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1082. When Professor McGonagall took over as Headmistress she was out Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration and Muggle Studies professors, a Head of Gryffindor house, and a Deputy. It was then that Arthur and Molly Weasley approached her and offered to help. Arthur quickly became a favorite as Muggle Studies professor and Molly taught DADA and Head of Gryffindor for the next twelve years. McGonnagal made a shocking choice in Professor Trelawney as her Deputy- a job she excelled at more than Divination.
Cute Pet Names For Littles and Caregivers

Little Girls:
Bubble butt
Button Nose
Little Mouse
Baby Boo
Miss Pouty Lips (For a pouty little)
Cutie Patootie
Goldly Locks (for blonde littles)
Pillow Princess
Baby Cakes
Sugar Lips
Sleeping Beauty

Little Boys:
Lil King
Lil Buck
Lil Bear
Baby Boy
Lil Man
Paci Prince
Lil Knight
Cookie Monster

Trans/Gender Fluid/Nonbianry/ect Littles:
Little One
Sweet Thing
Pretty Baby
Cuddle Bug
Lil Bit
Boo Bear
Cutie Patootie with the pretty lil Booty
Precious One
Lil Pepper (for firey tempered littles)

Daddy Doms:
Papa Bear
Tickle Monster
Butt Head

Mommy Doms:
Big Mama
Mama Bear

Trans/Gender Fluid/Nonbianry/ect Caregivers:


consider: hogwarts au version
  • gryffindor!keith
    • is good at all clases except for herbology
    • gets detention at least once a week 
    • probably a quidditch star 
  • lance is outraged because he ends up in hufflepuff but KEITH GETS TO BE IN GRYFFINDOR THAT SON OF A-
    • he makes peace with it by second year because hufflepuff is actually amazing
    • he still resents keith tho
    • when keith puts his name in the globet of fire he does so too out of pure rivalry and pettiness but ends up getting chosen
  • pidge is a hatstall and chooses slytherin over ravenclaw
    • all the holts are ravenclaws
    • mr holt teaches potions
    • pidge is a prodigy at transformations
    • based on grades would be chosen to be prefect but gets in detention way too often
  • hunk, to everyone’s surprise, is not a hufflepuff. 
    • he is in ravenclaw and a prefect by fifth year
    • he loves to hang with lance is the hufflepuff common room cause it’s so near to the kitchen
    • great at charms and awful at quidditch
  • shiro is in his seventh year by the time the others get to the school.
    • he is gryffindor’s head boy and star student.
  • allura is ravenclaw’s head girl and aims to become the youngest minister of magic of all history
  • coran is the odd dada professor and head of hufflepuff
Intro Fic List: Professor AU

Professor James (usually teaching Transfiguration or DADA) and Head Girl Lily is the most popular variety of Professor AU in the Jily fandom. But there are also many fics with pining student James and Charms or Potions Professor Lily. The following is a masterlist of fics in which James, Lily or both are Hogwarts Professors. 

Teachers Pet, T, 6 chapters, WIP / abandoned - It’s Lily Evans final year at Hogwarts. Her world’s turned upside down when she meets the handsome and steamy new DADA professor, James Potter. In turn she decides to play her game of seduction on him but what happens when it’s not a game anymore?

Every Other Midnight, M, 83 chapters, WIP -  Professor Potter and Head Girl Lily Evans… The Dark Decline

So Close, M, one shot -  “James looked at her and she felt like her skin had suddenly caught fire. ‘It’s got one hundred percent, absolutely nothing to do with your essay.’”: Featuring professor!James, student!Lily, and both parties’ abandonment of better judgment.

Professor!James and Student!Lily, K, one shot - Lily Evans was not the kind of girl to get a crush on a teacher. She was far too sensible and level-headed to ever entertain such idiotic notions… or at least she was, until Professor Potter

Professor!Evans, T, one shot - Lily closed her eyes for a moment, before she took a deep breath and turned around again. “Yes, Mr. Potter?”He leaned back in his chair and gave her an arrogant smirk. “I know you find me irresistible, my loveliest of flowers, but you don’t need to give me an E for me to stay behind after class.”

College AU, T, one shot - Before she could finish, however, the babble of the other students collectively died down as the professor’s assistant entered the room. […] “Wow,” Marlene admired under her breath along with many other female students in the class. At once, she began to scratch off her half finished reply, writing something else instead. ‘…I found the perfect candidate to give you that snogging (and more) you desperately need. Hint: he is standing in front of you.’

Bloody Professor Evans, T, one shot (extract) James was very rarely truly angry, but at that moment he was. And it was all because of stupid Evans - sorry, Professor Evans - with her stupid hair and stupid eyes and stupid laugh and stupid robes that weren’t supposed to be that tight.

Professor Potter, M, one shot (extract) - No-one looked twice at them. No-one ever did. It wasn’t uncommon to find Lily and Professor Potter together; ever since she’d transferred in to finish her final year of school at Hogwarts she’d had a certain amount of private tutoring with him to bridge the gap in DADA.

The Coffee Shop on the Little Boulevard, K, two shot -  Lily wasn’t sure what was more bizarre, the fact that a sixteen-year-old had just analysed her personality, called her ‘love’, let a subtle innuendo slip - or the fact that he’d done it all in about three sentences. Professor/ student muggle high-school AU.

Affliction, T, one shot - “Excuse me, Professor?” He looked up. “Miss Evans,” he said, surprised at how normal his voice sounded. […] looking at her face, with those gorgeous green eyes and pretty red hair and adorable little nose, didn’t help matters so he settled for staring at his desk. ‘Student, student, student,’ he repeated mentally.

Jealous Professor, T, one shot - Professor!James is jealous of some boy who has a crush on Lily.

Dada and Abayani

Two Orisha related to Shango are Dada and Abayani. Dada is the younger brother of Shango, and Abayani (the beaded crown) is Shango’s crown. Martin Ajaja writes,

Dada is the deity of riches, and protector of children and therefore related to the development and care of the human embryo and especially the human head alongside Obatala. The Lukumi believe Dada is Shango’s junior sibling. Dada’s children are ordained to Shango. Dada is male and his consecrated materials are kept in a small pilon or wooden bowl. The crown […] is not Dada but Abayani considered Shango’s crown that aids Shango in ruling with an even tempered and level head.

Dada and Abayani are consecrated together, usually for the children of Shango or other Olosha who have them marked in itá. The Dada and Abayani in the photograph are those of my late Godfather Afolabí (iba’e).

Maferefun Dada ati Abayani! Omolowori!