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Hey I was wondering if maybe you could provide a little paragraph of something (Stephen or Daddy Newt preferably but whatever the heck you wanna write) as I've literally had the crappiest day and you're kinda the only think that ever makes me feel better. (I kinda got shoved into some lockers today.) And you TOTALLY don't have to write this I wouldn't be mad or anything if you didn't. That's totally up to you. Love you and your fics!! (And daddy Newt of course )❤❤❤❤

Dear lord…whoever did that to you is an awful human, and I am so sorry, sweetie. I hope it gets better and I’m glad I can help in some way! I hope you like this small raunchy smut lol

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Imagine: Daddy Newt….fuck it I got nothing. This is just dirty stuff lol


You cried out as the wizard pinned you down, his strong grip holding you firmly to the bed as he thrust roughly into you. His growls of pleasure made you shiver in delight, the feeling of him slamming into you only creating the perfect friction that had you squirming and mewling beneath him. His lean hips fit perfectly against yours, every now and then rubbing into your swollen clit when he pushed forward. You wanted to purr out his name again, let him know how much pleasure the usually gentle Hufflepuff could elicit from your body.

But, as you opened your mouth to moan, his hand came to cup your cheeks, squeezing your face and forcing you to look up at him.

“Say it…say it, my darling.”

Though his pet name was sweet, you knew what his demanding tone meant. And you gulped deeply as he cooed out his next words.

“Say it.”

He slowed his thrusts down, teasingly pulling out of you and stopping just as the tip of his cock nestled itself between your folds.


“That’s right…”

Newt licked his lips, green eyes glaring down at you between his wavy locks. You could see the joy behind his gaze, knowing he had you where he wanted. Newt leaned down, licking across your cheek as he purred into your ear.

“Do you like being Daddy’s good girl?”

Your voice was raspy with overuse, having already screamed more than once during your love session. But, you squeezed out of his grasp, clawing at his back as you angled your hips down, trying to make his cock sink deep into you. But, Newt gripped your thighs, forcing you back down.

“Beg me..Beg Daddy to take you.”

I hope you liked it!!! ❤️

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