That’s Eminem, dude. That’s deep. I listen to a lot of Eminem because my dad listens to a lot of Eminem. My dad’s a gangster. He kills people. He’s an assassin. What if he was? What would you say about that? Would you be like ‘oh, that’s cool’. Career Day? Always a blast. Literally. Because he would only come when he had to assassinate somebody. One of the other kids’ dad would be like 'I work for the CIA. I’m a secret agent and I’m doing top secret missions for the world’. And I’m like 'Oh no. No wonder Dad came in today for Career Day’. And Dad’s like, 'hello everyone, I work at McDonalds’. And then everyone’s like 'hahaha, your dad’s a loser’. And then he’s like 'hahaha-’ BOOM KRR KRR KRR and I’m like 'DAD! NO! NOOO!’ PEW PEW PEW PRRR PRRR PRR. 'WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GUN IS THAT?’. 'It’s a laser, son. It’s a laser beam’.
—  Toby Turner - OBSIDIAN - 23rd November, 2011

this is the greatest thing that has ever happened