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That’s Not The Point

Prompt Requests: 
24: You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.
25: You’re mine. I don’t share.
26: Just shut up and kiss me. 

Dad!Shawn fluff! 

This goes out to @dumbshawnblog for all of the dad!shawn inspo 😘 

It’s the middle of Spring, so the weather is at a point where it’s just about right. On this particular Saturday it was beautiful out with the sun peeking through the clouds and a light breeze passing by. As you pulled into the parking lot you could see the rest of Amelia’s classmates and accompanying parents on the beach.

“You ready for this?” Shawn asks from the passenger seat. The sun hat you got him as a joke adorned the top of his head and his eyes were framed by a pair of black Ray Bans. Such a dad. In the back seat, Amelia was already anxious to get out and she made sure to let the two of you know.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

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ripping the other away - “no we shouldn’t” - but when they kiss them again they moan and hold them close + muRDER DADDY <3

Frank Castle + this prompt list

A/N: this took me forever and a day to get to but it’s finally done, sorry about the wait babe (@shayara I know you love Frank too)

Your across the hall neighbor has always held some kind of magnetism for you, some inherently attractive quality you couldn’t quite name, so when Frank asked you to feed his dog in the evenings, you jumped at the chance to try and get to know him better, even though the bruises and bloodied hands he came home with told you it might not be a good idea. One night, several weeks into this arrangement, he comes home just as you’re about to leave his apartment, which is how you ended up trying to make conversation with him while desperately trying to ignore your attraction to him. 

Your impulse control must be way shittier than you thought it was. You can’t think of any other reason for your actions, but you don’t want to think too hard about what you’re doing. You don’t want to think at all. Frank is standing silently across from you, leaning back against the kitchen counter when every fraction of rational thought utterly evaporates and you lunge for him, reaching up to hook an arm around his neck as you haul him down to kiss him hard. His lips are warm and soft against yours, but you only get to enjoy it for a fraction of a second before he’s taking your face in his hands and carefully pulling you away from him, as if afraid of hurting you. 

“We-you-this is bad fuckin idea-I’m dangerous, you shouldn’t-I can’t-” he starts, his voice low and hoarse, his thumb stroking reflexively along your jaw as he looks down at you, his dark eyes unreadable. Your face is burning but you can’t bring yourself to tear your gaze from his. It’s totally silent for a moment, and Frank is still cradling your face in his hands, keeping you close. Your own hands have dropped to his biceps as you stare back at him. You feel him start to move before you can really see it and before you can process anything, his lips are on yours again, hard and demanding and utterly perfect. Clutching at his arms, you press yourself against him as one of his arms drops to loop round your waist, pulling you close and you let out a breathless sigh against his mouth, reaching a hand up to press against the back of his neck as your lips part for him, your tongue sliding against his. The kiss is rough and demanding and unlike anything you’ve ever felt before and you let yourself get lost in the feeling of Frank’s hard body pressed up against yours as he pushes you back through his apartment towards his bedroom. You pull away from him and sprawl back onto his mattress, looking up at him with wide, pleading eyes and a suggestive smirk. 

“You gonna touch me, Castle?” you ask and he lets out a low almost predatory groan as he drops down over you, crawling up your body as you shift slightly on the bed, looping an arm around his neck.

“Oh sweetheart,” he breathes. “You have no idea what I wanna do with you.”

I  Don’t Know Where She Gets It

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 652

Request: Reader is dean’s daughter ( the mom isn’t around) and she’s around 13 but she’s really shy and dean and sam have no clue where she got that trait from. And she’s a complete daddy’s girl


           For some reason, people seem to think that every kid around the age of thirteen – which is where you happen to be – wants to be talked to constantly. Not you. It’s not that you don’t like people, it’s just that, well … you’re shy. Even the simplest compliment sets you blushing, and the most innocent of questions about yourself gets you flustered. In conversation, your voice remains quiet and timid, and eye contact is not your thing.

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5yo: “Daddy - in my sand castle you can do everything that is illegal!”
Me: “Like what?”
5yo: “You know, swing from the lights, dive in a pool - AND SMASH A GLASS OF BEER ON THE GROUND!”

Artturi Lehkonen - This one was made from...

Originally posted by landofhockeythings

Hi can you do one with artturi lehkonen where you guys go on a family vacay with your 4 kids mostly boys and it’s really hectic and you break at one point but he comforts you and everything is okay.

Author’s Note: When I write about kids I try to use names based on the country the player came from. More so when it a Fin. player. I just love the names! -Julianne

The best part about no hockey in the summer was having your husband. Not only did you love it but so did, your three sons and daughter. Having daddy home all the time was a dream come true. As told from a two year old girl name Essi.

“Momma, I have all the towels.”  Aatami said walking in with his small arms filled with the fluffy white.

“Thank you bug. Where are your brothers and Dad?” You asked the four year old.

“Daddy’s outside with Simo and Jussi packing the car.” Aatami said.

“Okay, stay here with your sister. Mommas has to go get something out of her bathroom. Than when I get back we will go to the beach!” You said tickling your son and daughter.

“Okay, mommy.” You son said as he took a seat next to his sister on the ground.

Once everything was placed in the sand You and Artturi had two kids on each side of you.

“CAN WE GO IN THE WATER NOW.” Jussi asked/yelled at you.

“I want to build a sand castle, daddy.” Aatami said and Essi well Essi was just yelling because her older brothers were.

With a deep breath you looked over at Artturi, who was already looking at you. Having four kids so close in age was always a handle but today you were just not having any of it. Artturi could tell you were having an anxious day already so he pasted a smile on his face and looked down at his kids.

“How about we go swimming first all of us, THAN we can come back and you four can bury daddy in the sand while momma reads some.” He placed a kiss on your cheek before grabbing two kids and running towards the water.

Smiling, you grabbed the last two and ran down to the water cause a fit giggles to happen once in the water.

Just like Artturi said once you all were done swimming it was time to bury daddy. You took this time to use the bathroom. When you came back the only thing that was covered was your husband’s feet, left side of his belly and some of his hair.

“Mommy! Look we covered daddy!” Jussi said with a smile right before Essi smacked him with a shove on the leg. “Ow! Essi!” The boy yelled before pushing his sister down making her cry.

“JUSSI!” Artturi said as he scooped Essi in his arms causing the sand to fall off his body.

“She hit me first daddy.” The boy pouted throwing his toy down which ended up hitting his older brother Aatami in the head.

“Aatami, don’t you dare!” You warned know his temper, but it was too late. The boy had picked up a handful of sand he aimed it at his brother only to have his brother duck and hit is other brother Simo.

“Shit.” You said as you ran over to Simo with a water bottle in hand and a towel.

“Okay, you sit here. Hand in your lap.” Artturi said to Jussi. “And you, sit here. Hands in lap.” He said to Aatami. “Time out five minutes. No talking.” He said. After he had settled with the boys and calmed Essi down. Essi and Simo went to play in the sand while Artturi sat with you.

As he placed his arm around your shoulder you looked at him and spoke.

“Why did we have them so close in age again?” You chuckled.

“Well Aatami was after I won the cup.  Jussi was after a week long road trip. Simo was celebration for our 8th anniversary and Essi was because I walked out of the bathroom naked.” Artturi laughed as he kissed your neck.

“Then we have this one who was made after a great season.” You said smiling at your husband.

“You’re pregnant?!” Artturi said with a smile.

You shook your head, “I took my fifth test today in the bathroom about an hour ago, and it said baby number five is cooking away.”

“Best day ever!”


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Imagine Ayato's son building a castle made of wooden bricks for him, but the castle falls down. Ayato comforts his crying son and rebuilds the castle himself. Ayato's son is happy when Daddy rebuilt his castle. Ayato tells his son that one day he will make castles made of real bricks that won't easily fall down.


Park Days 

Castle chances a glance at his phone as Reese climbs the ladder once again. They’ve been at the park for hours, Reese full of boundless energy despite the November cold that has settled over the city.

Still no sign of Beckett. She hates being late for their park play date.

“Catch me, Daddy!”

Castle crouches down at the end of the slide, Reese’s giggle as he grips the edges of the slide cutting through the bitter cold New York wind.

“Go ahead Bud, I’ve got you.”

The two year own grins at his father, small hands letting go of the plastic slide and hurling feet first into Castle’s waiting arms. Scooping the toddler into his arms Castle spins him around, delighting in the little boy smell as Reese clings to his neck.

He loves his children, all three a unique blend of his and Beckett’s personalities. They agreed early on that once the twins were big enough they would make sure their children each had individual time with them. A few days ago Lily had wanted to go see a movie, the three of them had sat in the back and munched on popcorn as she’d talked about her day in kindergarten. Yesterday they’d taken Jake to the toy store, his big hazel eyes focused only on the Lego table all the way in the back, the three of them building spaceships for hours.

Reese’s Mommy/Daddy/Reese day were almost always spent at the park.

“Can we do the swings now?” Reese is scrambling to get down before even finishing his sentence, taking off across the park towards the object of his attention.

Tugging his cap lower over his head, Castle hurries to catch up, Reese already standing by the swings. “Daddy, this one!”

His phone beeps as soon as he’s settled Reese into the swing, little legs dangling beneath him, and a soft smile tugs at the corners of Castle’s mouth as he reads his wife’s message.

Meeting took longer than I thought, headed to you and R. Love you babe.

“Mommy’s on her way, Reese.” His son squeals in delight, head turning every direction to catch a glimpse of his mother.

“She’ll be here soon, bud, promise.”

Grinning, Castle moves beside him, swinging Reese up enough to press a kiss against his still giggling son. “I love you so much, buddy,” Castle whispers against his son’s neck, holding him close for just a second longer.

“Love you too, Daddy. Now swing!”

Castle laughs as he moves behind his son, hand rubbing against his son’s back before moving to the plastic of the swing. “Now swing, yes.”  

His arms are starting to hurt, Reese’s repeated refrain of “higher” once again echoing in the empty park as she approaches finally. “Hey, there are two of the most handsome guys I know.”

Castle turns to greet his wife with a kiss, shaking his head at her apologetic smile as her hand lingers on his chest for just a second before turning her attention to Reese. Squatting down in front of their son, Beckett runs her hand through his hair, drawing both Castle and Reese’s eyes to her.

She’s so good with their kids, having fallen into her role of mother effortlessly.

“Hey little man, can I have a kiss?” Their son plants a kiss against her lips, small hands holding her cheeks as he giggles.

Castle shrugs at her grin, claiming one more kiss for himself as she stands, Beckett moving to take Castle’s place as swing pusher.

“Kid’s gonna have serious game in a few years, Beckett. What can I say; they all take after your wild side.”

Leaning into Castle’s side she skims her lips against his ear, her breath warm against his lobe. “Nothing wrong with being a little wild. It’s how we got this life. And it’s worth it.”

Shooting him a wink, Beckett turns her attention back to Reese, slowing the swing down as she leans over Reese to talk to him.

His heart swells with pride and joy as Reese climbs from the swing to settle in Beckett’s arms, chattering away about their day in the park as Beckett listens intently.

She’s happy. He can see it in her eyes, every time they put their kids to bed, can feel it every time they kiss.

This life is so worth it.

This goes out to @mrs-chanandler-bong21 who showed me this picture, and it melted my heart. And as always, many thanks to my amazing beta and best friend @itstoppedoctober1st, who time and time again saves me and my writing. I’m forever grateful. 

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Holding On || Castle and Jedi

It’s hard to step out of the room to make the calls. She doesn’t want to do it, but it has to be done. She wants to stay in the room with her dad but the calls had to be made. Before she can even do it she gathers herself, taking a deep breath and making sure she doesn’t break down again. She swallows hard, finally scrolling through Kate’s phone to find Kevin’s number, knowing he and Javier have to be at the station.

“Beckett?” Kevin’s voice rings over the speaker. “Everything okay?”

“It’s Jedi.” Jedi replies. “I borrowed her phone… everything’s okay… Dad… Dad’s awake…” She sinks down to the floor, her legs not able to hold her up anymore as she tells him this. “He’s… he’s awake… Kevin… Kate asked me to tell you and Javi you need to follow the blood trail dad left behind. He said he wasn’t kept far from the station, that’s how he was able to find his way there. He killed two of the kidnappers…”

“We’re on it.” Javier’s voice comes over the phone. “Jedi, you okay?”

“I don’t know.” She glances at the door of the room where her dad is, swallowing hard against the tears. “I don’t know… I… I gotta go, I gotta call Alexis and Martha… lemme know alright?” she doesn’t give either of them a chance to reply, knowing it’s rude but she doesn’t trust her own voice right now. She’s shaking, her body trembling with pent up emotions, barely keeping herself from breaking down again. Swallowing hard, she makes the call to Alexis and Martha, hearing them both be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing their father and son alive again.

With the calls finished, Jedi pushes herself back onto her feet and steps back into the room, pausing at the sight of Kate hugging Rick, seeing the devastation on his face. She swallows hard, forcing herself to remain calm. “Alexis and Martha are on their way.” She says softly, moving over to the bed to sit down on the edge of it.

She’s so tempted to ask what it was her dad said to cause this response in both of them, but she keeps silent, knowing she can listen to the recording later. She doesn’t know what she’s going to find on it, her heart sinks at the thought. But hopefully, Kevin and Javier will come through and find something they can use to get these assholes. They don’t deserve to life after what they’d done to him.

She moves closer, reaching out to hug him and Beckett. “You’re gonna be okay, dad…” She says softly. “We’ll take care of you… we’ll take care of everything…”

She buries her face into the crook of his neck, not wanting him to see the tears that are starting to appear in her eyes again.


For the wonderful Evan.


Kate wiggles her toes, laughing softly as Lily squeals and curls her small hand around her mother’s foot, clings to the arch of bone.

She sent Castle a picture less than ten minutes ago and typically, photos of their daughter warranted an immediate reply, the fact that he had knowledge of Kate naked in a bath with her should have received a response within seconds.

Lily coos, spreads her fingers out within the water, catching the petals of pink flowers Kate had sprinkled in the warm bath for her benefit. Normally, it was Rick who enjoyed bath time, always showering Lily with ridiculous toys and endless ways to amuse herself in the water while he washed her hair, lathered the baby body wash over her skin that always left her smelling so clean and sweet. But with Castle away on the book tour for the last two weeks, she’s been finding ways to entertain Lily herself.

Tonight, though, she’d left Lily’s hair in the tiny pigtails that sprouted like miniature palm trees from either side of her head and stepped into the tub with her for a change, enjoyed a leisurely bath that she’d been craving while her daughter found fascination in the floating flowers.

“F’wah!” Lily exclaims, clapping a hand to the water and glancing back at Kate with a wide grin, those varying sizes of baby teeth exposed and adding to the charm of her smile.

“Flower,” Kate repeats with a matching smile, shifting to readjust her legs, crossing one over the other.

“Ducky!” Lily continues, her white rubber duck (because, of course, Castle had bought her a “special” white little duck with a bright pink tutu painted on) sailing into view, bumping Kate’s foot.

“Good girl, doing so well with your words,” Kate praises, nudging the duck, sending it floating back towards Lily’s chest. “Daddy’s going to raving about it for the next month.”

Her daughter giggles, begins the back and forth game of colliding her duck with Kate’s foot for a few more minutes, grasping at her toes when she grows bored, absentmindedly clinging while babbling to her bath toy.

“Almost ready to get out, little duck?” she hums, stretching her pruning fingers to graze along Lily’s back. The water is growing cool and Lily is clean, will be ready for bed within minutes, though maybe she’ll call Rick first, see if he can say goodnight to-

“Aren’t you guys a sight for sore eyes.”

Kate’s gaze flies to the en suite’s entryway, an instant smile blossoming to her lips at the image of her husband standing in the open door, looking exhausted and haggard, but a tender form of joy lining his features as his eyes flicker between her and Lily.

“Daddy!” Lily exclaims, splashing excitedly, and Castle chuckles, dropping the duffel bag slung over his shoulder to the floor and coming for the bathtub.

“Peanut!” he returns, snagging Lily’s towel and descending to his knees, smacking a loud kiss to their daughter’s forehead that has her squealing with glee. “Ooh, I missed you and Mommy so much.”

“Mama, Daddy, home!” Lily gets out, her words rushed but clear, impressive.

“And look at you! Practically speaking full sentences,” Rick smiles, hoisting Lily up when she lifts her arms for him, effortlessly bundling her in the bright yellow towel and propping her against his chest.

“She’s been talking up a storm,” Kate adds, following his ascent and stepping out of the draining water, grinning her gratitude when he hands her towel to her, offers his hand once the fluffy material is banded around her frame.

“Oh, I hope I didn’t miss too much,” he murmurs, cradling Lily in his arm, slipping the other around Kate.

“No, just a lot of practice,” she assures him, arching on her bare toes to brush her lips to his stubbled cheek, humming her approval when he turns to take her mouth, two weeks of missing him wiped away with a kiss. “You’re back early.”

“Don’t tell Paula,” he whispers and Beckett huffs, but kisses him again.

“Daddy home!” Lily announces again and Castle laughs against her, squeezes the bone of her hip before returning his attention to their overjoyed daughter patting his chest.

“Daddy home,” he echoes, bouncing Lily on his hip. “Just in time to get you into your PJs.”

Kate starts for the door. “Here, they’re right out-”

“Not you, you stay like this,” Castle murmurs, tugging on her towel, and Kate scoffs, shakes her head, but drops the towel, leaves him in the bathroom to slip on her robe in the bedroom. “That works too.”

“Compromise,” she smirks, plucking Lily’s pajamas from atop their bed. “I was just about to get Lily ready for bed, but I’d wanted to call you first, let you talk to her-”

“I really did make it just in time, huh?” he says to Lily, evoking another toothy grin, just happy to have her daddy back. Castle returns his gaze to her, plops down on the bed, bouncing to make Lily laugh, and hooks his thumb in the belt loop of Kate’s robe. “We’ll get Lil ready for bed, read her a bedtime story, and then-”

“You come to bed with me,” she fills in, leaning forward to stain a kiss to her husband’s jaw, blow a raspberry against Lily’s cheek, before she heads for the stairs to set up Lily’s room for bedtime. “Glad you’re home, Castle.”