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Hallween Special: Harry Styles (Part II)

Hope everyone has enjoyed Halloween and enjoys this. And remember: English is not my first language so I apologise for any possible spelling/grammar mistakes

Pairing: Daddy!Harry/Nanny!Reader. Guest star: Gemma Styles

Word count: 2.456

Warnings: Maybe a little angst. Not too much though

You were walking down the street with Harry. Eve had got tired of how slow you two walked so she was a few steps ahead of you, both her father and you watching her closely.

“Don’t walk too far baby. And don’t go to a house by yourself” Harry said and the girl turned, giving him a thumbs up like “Heard you” and continued her walk; she had found a few of her classmates on the street and they were all playing and exchanging candies.

“It’s really sweet how you always worry about her” you told Harry, completely honest with your words.

“I used to think parents put a lot of effort in taking care of their kids. Now I realize it’s the opposite, actually. It’s completely automatic, you wake up and they’re the first thing on your mind and the last one when you go to sleep” you nodded, not being able to relate because you didn’t have kids of your own, but you cared a lot about Evey and it wasn’t unusual for you to wake up thinking what would you do with her that day or go to bed thinking how fun it was to spend the afternoon playing with her.

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Just when you thought you and Harry had everything, you both received the greatest surprise shortly after the both of you got married, you found out you two were going to become three when you took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. When you found out you were expecting you were over the moon as you both had been trying to become a proper family for so long. Harry was there with you every step if the way during your pregnancy, he was there at every scan, the first time the baby kicked, he helped you through all the morning sickness and those days where you felt like you wasn’t as beautiful because of the added weight of your bundle of joy he was there to hold your hand and constantly tell you how beautiful you were, he loved you and the baby with all his heart and he became super protective over you when out and about scared about anyone knocking into you and hurting you or the baby.
You both decide to leave the sex of the baby a secret till he or she was born.
Around three in the morning you realised you were in labour, Harry was there with you every step of the way. Through the contractions constantly whispering stuff in your ear telling you he loved you and how proud he was of you and that you were doing so well. Without him you wouldn’t have been able to deal with the 24 hours in labour.
Once the baby was born Harry was instantly in love. You had a little girl, even though Harry said he didn’t mind what the sex was as long as the baby was healthy you knew deep down he wanted a baby girl. He loved the idea of calling you both his girls or his princesses.
The day you brought your daughter home Harry was there to help you around the house as everywhere was still quite sore, he was there to do night time feeds and made sure you got your rest, you often found him sat in the rocking chair in your daughters room singing a her to sleep, his arms protecting her whole she fought to stay awake and finally going into a deep sleep.
From the first day you met Harry you knew he was meant to be a dad, you had watched him with his younger fans and knew he would be a fantastic dad one day and you were so glad he was going to be that fantastic dad to your children.