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Title: Like Father, Like Son

Request: i’d like to give you the option for a player of your choice. essentially, you have a son with them. you drive your son from many-an-early morning practice. your child always comes first. and your husband suffers because of it he says because your never at the team events or dinners. and you guys get in an argument. and he says your never around and that your son should hang up his skates for the sake of the family. just really full of angst??

Author’s Note: This request was gold. I hope you like it! :)

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“Do you know what you’re wearing tomorrow night?” Nate asked as he walked into the house, tossing his keys on the kitchen counter where your six-year-old was quietly practicing his letters and eating his after-school snack.

“Hi Daddy!” Caleb said excitedly, his eyes lighting up when Nate rounded the counter, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

“Hey little man.” Nate answered before turning back to you. “Tomorrow?” he questioned.  

“Tomorrow night… tomorrow night…” you muttered, your mind racing as you mentally went through your schedule. You got off from work early, picked Caleb up from school, homework, dinner, Caleb’s hockey game… Closing the dishwasher, you looked at your meticulously kept calendar on the side of the fridge. There was nothing else listed on tomorrow’s date. “A coat?” you asked, looking back to Nate confused. “The arena is really cold?” 

His eyes hardened as he clenched his jaw, something he only did when he was trying to refrain from saying something inappropriate in front of his son. “There’s a team dinner tomorrow night.” he said, an edge creeping into his voice. 

“Oh, right. You had told me about it.” you nodded, remembering that he had in fact mentioned it. 

“Then why isn’t on your precious calendar?” he sneered, pointing at tomorrow’s date as he walked around the counter, studying your neat handwriting.

“Because Caleb has a game.” you explained, pinching the bridge of your nose, knowing the argument that was coming; again. 

“And we have a team dinner. With our families.” he said pointedly, his eyes looking from you to Caleb and back.

“So you’ve said.” you sighed. “And when was that planned, Nate?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I told you about it last week.”

“And even last week I could have told you that we couldn’t make it because I have a game to take Caleb to.” you explained, your temper rising. “We get his schedule at the beginning of the season. You’ve known for months that he’s had this game scheduled.”

“Damn it.” Nate yelled, his hand slamming onto the counter top in front of him. “You can’t skip one game?” he demanded.

“No, Nate. We don’t skip games, we don’t skip tourneys, we don’t skip practices. You only get better with hard work and dedication, remember?” you told him, repeating the words he said to Caleb so many times back to him.  You took the empty plate from in front of Caleb away, flashing him a reassuring smile. 

“All you ever do take him to practices and games. You’re never here. I never see the two of you.” he said. “And you want me to go to a family dinner. Alone.”

“We should be free for the next one.” you said, putting the dishes in the sink. “Caleb’s season should be over by then. Why don’t you just come to his game with me?”

“Why are you so nonchalant about this?” Nate demanded. “You don’t care that you’re missing another family event?” 

“I care, Nate. I do. And I’m sorry we can’t go, but we committed to this team and we can’t skip games. Sports require sacrifice. You already know that.” 

“Well then maybe it’s time for Caleb to quit playing hockey if it’s interfering with family life.” he spat. You heard a pencil clatter to the counter top, turning you saw Caleb looking at you, his eyes already glossing over.

“Momma?” he asked, looking at you desperately. 

“Baby, why don’t you take your worksheet to your room and I’ll come up really soon to help you, okay?” you told him, helping him down from the stool. He nodded, not looking at Nate as he dashed towards the stairs.

You whirled around, facing Nate who was too mad to notice the damage he had just caused. “Caleb and I are the ones making a sacrifice, we don’t get to see you because of your job. And I agreed to that when I married you, but don’t even think about taking your anger out on a six-year-old and make it seem like the one hobby he participates in is an inconvenience for you.” you hissed. “I don’t have time for this bullshit, Nate.” you snapped.

“All I want is to spend some fucking time with my wife.” he growled. “But you don’t have time for that either, do you?”

It was like the wind had been knocked out of you. Did he really think you didn’t have time for him, that you didn’t want to spend time with him? You stared at him as he headed out of the back door, disappearing into the yard.

Pausing outside of Caleb’s bedroom door, you noticed he had turned the lights off; only the faint light from his nightlight spilled into the hall. You could hear his muffled cries as you stepped into the room; flipping the lights on. Caleb’s head was buried under his pillow, sobs wracking through his tiny body. Crossing the room quickly, you kneeled beside his bed so you were eye level with him; running your hand comfortingly over his back.

“It’ll be okay, baby.” you told him reassuringly. “You don’t have to cry; everything will be okay.”

His cries lessened over the next few minutes; finally, his eyes appeared as he lifted the pillow from his head, looking out at you with red eyes, his cheeks still damp with tears. 

“A-am I still gonna play hockey?” he whimpered, his breathing uneven. “Is daddy making me quit?” he asked, his eyes glossing over again as he thought about it.

“Of course you’re still playing hockey, baby. Daddy just got upset.” you explained, your heart aching for Caleb.

“Why? What did I do?” he asked helplessly. Your heart broke, your poor son did nothing short of worship his father and for Caleb to think Nate was mad at him, it hurt to the core.

“Daddy isn’t mad at you, Caleb. He’s upset with me, but it’ll be okay.” you assured him. “I’ll talk to him.” Caleb nodded, taking a shuddering breath as he calmed down at your words. “Is your homework finished?”

“Yeah, momma.” he said, pointing to the desk in the corner.

“Good job, baby. Make sure your bag is packed for your game tomorrow alright?” you told him. 

He nodded eagerly, sitting up as he tossed the pillow to the side, his tiny arms encircling your neck, pulling you in tightly. “Thanks momma.” he said excitedly. “I won’t be able to play as good as daddy if I can’t go to practice anymore.” 

Dinner was in the oven and Caleb was busy playing in his room. You had time to think about your earlier conversation with Nate, time to cool down and you needed to find him; you needed the two of you to sort this out. You walked past your bedroom door, Nate sitting on the edge of the bed. Stepping quietly into the room, you shut the door behind you; Nate only glancing up when you came to a stop in front of him.

“I’m taking Caleb to his game tomorrow night.” you told him, saying a silent prayer that he had calmed down.

“But we have a family dinner with the team.” he said firmly.

“Then go, Nate.” you said with a sigh. “I have to take him to his game.” you said desperately.

“You’ve been missing things all season!” he yelled. 

You paused, doing your best to keep your emotions in check before responding as calmly as you could manage. “Nate, when we decided to have kids, we agreed that we would anything necessary do to support them and their dreams. Right now, playing hockey is his dream.”

“When we decided to have kids, I didn’t think you’d have to miss every fucking event I needed you to be at.” he snapped, his face flushed red with anger.

“What am I supposed to tell him, Nate? I’m supposed to tell him that daddy is allowed to play hockey but he can’t? You want me to tell him he can’t play because mommy had to miss Casino Night and a team dinner?”

“You’ve missed more than those two, (Y/N).” Nate said, his eyebrow raised.  “You couldn’t find someone else to take him to his game?”

“He’s six, Nate! How many games did your parents miss when you were a kid? How many games did you play without at least one of your parents there?” you asked, Nate’s face paling as you stared at him. “How many?” you demanded when he didn’t respond; already knowing the answer.

“None.” he finally sighed. “One of them was always there.” he said defeated.

“And they might not have been missing Casino Night, Nate, but they were missing something. A business dinner, a night out with their friends. There was always something else they could have been doing, but they chose to go to your games.” you reasoned, your voice a little louder than necessary; still trying your best to remain calm. 

“You’re right.” he interjected sharply, shaking his head. “Now what? Are you going to stand there and tell me how wrong I was?” 

Your face softened, shaking your head as you took soft steps towards him until you were by his side; his eyes locked on the ceiling. “That’s not the point, Nate.” you said quietly sitting down beside him on the bed. “He wants to play hockey. Until he tells me he wants to quit, I’m going to keep waking up at 4:30 in the morning to drive him where he needs to go. Until he tells me to stop, I’m going to drag him all over the state of Colorado to his games and tourneys.”

His eyes drifted over to you, biting his lip as his face scanned yours. “I know. I’m being irrational.” he said, closing his eyes. He uncrossed his arms, his hand brushing across your thigh before entwining his fingers with yours. “He needs you to be there.” he said, slowly opening his eyes.

“You know, this is all your fault.” you chided lightly, Nate’s narrowing his eyes. “Every morning we have to wake up early, he tells me he feels like you. You’ve told him about your early morning practices with your mom one to many times.”

“I guess I’m a bad influence.” he grumbled.

“You’re the best influence he could have. Even if you do get grumpy sometimes.” you smiled, nudging him in the side. “We’re lucky to have you, Nate.” 

“Who are you kidding? We’re lucky to have you.” he said. The hardness evaporated from face, the tension falling from his shoulders as he exhaled against you, nuzzling his head against the crook of your neck. “I just miss you.” he said. “I’m sorry.”

“What?” you gasped, surprised at his admission.

“I just miss spending time with you.” he said sadly. “We’re just so busy. I’m in and out on road trips, you have all of his practices, your own work to do; making sure nothing gets forgotten or falls through the cracks.” he said.

“Apparently, I haven’t been doing a good enough job if you’re feeling like this.” you told him, leaning closer to him. 

“It’s fine, baby. You’re taking care of our son, that’s what important.”

“But we should be taking care of each other, too. I know it’s hard right now, he needs more attention, but once he grows up, it’ll be back to just the two of us. Sooner rather than later he won’t even want me driving him to practice.” you told him. “I just want to be around while he still wants me to be there.”

“I guess I can stick it out until then.” Nate smiled.

“Come with me to his game tomorrow night. He’d love to have you there. He brags about you to his teammates all the time.” you said. “Then the three of us could have a real family dinner.”

“Yeah, that sounds great. I’ll tell the boys I can’t make it.” he agreed.

“You should invite Gabe to come, he’d love it.” you smiled, knowing how partial Gabe was to your son. “And this weekend Caleb leaves for a 4-day hockey camp. If you would have read a little further into my precious calendar, you would have seen that we have this whole weekend to ourselves.”

“Sounds perfect.” he replied, pressing kiss to your forehead. “Perfect.” 

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Private Show//(N.M)

I had a long day at work and decided to let loose tonight. I put in a crop too and a striped pencil skirt to go along with it. My hair is lightly wavy giving some volume. I put on too faced matte lipstick ‘when in doubt’ and call an uber to come and take me to the new club in L.A. I receive a text from the one and only Nate.

From Nate:
Hey lil mama where are you at?

To Nate:
Heading to the new club downtown ‘Private Show’

From Nate:
See you at the entrance

I smile as I see his text. Nate and I are just friends, but we have a flirty side. We tease each other every time we are alone. I love seeing the look of frustration on his face when I deny him of any further advances. The car pulls up to the club and Nate is at the entrance. Girls surround him touching his arms. He sees me get out of the car and walks fast paced towards me. The looks on the girls faces could have me buried 6 feet under ground.

“Look beautiful as always Y/N” Nate whispers growls in my ear. As his hands travel from the middle of my back to me ass and gives it a squeeze. I smack Nate’s hand away to drag him to the dance floor.

“Y/N. You know I don’t dance” Nate says as I drag him along.

“No you may not but it’s called 'private show’ for a reason right?” I whisper seductively in his ear. I look up at Nate and see him wearing a smirk on his face. We walk towards the dance floor but turn to the right where doors are slightly opened for use. I walk into the room and turn off the lights.

“Sit in the chair right there” I point to a chair in the middle of the room as I start the music. Closing the door and locking door I make my way towards Nate. The music starts up and I put Nate’s hands on my hips. I sway my hips side to side before removing his hands from my body. I see a stripper pool on a platform near Nate. I took some classes so I hope they help me out. I dance around it and look at Nate staring at me hungrily.

“Shit I can’t take any more this teasing” Nate says as I twirl around the pole. His hands are on my hips pressing me against the pole. I turn around and face him.

“I only tease because you haven’t made a move yet” I tell him a little out of breath. He stares at me before lifting me over his shoulder. We open the door to find a couple waiting outside the room. Nate walks through the club bumping into people without apologizing. His car is parked up front putting me in the car.

“I want a private show but more touching” Nate says a hand on my knee squeezing it as we park at my house driveway. I walk towards the door with Nate following. The door opens and I start walking up the stairs before being pushed against the wall.

“You want a private show I’ll give it to you” I say as he removes my clothing leaving me in a bra and panties. I lead him towards my room. Nate sits on the edge of the bed watching my every move. I slowly start dancing as I walk towards him. I sit in his lap slowly grinding on him.

“Y/N” he moans out before flipping us over. Nate unclips my as he leaves kisses on my neck. I arch my back as he moves lower down my body. Slowly he pulls my panties down and leaves slow kisses on my inner thighs. He finally gets to where I need him close kissing my heat before removing his clothing.

“Nate” whimper out as he detaches from my body

“I would love to go down on you but I need you so bad after all that teasing you did” he says rolling a condom onto his cock. He spreads my legs and moves to sit in between my now spread legs. Nate enters me slowly and keeps this rhythm for a few minutes.

“Na-” I’m interrupted by a loud moan escaping my mouth. This causes Nate to pick speed. Nate groaned into my ear as his thrusts get faster and deeper. His hands hold onto the beds head board as he picks up more speed. My legs wrap around his waist pulling him closer to me. I leave trails of scratches on his back as he moves to a slower pace but hitting my g spot every time.

“Fuck… I love-” a loud grown escapes Nate as he reaches his climax soon triggering mine. He pulls out and throws away the uses condom. I pat the spot next to me and allow him to come under the covers.

“I need a private show at least 3 times a week” he exhales as he lays me on top of him. I draw lazy circles on his chest.

“You can if you want” say leaving a few kisses on his shoulder.

“I want to but the right way" he replays lifting up my chin.

“Ho- be my girlfriend Y/N. You said you only teased me because I haven’t made a move well now I made my move what do you say?”

“Of course Nate” I say kissing his lips.

“Let have round 2” Nate says as he sits me up on his lap.

Tonight will be a long night…..
Hope you all have an amazing day😘