Again I’m fucked up and tired.
The last party came in
like a wrecking ball
and terminated my opinion
about nightlife in my city.
It have been exhausting looooong and boring.
Yet, I’ve met at the end of it some cool kids.
A graffiti artist and a dj.
They behaved
like they’re scuba diving
in total darkness
inside my cat’s pajama
but they’re funny enough to bear.
So much time passed it
since I’ve met interesting people.
We got baked
and had long talks
about much ado about nothing.
You know, the general idea
when everybody starts to divagate
in the same time about
the esthetic of art
the death of it
the dadaists
the cubists
picasso magritte and dali
the regular
the usual suspects
and finally some well buried artists
of the rumanian underground scene
and much more hipster stuff
I’m so tired of it
they made me all so tired in the end
that I decided to better run
to find darkness and solace in the forest.
I’m just kidding.
They’re no forests surrounding my flat
just a normal park
so I went there
and started to meditate for some minutes.
The main idea is
that I know I’m star material
like everybody else on the planet
not like in a rock star style
but like the brittle stars
that shine every night
on my oblique windows
aside the time
when they decide it’s better to fuck off and disappear.
I place a bet with you if you want
that my sweet dog and my tom cat
are the next big thing
the it thing
on the instagram market.
My ring finger is on the market too
like a stigmata
with a sign that reads “married with a penguin”.


The anarchic Dadaist movement is 100, so let’s celebrate in an orderly way

It seems counterintuitive to celebrate the anniversary of an art movement founded on a contempt for tradition and a desire to break with the past. Nevertheless, February 2016 marks a full century since the term “Dada” was first coined at Cabaret Voltaire, a Zurich nightclub, to describe the artwork that was being created at the time in reaction to the horrors of World War I. The original Dada artists despised the so-called sensible traditions and rational ideology that had led to the brutal war, so they decided to create a new form of artwork that was proudly meaningless and stubbornly random. The Dadaists scoffed at history, including widely held assumptions about was supposedly “good” and “beautiful” in art. Among the most celebrated of all Dada artists was French-born painter and sculptor Marcel Duchamp, who became one of the world’s greatest recyclers with his “readymades,” i.e., found objects he would repurpose and present as art. In 1965, approaching the end of his life, Duchamp discussed the readymades with Martin Friedman, employing typical humility and humor.

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Holy fuck one of the rumors from the hoaxmap is “Muslim Man Rips Toilet from the Wall and Throws it out the Window because a Non-Muslim Used it Before Him”

Did some dude sit down and make up his mind to pursue racism and islamophobia in the spirit of dadaist art, or did he decide that “they’re all terrorists and rapists” is too mainstream, so he’d have to go for something more unique, like…super-human strength jihadist plumbing


La cuisine psychédélique en chanson #webradio #dada #dadaiste #fish (à Fond De France)

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It's a silly SoL about anatomy and the relationship of some friends, not a comedy. People reblog animes like that just because they like the characters, and either way humor is always subjective. Making a text post claiming everyone who reblogs that is brainless is as petty as taking a screenshot of your posts to mock you behind your back because you don't fit what they find entertaining.

“I mean shit man, uterus can fuck up a lot of common organs in our body check this freaky gif out” - generic nerdy shy anime girl

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oh my god that gifset of ewan mcgregor convinces me that obi-wan would totally love old 2011/innocent memes like "doge", and anakin would love the fucking weird ass pepe memes or dadaist memes "tfw ur padawan makes a good call" and padme would pretend she hates memes but secretly loves them

*slams fist on table* MORE GALAXY MEMES

One of the first and most impor­tant lan­guage sound­ings was by the Dadaist Tristan Tzara, who wrote this instruc­tion for how to make a poem. Basically cut up a news­pa­per, ran­dom­ize the words, copy it back to a sheet of paper, and then you are a poet. This is basi­cally a pro­gram for writ­ing poems. And I’m call­ing this a sound­ing. It’s a way to ven­ture into non­sense, find out what’s there, and give us results back from that, mak­ing a foray into these unknown seman­tic realms with min­i­mal human inter­ven­tion. This isn’t auto­mated, of course. You actu­ally have to do this process. But it does seem like a com­puter pro­gram. We’re most of the way to computer-generated poetry here.

My friend Rose basically went “fuck it” with her game concept and in a fit of rage spent the entire 1st period laughing her ass off and making a concept for a Dadaist Indie game and by the end of the period everyone on that side of the room was losing their shit

I helped her make a character. His name is Gerald and he’s a furry who wears his fursuit to school and spends his free time speaking about the philosophical values and truths of the human condition that are revealed through YouTube Poops

I also got a self insert named Bumbles who is just a regular sentient crow that leans on the 4th wall and gossips about everyone

I love Tech class. We’re productive students

i want to know the explanatin behind “born to die, world is a fuck”. i refuse to believe this is anything but dadaist political art

the date 1989 has to be important