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Advanced SB’s: Tracking Sugar Daddy Statistics and Data

One of my newest coaching clients is now getting so many contacts, so many men that she is finding it hard to keep track of who is who and who said what.

I suggested she begin using a simple CRM (client relationship management) program, like Hubspot (which is free) to track information about her Daddies. She could also use Evernote, but with more information and contacts, a dedicated CRM program is useful.

In fact, I know of one extremely successful businessman whose trick was, every year to go through his ‘Rolodex’ and contact everyone in it and see what he could do for them. I do this with my potential biggest clients and have made a lot of  money from contacting someone six months or a year later.

In the CRM, track every contact (phone call or meeting) with a POT or SD. Write down what you learned. What is important to him? What did he talk about? His kids’ names? What are his favorite sports teams? What are his ‘preferences’?

You can pull that out and read it through before each meeting to ‘refresh’ who he is and then go deeper into those things he likes to talk about. This effort makes you more compelling than your competition.

Also, note how often he wants to meet or talk. Whether you discuss it with him or not, you can determine his rhythm and schedule your energy to meet his when his desire for you is strongest.

And, you can use the information you collect to begin to understand patterns in the men you are meeting so that you can dazzle new SD’s at your first meeting.

Yes, you will learn with experience—if you last long enough to get that experience—but tracking data will enable you to learn and progress more quickly.

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Post 10 things about yourself and a selfie.

1. I enjoy thunderstorms and lightning.

2. I’m open to the possibility of living exclusively off things that taste like lemon.

3. Sherlock is a sweet gay baby. John is always going to be his Captain Dr Daddy John Watson.

4. Data from STNG is goals.

5. I have degrees in library science, history, anthropology, English, etc.

6. I spend a lot of time listening to dark ambient music or similar types without lyrics or just overlays.

7. I have several tattoos.

8. Most people my height wear a size 7 or 8 shoe. I usually wear a 4.

9. My hair is red now, but I didn’t to take a selfie.

10. Might be moving to the UK in a couple of years.

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