The Underworld: Part One

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Tittle: Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

Pairing: Peter Pan x Jessica Jones (Killian’s daughter)

Requested: yeah by me and my intense need for this

Rating: Idk

Warning: idk

  My plan, on paper, was simple. Let Emma and the gang save my father, while I go and save my beloved Peter. To save Peter I would exchange his soul from Rumple’s. Leaving Rumple in the underworld, where I personally fully believe he belongs, and bring the two most important men in my life home. The complicated part lays in getting Rumple’s soul. To do that, I needed to kill him. To kill him I needed to get my hands onto the dagger. It was the damn dagger that almost ruined everything. Thankfully I had something Rumple didn’t. A pirate for a father.

  I learned at a young age, that even the most powerful spells can be broken. All you need is a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust. Something I happened to have plenty of. The second time my father and I went to Neverland he stole a bunch of Pixie Dust, cursing the moment he found out only I could use it. His anger at that didn’t lost long. He quickly showed me how to do use it. Once I had the hang  of it, we could have whatever we wanted. I wanted, more than anything, to get that dagger. I knew once I got into the shop it would be easy, it was getting Rumple out that was the hard part.

  It took me just before we left to finally get the dagger and I only managed it then because Belle, sweet sweet Belle, asked for my help.

  Four Hours Ago:

  “Before you leave can I borrow Jessica for a moment?” Belle asked, her question catching everyone off guard. I nodded, raising an eyebrow at her as I made my way towards her. She smiled at me, as she turned on her heel and lead the way into the shop. The moment we were inside she locked the door, turning to place both hands on my shoulders.

  “Stay here, I will be back in a minute or two.” She whispered, ignoring the confused look I was sending her as she ran into the back. The moment she was gone, I pulled my bag of Pixie dust from my pocket, my heart aching as I remembered the day Peter gave it to me. Without making a sound I ran over to the safe, knowing that was where it was. I had watched Rumple hid it away again.

  I poured some of the Pixie dust into my hand, closed my eyes and believed that I could open, and had faith in my ability to do so. I waited only a second before trying the safe, almost crying out with joy when it instantly sprung open.

  The dagger layed inside it on a red velvet cushion. I sent a glance over my shoulder, checking that Belle was still busy in the back before I gently pulled it out, hiding it in the hem of my boot. I closed the safe shut and quickly made my way back to the front of the store, sliding to a halt just as Belle came back out.

  “Emma has lost a lot in the past little while. I don’t want her to lose anymore so I came up with this. It’s a potion that will protect you and Henry. Please make sure you drink it. The blue fairy assured me it would work.”

  “I promise Belle.” I said with a smile, part of me feeling bad for my recent acts, but another was singing. With the dagger in my hand I can save Peter while the rest of the gang saves my father.


   “Welcome to the underworld.” Rumple announced, his voice pulling me out of my thoughts. I scowled at him, anger washing through me at how pleased he sounded. Without a word to anyone I climbed out of the boat, my feet padding against the dock as I moved to stand beside Regina, glaring at Rumple as I passed. 

   “Where do we go from here? And why the hell does it look like Storybrooke?” I asked, my comment causing everyone to turn and stare behind us all. It was true, the underworld looked just like Storybrooke. A part of me was thrilled. It would be that much easier to track down Peter, another part was scared. If it looked like Storybrooke it meant that my father could be anywhere, meaning it would be harder to find him. I pushed that thought aside and focused on the task at hand.

  “I have no idea, but I feel like we should all split up.” David answered, his voice coming off unsure.

  “I’ll look at the pawn shop. Daddy would go after Rumple.” I explained.

  “Yes, because you and father both want me dead don’t you?” Rumple snapped, his voice coming off harsh.

  “After everything you’ve done Crocodile, I don’t think we are the only two.” I snapped, glaring at him before I started towards the Pawn Shop, ignoring the cries that came after me. I did however smirk when I heard Regina.

  “One of these days she is going to slap you, and I for one will be cheering her on.”

  Five minutes later I was rushing into the pawn shop. I burst into the shop, my whole body preying that I would be right and Peter would be here. He had to be, it is the only place, to me anyway, that he would be. I was just about to run into the back when the boy I was looking for, longing for, came walking out. Instantly his green eyes met mine, widening in shock as he took me in.

  “Jessie?” He breathed out, a smile dancing across his face when I let out a pleased squeal, running towards him and throwing my arms around his neck.

  “Oh Peter.” I sobbed, nuzzling my head into his neck, humming as I breathed in his familiar scent. “I am so glad that you are okay.”

  “Oh darling of course I would be okay. Why wouldn’t I be?”

  “You are in the underworld Peter.” I giggled, pulling back to smile at him, my hand reaching up so I could tangle my fingers in his hair. He hummed,  smirking at me before leaning down to press his lips against my own. I moaned into the kiss, melting into him. It has been far to long since I last felt his lips against my own, since I felt his body pressed against mine.

  “What are you doing here Jessica?” He whispered, his eyes searching mine in a panic as he scanned my face. “Please tell me your not..”

  “No my darling Peter. I am very much alive. I’m here because Rumple,” I spat his named, earning a chuckle from my lost boy, “Killed my father. Emma was determined to save him, so I came alone to save you.”

  “Are you my dearest Jessie?” Peter chuckled. I knew by the way his eyes lit up that he was hoping that I could make it work.

  “Easy my darling. I am going to exchange your soul for Rumple’s”

  “My little lost girl how do you expect that to happen?”

 “I am going to use his dagger to kill him, then use my Pixie dust to exchange them. Yours for his. He stays behind, and I get you and my father.” I chuckled, smiling happily at the way his eyes lit up.

  “You know my little lost girl that may actually work.”

  “Oh it will.” I hummed, smiling at him as I leaned up to press another kiss to his lips, humming as his hands slid down my sides, moving to grasp my ass.

  “I can think of one way I want to spend this reunion.” Peter muttered against my lips.

  “Oh do we now my lost boy.”

  “Yes and it works much better up in room.” He pulled back to smile at me, giving me a lazy wink as green smoke wrapped us. I chuckled, falling in love with the easy way he moved us from place to place.

  “I love you.” I hummed, chuckling when I looked around his room. He made it look just like the one we shared back in Neverland. All green, with vines winding up the wall.

 “I have never stopped loving you my little lost girl.” He whispered, smirking at me before he leaned down to capture my lips again.

Basically what's happened to Once Upon a Time: (Probably gonna get some hate for this)
  • Season 1
  • *Swan Queen sexual tension through whole series*
  • *Swan Queen becomes a popular ship*
  • Show Writers: "Shit"
  • Season 2
  • Swan Queen... "She's not dying"
  • *Emma saves Regina from the Wraith, sacrificing herself*
  • Show Writers: "Shit!! we need a distraction! Quick throw Emma through that portal for no apparent reason. Hold up, throw Snow through too. We'll force some bonding, to distract them from how Emma put her life on the line for Regina: )"
  • *doesn't work*
  • *Swan Queen is still popular*
  • Show Writers: "Something should be done, but what? Brilliant idea time!! We'll bring Hook in and have him flirt with Emma and take some tension off Swan Queen"
  • *doesn't work*
  • Show Writers: "We'll show Emma's Baby Daddy. It'll take some tension of Swan Queen."
  • *doesn't work*
  • *Regina saves Emma's (and Snow's) life*
  • SWEN: *muffles noises* Swan Queen *muffled noises*
  • "I know her, I believe her"
  • SWEN: *sing song voice* Swan Queeeeeeeen
  • "I invited her"
  • SWEN: Swan Queen!!!
  • Show Writers: "We'll make Emma and Regina fight, it'll help this whole Swan Queen situation"
  • *doesn't work*
  • Show Writers: "This is getting out of hand. Brilliant idea time!!! We'll make Emma's Baby Daddy Rumple's son and bring him back to Storybrooke. It'll take some tension off Swan Queen. This is so gonna work this time:)"
  • *doesn't work*
  • "You may not be strong enough, but maybe WE are"
  • Show Writers: "We're going to have to do something about this, you just wait till next season, we'll sort this out"
  • SWEN: lol whatever
  • Season 3 (A)
  • *Swan Queen is still the most popular ship*
  • Show Writers: "We'll bring Tinkerbell in to show Regina her true love"
  • SWEN: yeah, okay, you just carry on there.
  • "There he is Regina, your true love"
  • SWEN: *yawns & files nails*
  • "The man with the lion tattoo is your true love"
  • SWEN: Emma has a lion (lyon) tattoo, you complete and utter idiots. Lol armatures
  • Show Writers: "This thing with Regina's true love is going to work this time, we know it will, it has to"
  • *completely doesn't work*
  • "Our son"
  • SWEN: *sing song voice* Swan Queeeeeeeeen
  • Show Writers: "Quick we need a new distraction!! Emma go kiss Hook for no apparent reason.
  • SWEN: can u not
  • Show Writers: "This is gonna work. We can feel it"
  • *doesn't work*
  • Show Writers: "We'll make Neal and Hook fight over Emma, that will take the spotlight off
  • Swan Queen"
  • SWEN: *sighs* oh for god sake. This is getting beyond a joke -__-
  • 3x11 - "Regina! Regina!!!" "Emma?"
  • SWEN: aww look at Emma being all concerned for Regina. *coughs* Swan Queen
  • Show Writers: "Hook get over there and say something to Emma that is pointless and slightly creepy"
  • SWEN: ha ha you tried Hook, it's okay. You did your best *tries to keep a straight face*
  • "My gift to you is good memories. You'll have the life you've always wanted"
  • Show Writers: "Shit!! What have we done?!? It's not Swan Queen we swear!!
  • SWEN: whatever, looked a lot like Swan Queen to me. Did you see their faces?!? Unintentional my arse!!
  • Show Writers: "ffs, separate Regina and Emma now!!"
  • *Hook kisses Emma at her door* (more like sexual harassment but let's not go there)
  • SWEN: lol Hook. You tried and failed yet again (haha)
  • Show Writers: "ffs"
  • Season 3 (B)
  • Show Writers: "We've got it this time! Bring Robin Hood in and have him flirt with Regina, he's only known her 5 minutes but that doesn't matter!! Flirt now!!! Also we'll give Emma yet another forced love interest. We'll make him a flying monkey though so that Captain Swan makes slightly more sense"
  • *doesn't work*
  • SWEN: what has this show even come to? Just give us Swan Queen and be done with it!!
  • Show Writers: "Brilliant idea time again!! Have Emma mention Neal and make Hook look sad, it will gain sympathy for Hook!! This is gonna work!! This time!! THIS TIME!!
  • *doesn't work*
  • Show Writers: -___-
  • *Regina and Emma have a fake/staged fight*
  • SWEN: look at our babies!! Faking fights and working together!! Swan Queen has entered the building. Deal with it bitch.
  • Show Writers: "Shit!! Cut to Fairytale Land. Robin get over there and stalk Regina"
  • SWEN: Ha! okay.
  • *Emma and Regina in the Mayors office* *romantic zoom on Regina's face after Emma says she trusts her*
  • Show Writers: "Fuck fuck fuck!! Cut to Outlaw Queen and make Robin Hood feebly flirt with Regina!! Robin do it now!! Distract them from the fact that Regina is completely in love with Emma"
  • SWEN: okay, you just carry on, we'll just play along and pretend we're interested -____-
  • *Emma and Regina on a stake out*
  • SWEN: Hell yea!! Regina and Emma in the looooovvveee bug!! Swan Queen is back in business.
  • Show Writers: "Shit!! Distraction time!! Tell them that The Wicked Witch is Regina's half sister now!!"
  • SWEN: completely didn't see that one coming, especially with all the mentions of blood magic and all. Mind blown!! Completely unexpected. Just get back to Swan Queen now please.
  • *intense Swan-Mills family feels*
  • SWEN: AWW Emma, Regina and Henry are reunited! The perfect little family!!
  • Show Writers: "Charming, Hook, get in there, break the Swan Queen tension!!"
go hard at each other like we're going to war (part III)
Part 3 of a multi-chapter fic. In this chapter things… happen. I advise you read the first two parts before this although I guess you can still sort of follow it anyway. THIS PART IS FUN I think. also rufio is ridiculously fun to write

go hard at each other like we’re going to war (part III)

That night, Wendy tossed and turned in her sleep. When she awoke, the sweat on her back reminded her of sea-water, and she buried her face into her hands for a long time before she attempted to get up.

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Rumbelle baby

Sometimes I feel like we’re focusing too much on the drama.

I was thinking about the Rumbelle baby and I realized that is gonna be a real child: a little girl or a little boy, and he/she’s gonna look like his/her parents. Belle’s eyes, Rumple’s hair…and she/he’s gonna have a real life.

Imagine the first steps, firs words, all those little things like learning to swim or learning to ride a bike. School, homeworks, holidays, little family dramas, friendships, first crushes…

And Rumple and Belle will see their child going through all of this and they’re gonna be there for him/her.

And that little boy or that little girl is gonna love his/her parents so much. Mummy Belle and daddy Rumple. Can you imagine it!?

They’re gonna be a family. And I don’t care how much the show will screw over this, but just the thought of a Rumbelle family makes me happy.