what is DD-lg?? ♥

The first point i’d like to make is: Daddy Doms and their little girls are NOT sick and twisted perverts driven by deep seated incestuous or paedophilic desires. DD-lg kink is not driven by incest, issues, abuse or neglect from childhood.

Littles are simply adult women with a childlike personality who appreciate an emotionally mature partner to protect, comfort and love them. Littles in a DD-lg relationship are not interested in incest!

Daddy Doms are Dominants who simply assume a much more nurturing and caring role than Dominants in other types of D-s relationships. Little girls are submissive women who have a naturally childlike personality that is especially dominant in them when they are around a Daddy Dom who makes them feel safe and cherished.

Daddy Doms do get a great deal of pleasure from their littles both sexually and otherwise. Being a Daddy Dom is simply a part of someone’s personality, he likes being a dominant but they like doing to in a more affectionate and nurturing capacity than is the accepted norm for D-s lifestyle relationships. Daddy Doms often enjoy and find both the little and adult sides of their submissives attractive and can appreciate them both. littles appeal to them because they cater to their desires to nurture, protect and love as well as him enjoying and being amused by the natural, child-like little girl personality in a beautiful adult woman’s body.

Daddy Doms love their littles unconditionally. They cherish the woman as well as their inner little and revel in their childlike personality, their innocence and their appreciation of the simple things like cuddles and cartoons on a weekend morning, milkshakes instead of coffee and the way they turn to him for reassurance. He protects her, guides her when she is unsure or loses her way, he helps her reach her goals and is proud of her when she does.

Daddy Doms with a sadistic streak may love to cause her physical pain, the type she enjoys and craves, but he hates and does everything he can not to hurt her emotionally. He will punish her for transgression, whether he enjoys it or not, and will praise her for a job well done. It takes a great deal of discipline and strength from a Daddy Dom to do what he needs to do: dominate, care for, guide, punish, praise, comfort, understand and love his little. He draws on his own life experiences to guide her and keep her safe all the while accepting her as his, all parts of her; adult and little.

She feels safest in her Daddy Dom’s arms and around him she is free to be herself, a quickly mix of adult and little girl and she is free to pursue her ‘little’ interests. She may be needy and whiny at times, she may have irrational fears. She will most likely pout and sulk sometimes but she will also light up with an innocent child-like enthusiasm for things she enjoys and, of course, for her Daddy Dom. She is submissive by nature, seeing the guidance, domination and nurturing love of a Daddy Dom who will love, protect and comfort her when the world becomes too much to handle. She respects him, submits to his will and trusts him completely to keep her safe and love her unconditionally.. As requested via private message.. x.

Masquerade Michael Smut

“How fun. Not being able to see the faces of the people you’re talking to,” You say as you follow your friend, Harriet, into the masquerade party.

“Think of it as a Halloween party.”

“It is a Halloween party. I’ve seen at least 3 cats,” You tell her.

“Well you look like… I don’t know what you look like.”

“Neither do I.”

“I’m an angel, as you can see,” She smiles pointing at her ‘angel’ wings.

“Never, I thought you were a bird,” You say sarcastically as you both walk down the stairs.

“Stairs is bad idea in heels.”

“Just for you, angel,” You smirk as you reach the bottom step and offer your hand.

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Sexy Men post 16 -  Men in Blue

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