daddy danno is the best
You Can Do This - osointricate - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
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“What’s it about? Steve and Danny start dating each other, then they start a family, and then they freak out because they realize they are dating each other.” -Kono Kalakaua, age 31

“Uncle Steve and Danno are idiots, they are such idiots, they drive me crazy because what the ["Grace Danielle! Watch your language!”] took them so long?“ -Grace Williams, age 13

”‘Mander and Danno are the best except Daddy is pretty cool too. (“Can they all tie for best?” “Yeah, sure.”) They all tie for best.“ -Charlie Edwards, age 4

"The motorcycle stuff is my favorite part. The rest is just an exercise in frustration because they should have been dating years ago.” -Chin Ho Kelly, age redacted

“Turns out I get a happy ending, imagine that.” -Nahele Huikala, age 15

Featuring: Giant sharks, family bonding, a bazooka, frustration, idiot fathers, purple casts, mothers that just don’t understand, New Years confetti, and Grace facepalming way more often than she would like it. Rated T for “Throw them in a closet until they make out.” “Grace, no.”

Okay, you know that kid!fic I’ve been freaking out about writing these last two weeks?  (Thank you for putting up with me.)  Yeah, this is it.  This fic literally started with “WHAT IF STEVE WAS A DAD?!?!” and became this.

McDanno.  111k.  There ya’ go.  It’s out of my hands.  I feel light-headed and free.

(There’s a couple sequels that have been written I just have to polish and post so it’s not quite over yet.)