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Head (1968) - Director: Bob Rafelson

I really feel more people should know that this exists.  

ofnyota  asked:

"So kids?"

“Nah,” Jim said as he downed another shot. It was his first time at the Hangry Bull since he got banned a month ago for starting another fight with the cadets. “Not that I know of anyway.”

The woman grinned at him. He was just a bit younger than his mom and had slid a shot over to him with her own Cardassian Mudslide as she practically danced her way over the three stools to sit next to him. 

Johnny, the bartender, had snorted at him. 

“That’s good. I hate a guy tied down.”

Jim grinned at her. “You couldn’t tie me down if you tried.”

Her eyebrows danced. “Is that a challenge?”

Another shot was slid his way. He raised a glass to Johnny as he threw it back.


“So kids?” 

Jim’s leg couldn’t stop jittering. It hadn’t stopped since Bones threw up on him on the shuttle, or while he was waiting for a pair of cadet reds after a quick sonic shower. It hadn’t stopped now as Captain Pike’s intake assistant was filling out his forms. 

“Ah, no ma’am.”

“Good.” The assistant made a few notations on her PADD. “It’s hard when you’ve got kids in the fleet. I’m sure you know that, Mr. Kirk.”


“So kids?”

Jim was rapidly running out of things to staunch the flow of blood spilling out of the ensign’s side. 

“No, sir.” The young woman bit out. 

“No need to sir me, Lizzy. Call me, Jim.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You want kids? I heard a rumor that Ensign Orpsa was going to propose.”

“Kind of hard to raise kids on a ship, sir.”

Jim swallowed. Thought of Jo every time Bones left her at the dock, her mother’s hand on her shoulder as she tugged her daughter away. 

“One day, maybe.” Jim thinks about the one, sloppy kiss him and Bones shared after landing at Yorktown. “It might not be so hard.”


“So kids?”

“Shh, go back to sleep, Jim.”

“No, Bones. I think–I mean, I know. I want kids. WIth you. And I want Jo too.”

“You’re delirious, kid. Sleep off the fever, okay?” A coo palm on his forehead. Jim closed his eyes. He hurt all over. But he needed to say this. 

“I never thought I’d want them. But you make me want it all, Bones.”

Bones huffed out a laugh. The breath tickled Jim’s ear. 

“Please, Bones. Just think. Babies. You and me. We’d be great at it.”

“Sure, Jim. Now will you go back to sleep?”

Dry lips against his temple, gentle fingers carding through his sweat soaked hair. Jim fell asleep. 


“So kids?”

A thump above them. 


Jo stomped down the steps. “This is so above my pay grade.”

Jim grinned into Bones shoulder, relishing in the chaos. “What were we thinking?”

Wailing–the fake kind–burst from upstairs. 

“Daaaaaaaaaaad.” Someone–probably Maddy–yelled. 

“Six. Six kids, Jim.” Bones got up and pulled the bat out of Davie’s hand as he charged down the stairs. 

“You know you love it.”