Short Stuff

Pairing(s): DeanxReader
Prompt/Summary: Imagine Dean teasing you about your height in front of TFW, but he loves picking you up during sex. (x)
Author: 5secondsofsvpernatvral
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2991 oops!
Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, clothes sex (does that even count?), public sex, cursing, extremely mild violence

As you walked out of your room, and into the kitchen, you yawned and rubbed a hand over your face. “Morning, short stuff” Dean teased, ruffling your hair. Glaring hard at him, you poured yourself a cup of coffee, sipping the dark liquid before you turned to Sam. “Whatcha researching?” you inquired, leaning down over his shoulder. Sitting down was the one time you could look Sam in the eyes, or put your arms on his shoulders and look down at his laptop. “Y/N” the older Winchester rumbled from behind you before his brother could answer.

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“Y/N? It’s your turn to get the pie.”

“I can’t. I’m helping Cas adapt to human life.” You informed Dean, grabbing a beer for yourself and the fallen angel.

“Oh!” Dean exclaimed, a smirk widening on his face as he threw an arm around the back of the couch, giving you his full attention. “Helping helping, or helping?” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.


“Yanno. Like,” He raised his eyebrows again and made a suggestive hand movement. “stuff.”

“Ew! Dean you’re disgusting.” You turned around, your cheeks heating up as you quickly returned to your room, and back to Cas.

“Please. Like you haven’t thought about it!”


Just because I Lost Doesn’t Mean that I Don’t Win

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: Smut (this is actually probably the dirtiest thing that I have ever written), Language, Dirty Talk, Slightly Dom Reader

Word Count: 2,995

Another monster dead. Countless people were safe and after a few loosed ends were tied up, the three of you were going to head back to the Bunker. Get a few hours of sleep, maybe make a nice home cooked meal and then head right back out there to save even more people.

Sam seemed to be the one who was most anxious to get back to the Bunker. He was tired of hearing you and Dean though the paper-thin motel walls. That was until he ran into a friend.

A “lady friend” as he called her. And by the lingering touches that those two shared, she sure was a “lady friend.” A “lady friend with benefits.”

The two claimed that they wanted to catch up and Dean offered to stay a few more days so he could but Sam insisted that the two of you didn’t have to stay behind. In fact, he was nearly begging you to leave. He said that Dean was going to be bored out of his mind if he stayed behind. The only thing that the two of them were going to be doing was go to the library, get some coffee, talk politics.

Yeah, you were real sure that there was going to be a lot of talk about politics in that locked, dark room with her pinned underneath him.

But Dean agreed to leave his brother for a couple of days. Hell, he needed some “lady friend” action.

So that left you and Dean racing back to the Bunker. And it was a race. You had this old motorcycle that was your dad’s before he died and you loved it just as much as Dean loved his baby. It was your baby. And Dean was always gripping about how much better his baby was than yours but you could tell that it was all a façade. He loved the bike as much as you did.

But that didn’t stop competition that the two of you always had when it came to who was better. Whenever you got the chance, you would race. Loser would usually have to pay up a hundred dollars. Nothing too big. Maybe throw in a pie but this time Dean seemed to want more than just pie. He wanted a different kind of desert. Sam’s little “lady friend” had given him a few ideas.

And she gave you a few ideas of your own.

So of course you agreed.

And you most certainly wanted to win.

Two thoughts ran though your mind as you raced over to your motorcycle. You could either win and have him begging for salvation or you could lose. And you could already picture him pinned underneath you, unable to say your name correctly.

Dean had already left by the time you got on your bike. How the hell he made it to the Impala before you was a mystery. When that man had to move, he could move. You smirked when you thought about what he was already envisioning what he would do to you when he won. He thought that he had this one in the bag.

So imagine the look of surprise that he had on his face when he pulled into the garage of the Bunker to see you leaning against your bike.

He was about to say something but you cut him off by pulling him down to your level and pressing you lips to his. You couldn’t help but smirk at this small victory.

He was going to be dreaming about this for weeks.

“Looks like I won,” you purred against his ear and he shifted his weight on his feet.

“I guess you did,” he replied and tried to kiss you again but you pulled away and patted his chest.

“Not yet buddy boy,” and you turned on your heel.

He scrambled after you. You could tell that it was taking every ounce of his self-control to not grab you and push you up against the wall. Oh, this was going to be fun. So much fun.

He followed you into your room and shut the door behind him even though there was no reason too. Sam wasn’t around to hear the two of you. He walked around in front of you, a smirk plastered on his face.

Oh, honey, you might want to wipe that smirk off your face.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked staring at you as you looked at his clothed body up and down.

“All in good time, Winchester,” you replied taking a step forward, closing the space between the two of you. “But how ‘bout you go ahead and take off these confining clothes,” you pluck at the jacket that he was wearing.

First he started with his boots. Then he slid his jacket off his shoulders and it fell to the ground. Next it was the button down that he was wearing. He seemed to be in too much of a hurry to get his clothes off of him. You pressed your body against his, your hands closing around his. You could already feel his arousal in his jeans and you made sure to press as much of you against him as you could.

“Slow down, Dean, you don’t want to take things to fast,” you growled against his ear before reaching out and biting down on his earlobe. He audibly groaned against you. “Now go ahead. Continue.”

You backed away from him and watched as his movements slowed considerably. Then, he was wearing nothing standing before you waiting for your next command. You were going to drag this out as much as you could.

You closed the space between the two of you again and you felt Dean’s hands grab your waist, pulling you closer towards his naked body. You pressed a kiss to his lips before you started to work down his body. A kiss in the crook of his neck. A kiss on his chest. A kiss on his lower stomach. You were then kneeling in front of him. He looked down at you with eager eyes.

You took his length in your hand and a moan came from deep in Dean’s chest. You smirked. There was going to be more of that. You lightly traced the under side of him and you felt him shudder under your touch.

Your breath fanned out on his throbbing length and you lightly traced him again, teasing him, before you took him in your mouth.

Your tongue flicked out and licked the tip and he moaned again. Then you took him in your mouth and out of reflex, his hands went to bury themselves in your hair, holding you even closer to him. The flat of your tongue ran along his shaft and your name slipped past his lips along with some profanities.

“Y/N…fuck. You’re going to be the death of me,” he growled, his voice was low and full of lust when your lips closed around the head and slowly sucked him in further. Your tongue swirled around him slowly and your teeth grazed the shaft a couple of times while you moved up and down, making his hips instinctively push further into you. The whole time profanities rolled off his tongue.

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m about too…” he grunted in warning and wasn’t able to finish his statement. Dean trembled in you; his fingers tightened their grip in your hair. And then with a final fuck, Dean came in your mouth. You slowed your ministrations before pulling him out of you.

Dean stood over you, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths and he tried to get his raced heart under control.

You pressed you lips back up his body until you were standing level with him.

“You barely last two minutes, Dean. You’re not off to a good start,” you said against his mouth. “Now, get on the bed.” You demanded.

But he didn’t. Instead he stood in front of you, defiant.

You narrowed your eyes at him and then with one push he stumbled backwards until he landed on the bed. You watched at he crawled up to where his head rested on the pillow.

You then straddled him, still fully dressed. You pressed your hands on his chest and slowly ran them up his body until they rested on his shoulders and you leaned down to kiss him again. His hands grabbed your waist, waiting patiently for you to let him take off your clothes.

“You want to take my clothes off?” you whispered and pressed another kiss to his lips. “You want to run your hands down my body, Dean?”

He swallowed thickly and nodded.

“I can’t hear your head rattle, Dean. Do you want to touch me?”

“Fuck,” he breathes.

“What was that?” You toyed with him, sucking on the skin right below his ear. You slowly roll your hips on top of his and he shivers, biting down on his bottom lip. You press your hips down on his a little harder this time. “What did you say?”

“Yes! Y/N! Yes,” he nearly screamed out. You continued to press wet, open mouth kisses on his neck, his face, his chest, as your still fully clothed hips rolled against his. You felt his hands tighten around your waist. “Fuck…Y/N.”

“Go ahead and tell me all the things that you want to do to me,” you said resting your chin in the middle of his chest, looking up at him through your lashes.

You rolled your hips against his again and loud moan escaped past his lips.


“Yes, Dean?” You asked innocently.

You grabbed one of his hands off your hip and started to drag it up your body until he was cupping your breast.

“Go ahead, I want you to touch me.” With his other hand, he tried to peel your shirt off but you swatted his hand away. “Not yet.”

He groaned but he didn’t pull his hand away from your breast. Instead he started to knead it through your shirt. This time a small moan came from your lips.

And you were surprised at how well he was keeping himself together.

That was until you pulled completely away from him. You yanked your shirt off over the top of your head and threw it on the ground. Dean watched with eager eyes as you reached behind you and unclasped your bra. You let the straps slowly slide down your arms while you watched as Dean licked his lips waiting for you to completely uncover yourself. Your bra fell to the ground and his eyes immediately went to the now exposed skin.

You allow him to reach up and cup you in his calloused hands, a wave of pleasure running through you as you felt his rough hands knead your soft skin. You can tell that he’s doing everything he can not to flip you and completely expose you to him.

“Tell me what you want, Dean,” you said running a hand through his hair, looking down at him fondly. He looked so pure, so innocent pinned underneath you waiting for you to give him his next order. You waited patiently for Dean to tell you what he wants. “Go ahead, tell me. What do you want?”

“Everything,” he said, his voice thick with lust.

You hummed with approval. “You want everything?”

He nodded his head.

“You want me to kiss you?” You sucked on the skin in the crook of his neck. “You want to taste me?” You press a kiss to his lips. “You want me to fuck you?”

He swallowed again and a quiet whine came from him.

“Do you want me to make you forget my name?”

He stared up at you.

“Do you want me to make you forget your name?” You leaned back down, making sure that your bare body was pressed flesh up against his. “Because I can do that. I can make you forget your name.”

“Fuck yes,” he whispered.

You smile as you unstraddle him and place your feet on the ground. He props his body up on his elbows to watch you.

You hook your thumbs on your belt loops.

“Do you want me to take these off?”

He nodded as he licked his lips.

You ran hands down your thighs and back up your body.

“Do you want to run your hands do my legs? Do you want to slip your hands in between my legs and touch me?”

“Y/N…please,” he croaks, begging you.

Finally you comply. You unhook the button on your jeans, slowly sliding them down your body until you step out of them until you are left wearing the thin material that was keeping your throbbing sex covered.

“Do you want these off?”

“Yes,” he croaked again. “Fuck yes.”

And you made a show of that. Your hands ran over your bare skin of your legs, lightly running over your clit. A soft moan came from your mouth at the contact at Dean whined. He wanted to be the one to touch you. His eyes trail over your body like you are the most beautiful thing that he’s ever seen. Just the way that he was looking at you made heat pool in your lower stomach.

After you touched yourself a couple more times, being egged on by the quiet whines that came from Dean mouth, you crawled over on top of him. You brush your wet clit along his throbbing erection and he throws his head back on the pillow and groans again, his hands gripping the sheets of the bed. His eyes squeeze shut as you give him a few quick, dirty strokes before you finally lower yourself onto him.

“You want me to fuck you good?” You whisper.

Dean only nods, his head still thrown back on the pillow, his eyes still shut.

“Then beg,” you demanded.

“Please, Y/N. Please. I need you to fuck me,” and you were surprised to see how easy he was coming undone underneath you. How he was so willing to beg. He lifted his head from the pillow and silently begged you.

You set your hands on his chest and start up a slow grinding rhythm.  You watch as Dean falls apart piece by piece beneath you while you use his hard member for your own personal pleasure.  His pleas increase in urgency, and you know he’s going through an agonizing feeling of pleasure right now of your pace being both so damn good and not enough. You lean down a little more, and start grinding your clit on his pubic bone.  Dean chokes up a little, and throws his head back against the pillows.  You drop your mouth to Dean’s neck, and suck a series of hickeys there, feeling the vibrations rumbling out of him as he groans in frustration.

You keep rolling your hips in a torturous loop, and he gripped the sheets, your name rolled off his tongue in continuous waves. You could tell that this was torture for him. It was only moments before he begged you to give him the relief that his body so desperately needed. And you weren’t going to give it to him. How many times did he have you in this position where you weren’t even thinking coherent thoughts? No, you were going to make this last. And you were going to enjoy it.

And maybe he sensed that because in one swift, sudden move, he flipped you to where you were now pinned underneath him. He steeled himself above you, his hips rolling against yours in an even slower pace than you were going. How the hell he went from this melting, begging mess to the one that was now on top and in control was beside you.

A gasp crept past your lips and he quickly silenced it by pressing his lips against yours. Then he trailed down the side of your face to your ear.

“Just because I lost doesn’t mean that I don’t win,” his gruff voice whispered into your ear.

That alone was enough to send you over the edge.

“Dean!” You exclaimed. “Dean, fuck!”

“What’s that, baby? You want me to fuck you?” He asked his voice teasing, his smirk never leaving his face.

You couldn’t even speak. His hand reached down and rubbed your clit with your thumb. A loud moan came from your lips as you screamed out Dean’s name, your hands grabbing his shoulders.

“Come on, baby, tell me what you want.”

“You! I want you to fuck me. Please,” he had now had you in a begging mess.

In reply, he sucked on the skin in the crook of you neck, his teeth pulling the soft skin. His fingers still traced your clit as his hips rolled against you. Pleas continued to roll from your lips and he started to quicken his pace.

All too soon, you could see the end near.

“Dean…fuck. Dean, I’m about too…”

He cut you off by pressing his lips against yours.

“Go ahead baby. I want to watch you come apart underneath me.”

After a few more thrusts, you screamed out his name along with a series of profanities as you came. It made your toes curl and stars erupt across your vision. Moments later, Dean came inside of you.

He slowly brought the both of you down from your high and fell on the bed beside you. The only thing that could be heard was the pants that were coming from each other’s mouth.

“You barely last two minutes, Y/N,” Dean mocked as he pulled you close to his body. You chuckled.

“Yeah, whatever, I still won.”

“I don’t think so. The last time I check, you were the one begging for me at the end.”

“Because you cheated.”

“Like I said, Y/N, just because I lost doesn’t mean that I don’t win.”

Everybody wants to reference abs as the pinnacle for fitness. I definitely think crossfitters are caught up in the image vs performance, everybody’s trying to play the game of i want to be aesthetically pleasing but i also want to perform good. Maybe you perform better at 15% body fat, you just don’t want to take your shirt off and do it that way. All you got to do is put in a couple of cups of cooked rice and you’re going to feel awesome, you’re not going to gain fat on 300 calories with a little bit more carbs because you’re sport WANTS you to use them.
—  Dean McKillop (Mind Muscle Project: Ep 42)

*Me doing stand up comedy*

Me: *With a serious face* They aren’t gay.

Crowd: *Laughs hard*

Me: *Laughs too* Ikr. Couldn’t even keep a straight face for more than a sec like haha lmao

Crowd: *Continues laughing*

Me: Well yeah. They really gay doh. *drops mic and leaves*

Crowd: *Standing ovation*