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Mix of …some… of my AUs Tonys. Some Ive never even posted…. Liiike King!Tony finding Genie!Jarvis. Witch!Tony who King TChalla goes to to cure himself of his werepanther-ness that has been plaguing his family for generations.

Under the cut is brief explanations and links… LOL (or I should have done all that but eventually gave up because im lazy.)

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Do you forgive me now? Justin Bieber Imagine

Requested by anon: Hi could u please do an imagine where Y/N and juatin are at dinner with squad and justin is horny he keeps touching u ect make anything up after that thank u xx p.s love ur imagines

Word count: 652

Warning: smut and swearing

Enjoy! I had to rewrite it because tumblr wants to be stupid 😩
_________________________________________ Justin’s POV: Today me and y/n are going to dinner with the squad to just spend some time together since we haven’t had any time to ever since I started the purpose tour. We had to leave in 10 minutes and y/n was still not ready, well at least with her makeup, which she doesn’t need at all.

“Y/n hurry up baby!” I yell from the bottom of the spiral staircase.

“I’m coming chill out, makeup takes time!” I roll my eyes in annoyance.

After she’s finished with her makeup about five minutes later, she comes down and is looking sexy as fuck, god that tight ass dress that makes every aspect of her body pop, the way it shows off her curves, mhm.

“God baby girl, you look so sexy…” I whisper seductively and start kissing her neck, “maybe we should stay home instead…”

“Boy if you don’t get.” She warns, “we’re going now c'mon.”

I groan while grabbing her hand as she leads me to the car. When we arrive at the restaurant, the squad is all sitting and then they spot us and wave.

“Hey guys!” y/n says.

They all say hi back and start small talk, this gives me the perfect chance to start touching y/n. I start moving my hand up her thigh as she shifts uncomfortably.

“Stop, Bieber.” She warns.

I disobey and continue. I start rubbing her inner thigh and make my way to her panties. I can feel how wet she is through them.

“Wow princess all wet for daddy?” I chuckle in her ear. She starts biting her lip and tries desperately to push my hand away from her heat, but fails. “Justin…” She quietly moans “if you don’t stop right now, I’ll fuck you up on the spot.” “Hmmm let me think? No.” I slide her panties off and stick my finger in, she gasps loudly and the whole restaurant looks at her. “Are you ok, y/n?” Hailey asks. “Um….yeah…..oh god….I’m f-fine.” She groans. “Are you sure? I mean you’re not talking and you keep shifting your body….not to mention you just gasped really loud.” Khalil questions. “Yeah…I promise you I’m FINE.” She moans the word ‘fine’ “Will you excuse us please, we have to go.” She politely smiles. We get in the car and right away y/n starts yelling at me. “WAS THAT FUCKING FUNNY TO YOU?! EMBARRASSING ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!! You know what….fuck you. Don’t talk to me.” “Baby, it’s just that you made me so horny…” I say. “Fuck off.” The car ride home was awkward and silent. We pull up to the house and y/n walks in the house and I follow after her. “Baby, I’m sorry.” I plead. “No, shut up, you’re not sorry.” “Yes I am! Let me show you how sorry I am…” I pick her up and carry her to our room. I lay her on the bed and unzip her dress. When she’s left in her sexy black bra and underwear I start kissing down her stomach to her heat. “Justin…” Her breath hitches. I pull off her underwear with my teeth and kiss her inner thighs. She starts getting eager and starts pushing my head towards her heat. When I get there I start licking and she moans softly. “Justin, baby” She moans as she pushes my head further and tugs on my hair. I don’t stop until she’s about to reach her high. Her breathing is getting heavier and her moans are louder indicating that she’s close. To help her cum faster I stick my finger in. “Justin. OH GOD.” She yelps. “I’m about to cum” she props her self up on her elbows and starts breathing heavier until she lets out a loud moan and releases all over my mouth and finger. “So do you forgive me?” I ask hoping she does. “After that? Of course!” She giggles.