough he’ll take her out in the backyard to look at the stars. Traditional methods to soothing children are a bit lost to Dazai, especially with a baby so young, but he’s determined to figure out his child with his own methods. He rocks her slightly and points to the stars (even though she won’t comprehend what they are) and talks to her about all these weird alien conspiracies he’s read about, or talks about wanting to live on the moon until she’s stopped crying.


• Even though he generally comes to bed super late only to wake up early for work Chuuya is always the first to pop up when his daughter cries. Normally she’s snuggled in his bed with him, but it takes a few minutes for him to wake up completely. He groggily pulls her onto his chest and tries so sooth her back to sleep by patting her on the back.

• If she’s awake because she’s hungry Chuuya lets her eat while he walks around the house with her snuggled against his chest. Most of the time he ends up humming or singing to her while walking in circles around the living room or kitchen. He makes up little songs for her until she’s happily falling back asleep in his arms.

• On those nights when his daughter is inconsolable and just won’t go back to sleep Chuuya takes her out for a drive around the city. The engine helps lull her back to sleep, but sometimes he gets a bit paranoid about driving around for too long at night. Normally he drives for half an hour or so, and if she’s still not settling down his last resort is the big, comfy rocking chair he bought when he first found out you were pregnant. He puts on piano music and rocks with her which ends up with both of them falling asleep in the chair together.


• Unfortunately for Akutagawa his son has a habit of waking up right as he’s falling asleep for the first time at night. Considering he doesn’t spend much time with his son during the day because of work Akutagawa ops to take care of him at night (he doesn’t sleep much anyways). He scoops up his soon and runs his fingers over the little tuft of black hair for a few minutes to see if just touch will soothe his son.

• Akutagawa takes his son and his bottle to the living room and props him against the u-shaped pillow so he can comfortably eat with his head raised a bit. Akutagawa settles himself on the couch and holds the bottle for his son and just watches him. He takes in every detail, every little nose scrunch, and every little movement. As much as Akutagawa wants to hold him while he sleeps Akutagawa is afraid he’ll pass out with his baby in his arms and then drop him.

• If his son won’t settle down after feeding and a diaper change Akutagawa walks around the house with Rashomon wrapped tightly around his son. He tucks his little head beneath his chin and goes over reports while he walks back and forth in the living room until he hears the little snores coming from the baby.