Sugar and Spice, ch 4

Summary: Your sugar daddy, RIchard Speight Jr, finally asked you to sleep with him.
Word count: 2045
Warnings: Smut, Dick’s big dick
A/N: Special thanks to my wifey @pepperwoodatnight for beta’ing and helping me come up with ideas when I got stuck xoxo

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4: the night 

Richard smiled and pushed you down against the mattress gently, leaning down to kiss you passionately. You let your hands roam his back and shoulders, then you tugged at his shirt.
“Want this off…” you mumbled against his lips, and he pulled off.
“You sure?”
“Of course I’m sure, silly.” You ran your hands down his sides, over his stomach and up his chest. “I want to see you.” 

Rich nodded and pulled his shirt over his head, and you bit back a moan at the sight. He sat back on his heels and ran a hand through his hair as your eyes roamed his torso.
“Fucking perfect,” you whispered and pulled him back down onto you, kissing him hard. He moaned into your mouth and grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling your head up to give him a better angle as his other hand went to your side, and under your shirt.

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Sugar and Spice, ch 3

Summary: Your second date with your Sugar Daddy, Richard Speight Jr, is at his place, for a barbecue, and you meet his friends.
Word count: 2270
Warnings: Asshole!Rob Benedict, pre-smut, mini bit of angst

Part 1
Part 2

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Chapter 3: the barbecue 

“Come inside with me.”

Your voice was low and soft.
“Right now?” Rich asked. You looked at his hand on your thigh. Just the feel of it almost had you wetting your panties. He had such great hands. You nodded.
“No, I can’t,” he said, and your heart dropped,
“Oh. Okay.”
“I have to be up early tomorrow. But I was thinking… I want you to come to a barbecue with me. It’s at my house, and uh…” He smiled. “Then I want you to stay,” he finished. You smiled back and nodded.

“Sounds good. When is it?”
“Next Saturday.”
“I’ll be there.”
“Great. I’ll transfer the money to your account tomorrow, that okay?” he asked and squeezed your thigh. You were so turned on that all you could do was nod. Richard chuckled and let go.

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Sugar and Spice, ch 2

Summary: Your sugar daddy, Richard Speight Jr, takes you to a Louden Swain concert as your first date.
Word count: 2096
Warnings: OOC!Rob Benedict, suggestive content
A/N: Keep in mind (I forgot to mention this in chapter one) that this is an AU, where Rich is single and was never married to Jaci, and does not have children. Also, you’re 26 in this series.

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Chapter two: the concert

Your heart was beating like crazy in your chest when you were slipping into your little black dress. You paired it with some high heeled lace sandals, well aware that no one else would look so fancy, but you figured that hey… he wanted something to show off, and he was gonna get it. You did your hair and makeup, sprayed some of you favourite perfume on, then waited for Richard to pick you up.

When you heard a car outside, you slipped into your jacket, got your purse and left your flat. Richard stood outside his car waiting for you. His face actually lit up when he saw you, which you found adorable. He was wearing a dark blue button up shirt and… fuck me, a brown leather jacket. You would have dropped your panties on the spot if he told you to. You walked up to him and smiled.

“Evening,” you said and smiled.
“Wow,” was his response as he eyes you up and down, his pupils dilated as he took in the sight of you. You spun around once playfully and grinned.
“Like what you see?”
Love what I see, holy crap, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it to the concert. I don’t think I- wow. Sweetheart, just wow. You look stunning,” he breathed and rubbed his face with his hand.

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  • Johnny Storm: Come on, Valeria. If you want to be a big girl, you've got to eat your breakfast. It's good for you.
  • Valeria Richards: Daddy says size is determined genetically. [moves away her plate]
  • Johnny Storm: [to Reed Richards] You've any ideas?
  • Reed Richards: [reading his laptop] Yeah, uh, yes there is a Chinese immersion kindergarten that we should definitely visit.
  • Johnny Storm: No, I'm talking about eating breakfast here for her. Forget about her schools right now, 'cause she's not eating.
  • Reed Richards: Oh. Without the vitamins D, C and E in the food, you can suffer from asthma, anemia, truncal and limb ataxia, sweetheart.
  • Johnny Storm: That's not gonna work, Reed, you don't...
  • Valeria Richards: [eating]
  • Johnny Storm: Look at that! How'd you do that?
For Raven

“(y/n), time for bed!” Richard called.

 You nodded “Alright, daddy!” you squealed and hugged Richard tight.

 You had lived with him for almost a month since he adopted you. The two of you had grown very close.

 "Are you gonne tuck me in?“ you whispered in his ear and licked your lips quickly.

 Richard nodded and pecked your neck “Ofcourse, sunshine.” he said sweetly and picked you up in his arms, carrying you to your room in bridal style. He opened the door with his elbow and dropped the two of you on your bed, both laughing and giggling.

 "Daddy, let me go!“ you scream giggled and tried to wrestle out of his grip.

 Richard laughed and tightened his grip around you "You’re not going anywhere, princess!” he chuckled and kissed your cheek a little too close to your lips.

 You jumped a little and he let you go, giving you some more space. “Oh god, (y/n). I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-” Richard started. But you shook your head “That’s okay. I eh… I kinda liked it.” you said softly and bit your lip, blushing slightly.

 Richard frowned a little and tilted his head as he sat up on your bed “Are you sure, (y/n)?”

 You nodded and climbed on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing the tip of his nose. “Yes.” You shifted on his lap, accidently grinding yourself against his crotch. He gasped a little and grasped your shoulders “Darling, you can’t d-do that!” he wheezed and looked at you with big shocked eyes.

 You frowned and smirked. “Why not, daddy?” you muttered and shifted on his lap again “Don’t you love me?” you said with a soft voice and pouted.

 Richard’s eyes softened and he pulled you close again, kissing your forehead “But of course I love you!”

 You smiled “Didn’t you like what I did?” you whispered.

 Richard gulped and nodded a bit “B-but you-”

You didn’t let him finish his words and grinded down on him again, harder this time.

Richard shut his eyes and rested his head on your shoulder, groaning softly in pleasure “(y/n), stop… P-please.” he stuttered.

 But you wrapped your legs around him and continued grinding and bouncing on top of him. Richard couldn’t contain himself any longer and started moaning. “I’m sorry, baby… You just… Aah!”

 He pushed you off him on your back and climbed on top of you “Do you want this?” he whispered.

 You licked your lips and nodded “Yes…. Daddy.” you said lustfully.

 Richard smiled and carefully pressed his lips against yours. You smiled into the kiss and slightly parted your lips, licking Richard’s mouth and begging for action.

 Richard wrapped his arms around you to deepen the kiss.

 You kissed for a while before Richard pulled back, panting and confused. “(y/n), I can’t. You’re-”

 "Shhhh!“ you shushed him and kissed his lips again. "It’s okay, I want this. And I know you want this too.” you whispered and touched his chin.

 He looked away and bit his lip. But soon enough he looked at you again and smiled. “Yes,” he said softly and nodded, “I want this. I want you.” he said and kissed your lips hungrily while his hands pushed your pajama top over your bare breasts to feel them.

 "I love you.“ he mumbled.

 "I love you too.” you breathed and pushed your stretchy bottoms down leaving you on the bottom in only your silky panties. “You’re beautiful.” he whispered and hooked his lean fingers behind the waistband of your panties, lifting the fabric and pulling your panties down to your knees. “So soft.”

 Richard brought one hand down and gently touched your intimate parts. You closed your eyes and rested your head on your fluffy pillow, heaving a sigh.

 "You like that, (y/n)?“ Richard asked with a sweet voice.

 You nodded and licked your lips "Yes, daddy. Please don’t stop!” you whimpered as you felt your muscles contract a little under his touch. So gentle and loving.

 Richard smiled “Alright. I won’t stop.” he whispered and kissed your forehead. He sat up and pulled your panties down completely before kneeling between your spread legs and pulling your butt on his lap. “You’re gonna like this, I’m sure!”

 He put two fingers in his mouth and covered them with his sweet saliva. By the time, he pulled them out they were dripping wet. He tilted your pelvis a little and carefully shoved his wet fingers inside of you, stroking and scissoring your inside. You closed your eyes to focus on the hot, wet sensations that Richard caused and you gripped the sheets loosely. “D-daddy!” you moaned. He knew exactly what he needed to do to make you feel this way and you loved it. Every minute, every second. Every move and every sound and tingle. Shivers shot through your spine as he moved a little faster, making you moan even more. This was bad, and you adored it. You wanted more.

 As your butt was resting on his lap you could feel his growing erection against your bum.

 He noticed you were longing for more and he stopped, letting his fingers slip out of you and leaving you empty and whining.

 He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard-on. “You want this, don’t you?”

 You nodded like crazy and let yourself slide off his lap and on your mattress so he could take off his pants, which he did. He kicked his jeans off and crawled between your legs again, lining his precum dripping cock up with your leaking entrance. “You want this, don’t you?”

 You nodded again and grabbed his shoulders. “I love you.” you whispered and Richard smiled.

 "Alright, (y/n). Here we go.“ he said softly. "This might hurt a little, sweety. You may bite my shoulder or scratch my back if you like. That’s okay.”

 You bit your lip and closed your eyes, preparing for the worst.

 Carefully he pushed himself into you. You winced and hissed a little at the stinging pain, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Soon enough you were adjusted to his size and you nodded. “It’s okay.” you wheezed and Richard started to move. At first it was slow and gentle, but soon you wanted more. You wanted harder, faster, longer, higher. And that’s what Richard did. He sped up until he was mindlessly fucking your brains out.

 You screamed and cried out in pleasure. Clawing your nails into his back and shoulders, scratching him like crazy, driving him insane.

 "Darling… I’m close!“ he panted.

 And you felt it too. An old familiar sensation wrapped in something new. Hot and tight and slippery wet pressing inside of you. So close but you couldn’t climax for some reason. You growled out in frustration. Richard was about to come and leave you undone.

 "I’m sorry (y/n)…” he brought out and groaned. His breath hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes as he exploded inside of you.

 You were still on the edge, so terribly close.

 It wasn’t until he pulled back when you found your release. You climaxed squirting all over him and you screamed his name at the top of your lungs.

Lovely submission from a secret author!

OOOH Long-haired Edward????!!! Adult Edward looks like the evil playboy version of Daddy Richard XD I really hate the fact that he really look like his dad! Even though they are only the same in appearance, I can’t helped but think he’s destroying his dad good image ugh. AND I HATE THE PART WHERE HE SAID HE’S BORED WITH HIS THRONE! He also said he’s bored with his wife //facepalm OH PLEASE EDWARD! YOUR DAD WORKED HARD FOR THAT “THRONE”! IF YOU DON’T WANT IT THEN GIVE IT SOMEONE WHO’S MORE WORTHY THAN YOU!!! but they are saying his lover(not queen elizabeth) did something to him that’s why he’s acting like a jerk again? And with the help of Catesby, Richard have to fix his mess again lol