daddy bear and baby bear




Hotter Than Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

Polar Bears & Penguins
  • Daddy: Did you know that polar bears and penguins have never actually met because they don't live near each other?
  • Baby: What? Nuh uh, look it up. Penguins and polar bears live in Antarctica
  • Daddy: Nope, they don't
  • Baby: But polar bears kill penguins!
  • Daddy: That's only in the movies, princess
  • Baby: That is super misleading

I hate when daddy falls asleep while we’re texting and forgets to tell me goodnight. I haven’t even heard his voice all day and I’m so sad about it but it’s okay- because he bought me a build a bear w a voice in it that says “I love you!” And it’s his voice!! He makes me the happiest little girl ever!!

It's hibernation time

~Night time~
Baby: *yawns* raaaawr! I’m sleeeeeeppy dada!
Daddy: Somebunny is actually a bear tonight, hm? ^_^
Baby: Raaaawr! Naaaaps!
Daddy: Did you eat bunches to stock up for winter?
Baby: All the foods. Now Im a fatty bear
Daddy: Good. Bears need to eat bunches so they stay cozy.
Baby: Naps with me dada bear. You need hibernation too!
Daddy: Of course baby. I’ll snuggle you all night and keep you safe and warm ♡



The Saga Continues…

It’s Daddy Hunting Season!

Woof, Baby!

Stuffie love = instant little

Baby: *cuddling stuffie*
Daddy: Is that Momo Bear I see?
Baby: *giggles* Yeah!
Daddy: Hug that bear.
Baby: *knuffles momo*
Daddy: Kiss those bear ears
Baby: *smooches ears*
Daddy: Now you knuffle him bunches. He loves you with all his bear heart. And give him big hugs, cause no hug is too big for a teddy bear.