daddy ed


this is a thing that’s happening now right

I haven’t actually played the game anymore after getting Robert’s bad end. I’ve tried, but I’ve been too busy talking to friends to really play, haha. I’ll get his route eventually.

And also, we got confirmation from the writer of Joseph that the ending everyone’s experiencing is indeed, NOT his good end. The good end involves another dad, at this point unknown but people are placing money on it being Robert due to his friendship with Mary.

So yeah!! Keep playing guys! We can save Joseph yet!!

Nothing you say can convince me that this is the same person...

I mean, look at this:

This is a baby.

This is a psycho.

This is daddy. 

They not the same person. Nope.

Okay, final final conclusion on Joseph’s good end.

I’m almost certain that, even if it turns out Joseph Good End isn’t the canon end, it at least was designed to be a route where the entire fandom has to work together to figure the bits and pieces.

Either this could be a really cool way for the fandom to interact and share ideas, theories, and choices that may help find the path to the Good End, or like I said before, someone’s going to end up getting pissed and just looking in the code for the answer (Example being like how The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s community puzzle involving unlocking The Lost was completely ruined by people poking in the codes.)

I guess we’ll see in time!