It’s entirely possibly that Stiles has never been more tired in his life. Okay, that’s a lie, but he’s still pretty damn tired. Running from one end of the city to the other over and over again on various calls always did that to him. Especially when half of those calls end badly, like today. He’s so fucking tired and honestly these are the kind of days that make him question whether being a cop is actually worth it.

Now as he approaches his house, he just wants to get out of his uniform and sleep for a thousand years.

Of course, that’s the plan. Stiles gets all the way through opening the front door, unbuckling his holster and stowing it in the locked safe in the entryway, and kicking off his shoes, which is part one of that plan, without complication.

“I’m home!” he calls out, shuffling down the hallway toward the muffled sounds he can barely hear coming from the living room. He rounds the corner to see–

Derek sitting cross-legged on on a blanket in the middle of the floor, the twins splayed out on their backs in front of him. All three of them are shirtless. All three of them are covered in finger paint. The boys have got some pretty impressive paintings of various animals on their chests considering the medium: Garret’s got a snarling cheetah taking up the most space, and Adrian’s stomach has a dragon with its tail wrapping around his side.

Derek’s got messy hand prints and swirls and smears all over his torso, with a few things that look like heartfelt attempts at farm animals. He’s also got blue finger paint in his beard. And glitter in his hair. Like, a lot of glitter. Seriously, did he let the boys just dump the whole tub of it on his head? He probably did, honestly.

As Stiles watches, Derek leans forward and shakes his head, sending glitter raining down on the boys as they squeal and laugh and try to roll away. Garret catches sight of Stiles in the doorway right before he rolls off the blanket and onto the pristine carpet, catching himself just in time to not make a mess with his painted chest.


He and Adrian are off the floor and preparing to throw themselves at Stiles in a heartbeat, but Derek catches them both by the waistbands of their pants and pulls them back.

“Whoa, there, tigers,” he says on a laugh. “You’re all messy. Wait until you wash up or until daddy gets out of uniform, okay?”

“Wash up!” Adrian says, and leads the way in a stampede for the bathroom.

Derek watches them go, shaking his head. Then he turns back to his husband, leaning back on his hands, and looks up with a smile that never fails to make Stiles’ heart skip a beat even after all these years. “Rough day, honey?”

“You’ve got a little something,” Stiles says teasingly, pointing at his own face. Derek just rolls his eyes and levers himself to his feet, unfair amounts of muscle on display as always. He saunters in close, crowding Stiles against the doorjamb.

Derek kisses him, slow and deep and thorough, and all the stress of the day melts out of him to leave every muscle achy but lax. Stiles hums into it, wishing he could really wrap his husband up in his arms but mindful of all the paint. He grasps onto Derek’s shoulders instead, anchoring himself there. He’s reluctant to let the moment end, but they do have to breathe sometime and the kids are probably coming back at some point.

“You’ve, uh. Got a little something,” Derek says, thumbing at Stiles’ chin where the paint from Derek’s beard has rubbed off on him.

Stiles huffs, flicks him in the chest, and says, “Jackass.”

Derek laughs. “And yet you love me anyway.”

More than you can ever know, Stiles thinks, just as the boys come thundering back down the hallway.

They collide full force with Stiles, nearly knocking him over backwards, each one latching onto a leg. They’re still wet from washing the paint off, but that’s okay. Water doesn’ stain, so they can cling onto him all they want like this. With a groan of effort, Stiles lifts up one leg (and Garret) and then the other (and Adrian), painstakingly making his way into the living room until he can collapse on the couch as the boys giggle.

Once he’s sitting, they clamber up to sit half-on half-off his lap instead, both of them trying to tell him about their day at the same time. It’s a loud jumble of largely incomprehensible words, but Stiles listens attentively as he always does. And he trades looks with his husband – his gorgeous, amazing, ridiculous husband who’s watching him with the softest look on his stupidly handsome, paint-splattered face. And he can honestly say that he has never been more content.

Imagine Stiles and Derek adopt a child from a bad home. They’re terrified to go to sleep at night. But they do like wolves, So Derek shifts into his wolf form and lies with them when they have nightmares or when they’re scared to go to sleep. And when Derek has to go out of town for work or to visit his sister, he buys their kid a little wolf plush and they love it. They sleep with it every night and no longer have any nightmares.

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Imagine Stiles always messes with his kids on movie night: he tells them that if they don’t call dibs on a seat, they don’t get to sit on the couch and eat popcorn with their dads. Derek rolls his eyes but he can’t help but smile every time he does it becasue the kids move really fast - their little feet thumping on the floor as they run to the couch - and jump on the cushions and shout “Dibs!”

Originally posted by giifme

But Stiles also messes with Derek. He shouts “Call dibs!” and chases after the kids. Derek is already sitting on the couch with the bowl of popcorn, waiting for them. The kids jump up next to their dad and call dibs on the cushion, laughing and telling Stiles he has to sit on the floor but Stiles climbs into Derek’s lap, straddling his waist as he leans close to his ear and whispers, “Dibs.”

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Sometimes he sits on Derek’s lap, other times he picks a cushion up and sits on the floor between Derek’s legs. Either way, he sits down with a smirk because he knows he always gets Derek flustered and excited.

the-darkhunter  asked:

Hello there Do you have any fics about daddy sterek? Or the beauty and the beast please? Thank you

There are lots of great dad!Sterek fics. I’ve only written two (I totally forgot about one, hah!):

In This Town We Call Home

Santa Paws

But you probably meant do I have ones I can recommend, so here are a few I’ve liked:

What It Means To Stay by @alocalband

Outside My Window by @pinetreelady

Trust In This (Even If You’re Scared Stiff) by otter ( @thewinterotter )

This is Home by @raisesomehale

Dancing On Blades by @tryslora

A Wild Heart’s Desire by mikkimouse ( @mad-madam-m )

Hot Single Dad Derek Hale by WhoNatural ( @howlnatural )

Family Seasons by @winglesswarrior, @lookslikenico

My favorite Beauty & the Beast (ish) fic is: 

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis ( @dsudis )

anonymous asked:

Imagine single dad!Derek coming back from Texas with a baby that has Hale features and darker skin - Braeden was killed when Aurora Laura (yes they named her that, stop laughing) was six months old. Rory is now almost four and showing signs of lyncanthropy so he decides to move to the somewhat stable Beacon Hills territory, thinking hey he knows the Alpha and they'll be safe. And it turns out that Stiles didn't go into law enforcement. He's the kindergarten teacher. -A

Better yet, kindergarten teacher who consults with law enforcement so he has a way of keeping track of everything in Beacon Hills (sorry, my mind went wild).

Single dad!Derek is one of my favourite AUs because Derek would be the best dad ever.

Originally posted by pixotri

Imagine Derek named his daughter Aurora because she’s the light of his life and he hoped as a baby she would sleep through the night, both came true.

Imagine Scott asking why Derek came back to Beacon Hills and Derek introduces his baby to the pack - Stiles isn’t there; he’s at diner with his dad - and begs Scott to let them back into his territory so that his daughter is safe. Scott accepts them without hesitation and reminds Derek that it’s Hale territory too.

Originally posted by fytwolf

Imagine Aurora coming home from kindergarten and telling Derek that his teacher has a crush on him, “Stiles says you’re pretty” or “He really really likes you” or whatever compliment Stiles has muttered under his breath as he watched Derek’s fine ass walk away that day.

Imagine Stiles dropping Rory home when her dad has to work, fight off supernatural threats or deal with Peter - who Derek’s trying to keep out of Aurora’s life because she deserves better than to have a psychopath as an uncle and Derek is only willing to let him into her life when Peter proves himself.

Imagine Rory coming home and asking if Stiles can be her daddy. Derek feels like he’s been replaced but Rory explains she wants two daddies and Derek jokingly remarks, “That can be arranged.” However, the joke falls through when a week later he and Stiles go on a date and things develop from there.

(I’m very passionate about this now and I want so much more)

Imagine Derek cuddling a baby - maybe it’s his, maybe it’s a child he’s protecting or one he’s looking after while the Sheriff works a case to find their parents - and this baby loves Derek’s beard. Imagine the baby sitting in his lap and playing with his whiskers or stroking his cheeks while he taking to the others. Imagine the baby squealing with delight when Derek tickles them with his beard. 

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First Date

Daddy!Derek and your teenage daughter going out on her first date and he makes the date really nervous. Requested by anon

“Derek would you please stop pacing?”
You ask your husband for what feels like the fifteenth time tonight.
“How are you not stressed out?”
“Because Laurence Daniels is a good kid.”
“Well with a name like Laurence I doubt he has a choice. Either be perfect or be a punk.”
“If I recall you were a bit of a punk when you were a kid.” You remind him as he paces back past you on the couch. You catch his hand and tug him gently down next to you. He drops down causing the seat to bounce, you wrap your arms around his waist and snuggle into him. He never could just relax when it came to your little girl.
“Mmm. We’re going to have the house to ourselves tonight. Hank is going to be out with Sarah and now Grace is going to be out with Laurence. I’m thinking some red wine and a bath sounds nice.” You tell him before kissing his jaw.
“Baby I think he’s here.” Sure enough you can see lights in the driveway so you let go of your husband and as he makes his way to the front door you make yours to your daughter’s room.
“Grace. Laurence is here.”
“You left him out there alone with dad?” She asks looking horrified.
“He’s not in the house yet.”
“Mom go! He’s going to embarrass me!” She cries as she throws some things into her purse.
“Alright alright.” You chuckle before heading out of her room. Sure enough when you get back to the front room Derek is staring the poor boy down. “Hi Laurence, Grace’ll be down in just a minute. You want something to drink?”
“No thank you ma'am.” You wrap your hands around Derek’s arm and squeeze gently.
“I want her home by 10:30. No later.”
“Yes sir.” Laurence swallows.
“If you lay a finger on her-”
“Derek stop it.” You say weaving your fingers through his.
“This is my baby girl we’re talking about.” You roll your eyes but Laurence looks like he’s going to be sick.
“Okay bye mom bye dad!” Grace cries as she comes bolting down the stairs. “I’ll be home by curfew! Aunt Penny already promised she wouldn’t track my phone. Love you!” She blurts as she drags a surprised looking Laurence out of the door with her.
“He’s a nice boy Derek.”
“Like hell Penelope isn’t gonna track her phone.” He says pulling his phone from his pocket.
“She already is.” You tell him passing him your phone. He grins down at you and kisses you soundly.
“I love you woman.”
“I know. I know.” You laugh as he kisses your neck. “I love you too.”
“Now, you said something about a bath?” He asks and you laugh as he pulls you up the stairs behind him.

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Hi any new derek single dad fics? 😊 - B


Try these ones :)

Swimming with Anna by  sssssssim | 28.2K

Stiles is a swimming coach at a pool in San Francisco. Anna Hale, a six year old adorable girl, is in one of his classes.
Stiles falls in love with her instantly. It takes a bit longer to fall in love with her father.

These Satellites Don’t Care for Subtle Moves by  skoosiepants | 3.7K

As soon as the door is pulled open Stiles says, “You’ve been avoiding me,” and then he stares dumbly at Derek for a long moment, because Derek has a mop of hair now, like Andrew’s, falling over his forehead. There are crinkles at the corners of his eyes, his scruff is endearingly uneven, he’s wearing practically nothing—who opens the door in their underwear at one in the afternoon, Jesus Christ—and nobody should look this good pushing forty, werewolf genes are so freaking unfair.

There’s an uptick to one corner of Derek’s mouth. He says, “Stiles,” and his name is a sleepy rumble in his chest.

Seriously. God almighty, what has Stiles done to deserve this?

love comes in all shapes and sizes by  trilliastra | 2.2K

“Daddy says that when I’m in trouble I should get the police because they always help us. You’re going to help me, right?” Stiles smiles at her, happy that today he decided to stop by the grocery store to buy milk after his shift instead of going straight home. At least now he’s able to help the little girl, who knows what would have happened to her if he weren’t around.

“Of course I will.” He smiles again. “What’s your name?”

“Rebecca Hale.” She answers proudly. “My daddy is Derek Hale.”

Is That A Wand In Your Pocket Or? by  reptilianraven | 7.4K

“So a little bird told me you’ve got the hots for the kiddie magician at Jamie’s birthday party.” Laura says. “And when I say little bird, I mean Erica and Allison. They’re telling me you were all over this guy.”

Derek breathes in, then out, as he tries to suppress the urge to lob these loaves of rye bread at her head.

Wet Dream in Skinny Jeans by  AlwaysArthurDent | 12.1K

Derek opened the door to what he would later describe as a wet dream in skinny jeans. The boy on the other side was tall; a few inches taller than Derek with large eyes the colour of amber whiskey, the cutest button nose he’d seen since Scott was a baby and a smattering of moles across his open face. He was wearing a black beanie over his messy chocolate locks and his shirt was of Groot and Rocket. Derek licked his lips and the guy opened his mouth.

This was going to end badly.

Imagine Stiles and Derek not being able to chain their werepup baby for a full moon so they tape a plush toy to a remote control car and drive it around the lounge room until the little one tires themselves out and sleeps.

Daddy!Derek X Reader (Zoey)

Derek had never been happier. He was terrified,but happy. He finally found someone that gets him,loves him,someone he really wants to spend the rest of his life with.His mate,his soul mate.

And that person was Zoey. When he found out she was pregnant with his child Derek thought he was dreaming. Yes he isn’t the nicest person ever but deep down Derek always wanted a child,a family of his own. especially after how brutally his last one was taken away from him.

When she went into labor they were already at the hospital,Derek could smell it before it happened and he swore to make sure this child,his child,is brought into this world safely.

It had been one week now,Jack was settling into his new room and the stress was high. The smell of it everywhere in the house, mostly coming from Zoey. He read something about this,how women who had just given birth tend to be really hormonal,stressed and emotional. Zoey needed and deserved some time off so Derek suggested she’d go stay with her sister this weekend. Something that took a lot of convincing as she didn’t think Derek was ready to be alone with a child,but to everyone’s surprise Derek was actually good with children,he used to take care of his younger siblings when his mom was away,they weren’t new born babies but um..still,Derek can handle it. If he can handle supernatural forces trying to destroy him and his town,he can handle a 2 pound crying baby.

And that’s how Derek ended up here,alone with a crying baby that he doesn’t know how to calm down,and his fiancé away at her sisters place.

Derek honestly thought this would be easier,but the loud crying was hurting his ears and he couldn’t think. Derek did he only thing he knew. Picked up jack and started rocking him.

As he was doing so,and noticed nothing was happening,Derek remembered what Zoey told him:“If the rocking doesn’t work,he isn’t hungry and his diaper isnt dirty then just try talking to him,I’m sure his daddy’s voice will calm him down”.Derek also remembered the smile on her face,the smile which always made him melt,the one he fell in love with and hopes to die looking at.Zoey makes him happier than anyone ever has,he wonders what he did to be blessed with her.As he was daydreaming about his fiancé the screaming snapped him back to the loud reality.

The werewolf checked the baby’s diaper,clean. Okey then maybe he is hungry…aaand he wouldn’t eat. So he wasn’t hungry either. Derek was panicking,he actually wished Zoey was here so she could help him. He can’t belive he wasn’t defeated by a pack of alphas but lost to a crying baby. If only Zoey could see Derek’s face,she’d be on the floor laughing.

There was one thing left Derek could do,talk

Derek sat down on the sofa in his loft,the crying baby still in his arms.

“Hey"he said in a soft tone “What’s the problem buddy,shhh everything’s fine,daddy’s got you” Derek felt stupid saying those things but he couldn’t help but smile,a big bright dumb smile.

“Mommy needs some rest,you have really been stressing her out you know?”

It didn’t work,Jack wouldn’t even acknowledge him. Derek was out of options,maybe he should call Zoey? No he’s got this,his pride wouldn’t let him give up,Zoey and him made a bet he’d run back to her with his tail behind his legs.

After some brainstorming Derek remembered something that once calmed jack down. Singing. Derek personally hated singing,but this is his son so he has to do it.

Then in his softest tone he started,the gentle lullaby echoing throughout the mostly empty loft. Soon Jack’s attention finally sifted to Derek.He stopped crying,instead staring at Derek as he sang.

As the lullaby reached its end Jack was giggling,and Derek smiled down at the small bundle in his arms.

“I love you” he whispered with a few tears in his eyes,he never imagined being a dad would be this stressful,but at the same time beautiful.

A few minutes went by and Derek noticed something,a smell. It belonged to a werewolf. And they were close. But he didn’t recognize the smell as any werewolf he knew,which sent Derek into overprotective dad mode,he placed Jack down as gently but as quickly as possible and went for the door,only to realize the smell started fading the more he walked. Derek froze. Whoever it is must already be in the house. The werewolf got his claws out,his sharp teeth that could rip someones throat out joining,ready to kill if anything threatened the life of his child. He searched every corner of the house,only to find none.Confusion overtook him.

Soon a thought hit him. Of course,he felt like an idiot for not thinking about this sooner. Derek ran back to where he left Jack,only to find the little guy looking up at him with glowing yellow eyes. Derek picked him up,his eyes turning a glowing yellow as to match the babies. With all the stress over the last week,Derek didn’t realize his child would be a werewolf.It was a 50/50 chance to be honest. When he was with Zoey he felt so human,she had tamed the beast inside him.Sometimes he even forgets he’s a werewolf whatsoever,when he’s with her he feels vulnerable,but safe.

Soon it was feeding time. Derek followed all the instructions left by Zoey and soon Jack was enjoying his delicious dinner. After hungrily finishing the entire thing jack started yawning. Derek rocked him back and forth until he was sleep and put him safely in his crib. He had truly never been happier in his life. He finally got what he always wanted. A family.

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Any update on single dad derek?? :)

Hey :)

Sure! Here’s a few more.

The One With the Prince and the Dragon by  mikkimouse | 1.5K

Derek dresses as a prince for his daughter’s birthday party and pines after her friend’s godfather.

A Lifetime (With You) by  charlesdk | 30.7K

If you ask him, Derek will tell you he’s doing fine. He’s raising his five year old daughter, Erica, on his own, he has his family and a book series published that’s pretty popular and sold well. Under a pseudonym, sure, but it counts.

He’ll tell you he’s doing pretty alright – right up until Stiles Stilinski stumbles into his and Erica’s lives and never really leaves again.

Derek’s world gets shaken up, but things get better. Slowly, for all of them.

The First Chapter in Our Book by  SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek | 6.6K

Derek takes his daughter Ariana to the library to hear local author Stiles Stilinski read his new book: The Adventures of Ruby the Cat! Derek falls harder than he expected.

The other single dad derek fics are here

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So Derek is doing his work out in front of his baby's play mat. So imagine Derek's baby sees his daddy doing push ups and tries to do the same thing! Oh gosh and Derek notices and start to slow his reps down and counts out loud to encourage the baby. Derek praising his lil one every time he does his own "baby" push up.

(I’m squealing, this is so cute!) 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I’m just imagining this baby, with it’s chubby little arms and legs, lying in its front trying with all their might to mimic Derek but all it’s doing is rocking back and forth slightly. 

dudewhyme  asked:

Oh god, I imagine tiny!Derek holding tinier!Stiles' hand after asking the sheriff for Stiles' hand in marriage to tell his mom that he already proposed to Stiles and the sheriff said yes so he would take responsibility, Derek even had toy ring too! Talia facepalmed and hid her laughter so Derek wouldn't think that he's being laughed at while whatever Hale was present at that time recorded them with a camera phone and vowed to broadcast this on their wedding day.

“Boys,” John says as Derek Hale walks into the bullpen, tugging Stiles by the hand. Stiles is only three, but he’s no pushover. If Derek Hale is dragging him around, it’s only because Stiles demanded it. 

Stiles grins at him. “Daddy! Hi, Daddy!” 

“Hi, kiddo,” John says. He leans back on the edge of his desk and folds his arms across his chest. “What’s going on? Aren’t you two supposed to be in the park?” 

John’s stuck at work, sure, but Claudia and Stiles were going to meet the Hale pack in the park for a picnic. Claudia is the Hale pack emissary, after all. 

Derek’s eyebrows tug together. He’s a serious looking kid. Eight years old, and he can worry like a world champion. “Deputy Stilinski,” he says, and since when has he been this formal? He edges closer, still holding Stiles’s hand. He juts his chin out stubbornly, and the rest of his words come out in a breathy rush: “In ‘cordance with pack law I am stating my intentions to marry your son. Will you negotiate?” 

Well then. 

John looks around the bullpen. Derek’s little speech (and he almost got the words right) has gotten the attention of his colleagues. Madison looks like he’s about to drop his armful of paperwork and coo at Derek, and John narrows his eyes in warning. No. One does not coo at a werewolf, even if he is only eight years old and totally fucking adorable right now. Derek is clearly trying to be a Grown Up. 

“I will,” John says, because what? He’s not going to break the kid’s heart in front of an audience. “What do you offer in exchange for my consent?” 

Derek unpeels Stiles’s sticky hand from his own and digs around in his pockets. He shuffles up to John’s desk and sets down all his worldly possessions: three slightly soggy cheetos and a dented Matchbox car. Then he pushes his shoulders back and stares up at John, stubborn and hopeful all at once. 

“Oh my god,” Madison whispers under his breath. 

“Oooh!” Stiles says, and reaches out for the car. 

Drek grabs his chubby wrist. “No! That’s for your dad. So we can play together all the time, even when we’re big.” 

“Oh.” Stiles turns his big brown eyes toward John beseechingly. 

“Beta Hale,” John says solemnly. “I accept. You have my consent to marry Stiles.” 

Derek sags with relief. 

Stiles tries to grab one of the cheetos. 

“No!” Derek says again. 

Stiles scowls at him. “I want cheetos!” 

“Don’t eat your bride price, son,” John says. “Why don’t you two head back to the park? I’ll bet the picnic is set up by now. Mom packed you peanut butter cups, Stiles.” 

“Oooh! Yummy!” Stiles is already heading for the door. “Bye, Daddy!” 

Derek Hale rushes after him. 

Madison comes over to inspect the Matchbox car. “You know you just promised your three year old son in marriage, right, John?” 

“Huh.” John shrugs. “They’re kids. They’ll forget about it by tomorrow.” 

Twenty years later the Matchbox car is in the pocket of John’s suit as he gives Stiles away at the altar. 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Pairing: Derek x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes by @itsall-inmy-head

Warnings: Sex, fingering, Daddy kink, spanking, NSFW 18+

A/N: Enjoy lovies❤️ I also apologize to @itsall-inmy-head because I got an incy wincy bit carried around.

masterlist / coming soon

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

The growing heat along your body was growing with every passing second, your skin was dancing with goosebumps as you heard the voice of your Alpha through the locked door. Derek was in the middle of a pack meeting, and since you were in heat, he had to keep you in his bedroom for safe keeping.

Keep reading

Imagine Stiles and Derek sitting up at 3am because their baby has a fever, they sit up in the kitchen, Derek cooking eggs and bacon while Stiles anxiously watches the monitor.

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