daddy and sis

Secret Memory

Description: The youngest Winchester finds a troubling nightmare is actually a memory when she is reunited with a familiar face, after only living with her Uncle Bobby for majority of her life.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, (mentions of) John Winchester, and a sister!reader

Warnings: Swearing, and a little violence

A/N: This is actually my third imagine but tumblr deleted the one I spent four hours on….as I was about to hit post. But, here is this one as a sub! Thank you for reading in advance! Let me know if you want to be tagged or send m a request! Also the memories are in italics! :)

Tag(s): @winchesters-favorite-girl

You woke up, in screaming terror. You were sobbing as your Uncle Bobby ran into the room with a shotgun drawn up to view. He quickly placed it on the nightstand near your bed and cradled you in his arms. It was another nightmare. You had been bestowed with the gory images since you could recall your dreams. You often tried avoiding them by pulling all-nighters and drinking as much caffeine as your blood could hold.

You were finally breathing normally, whipping the tears off your cheeks as fast as they had come. Bobby’s steady heart beat calmed you. He had always been such a father to you, and his calm made you realize you were indeed, still safe.

“You’re safe,” he cooed. You nodded, and hugged him back.

 The nightmares were so much of a routine that eventually you kept the light on while you slept. You hated hearing the screams of the people, and seeing the blood. Bobby never seemed to know where they originated from. Your guess was that when helping your Uncle, you picked up a vivid sense of being in the hunting life, even though you were never in the field. Sure, you helped with research, but you had never actually seen any demons or ghosts. You were just informing the hunters of the stories, and ways to end the lives of the evil creatures lurking. You weren’t that afraid of them either, so the nightmares were almost uncalled for. 

Little did you know that the nightmare was a memory. Bobby knew this, but would never let on, and would never mention the fact to you. He had promised your father John, that he would never relive the time you were taken by accomplices of the yellow eyed demon, or Azazel. They took you into an old prison where they held most of their victims. The screaming and blood had scared your little two-year-old form. You were also cut open repeatedly, and left for dead. It was one of the worst sights the Winchester boys had seen. From that moment on John knew he wanted you disconnected from them, but still safe. He dropped you at Bobby’s in the middle of the night. The boys were at school in Utah while he dropped you in the care of the old man. You never saw him again, and as you grew older Bobby had convinced you the images of your brothers and father were just imaginary friends. This was all in the wishes of John, even though Bobby knew in his heart you should have the right to know your brothers.

As you grew older, the memory became less vivid, but you hated being woken up in a sweat nevertheless. You grew accustomed to late nights with coffee, and books. You often stayed up with your Uncle, watching him go to sleep even though he wished you would follow. You refused to believe the nightmares would cease, even though Bobby thought they would.

You entered the house after a day of school. You were tired, and sleep begged to take over, yet the fear of the nightmares kept you pushing forward.

You dropped your bag at the door, “Hey Dad, I’m home!” you yelled. You had grown so close to Bobby that you now called him Dad.

You rummaged through the cabinets, searching for coffee. Your eyelids drooped as you called to him again, “Dad! Where the hell did the coffee go?!”. It had been an all-nighter for two days in a row. You knew the crash was coming soon.

You turned around, running right into a firm chest. You looked up to meet bright green eyes, and a confused expression. Suddenly, a flash of the nightmare came rushing into your thought process. Your eyes shut, and you could still see the green eyes. You gripped the counter behind you as the images of blood came into sight, and the screams of others being tortured filled your ears. You felt hands grip your arm, but the images only intensified. You were crying now, but you opened your eyes. The nightmare had finally completed itself, except it wasn’t a nightmare, it was a memory.

 “Dean,” you heaved out between trying to fill your lungs with oxygen. The images played over in your head.

“You think they can hear you scream?” a demon in a small woman’s body asked.

You were crying as your little arms bled. You had never been taken, or separated from everyone in your family before. The demons took turns playing with your skin and the knife. Finding new places to cut. The demons laughed as you screamed, and cried out for your brothers and father.

“They’ll never find you, you little-," suddenly the door crashed open and the demons fled.

The tears in your eyes coated your sight of vision. You felt your brother Dean’s arms taking you into his chest.

Shhhh, baby I got you,” he cooed. You could hear the crack in his voice.

 Your father led you both back to the impala. He never took you into his arms that night. He couldn’t help but feel this was his fault. He went out that night, leaving your brothers to clean you up.

You snapped back to reality. Bobby, and Dean were staring at you. You cleared your face of the wet droplets that had escaped your eyes.

“I remember,” you looked to Bobby. He looked towards the floor. “Dad, you, you didn’t tell me I had a brother,” you sighed.

 “Dad?” Dean turned to Bobby.

Bobby looked back at Dean, “It’s not like your father was around”. Dean sighed in defeat. “Why don’t you sit down,” Bobby gestured to the couch. You nodded and took a seat.

Just then, the door opened and a taller man came through. His eyes landed on you, “Oh my god!”. Suddenly, more memories clouded your vision.

“Bunny, please sit still,” your other brother, Sam, pleaded with you.

 You were crying again, and squirming as Dean tried to stitch up your cuts. Dean wanted to take you to a hospital, but John didn’t want to risk the questions about perfectly sliced skin. Dean was trying to wiggle the needle into your shaking form. Sam kept trying to get you to quiet down, but you were hurting. His heart broke with every cry, and every stitch.

               You looked up to Sam, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. You then looked to Dean. These were your brothers. The ones who had tried to help you, and protect you with all their power. You then looked to Bobby. Anger boiled within your veins. He had kept this secret from you. You had lost your brothers, who had tried to patch you up during your worst days. You could feel the warmth of dangerous energy in your chest.

“You son of a bitch!” you screamed. Bobby’s eyes widened. Both your brothers were taken back by the sudden attitude change. “You lied to me!” you screamed.

“Now hold on just a minute!” Bobby put up his hands.

“No! You lied to me! Said they were just nightmares, told me my brothers were imaginary, you made me think I had no one but you!” you screamed. That’s when you felt the acid of the words on your tongue. Your eyes suddenly softened, even though you could still feel the anger in your veins. Bobby looked away, and went back into the kitchen.

“You’re so, so big,” Sam said, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

You walked back towards the kitchen and leaned against the door frame. “You know I didn’t mean it like that. I was talking out of anger,” you said.

 He sighed and faced you with a beer in his hand. He was thinking hard about what he wanted to respond with. “I only did that because it’s what your daddy asked me to do. I wanted to tell you, and lyin’ to you hurt me more than you could ever imagine,” he said, taking a sip.

 You nodded, “I’m sorry Uncle Bobby. You know that you were always a father in my eyes”.

 He smiled, “You’re the best damn thing I ever had a hand in kid”.  You gave him a hug. “Now get in there and catch up with those two idjits!” he shoved you towards the doorframe.

 You then found yourself a little shy as your brothers turned to face you. “Uh, hi,” you gave a small smile.

 Sam had tears in his eyes, and Dean had a look of amazement on his face. “Hey there kiddo,” Dean smiled, and pulled you into a hug.