dad's shoulders


One hand on his dad’s left shoulder, the other at his elbow. Will’s eyes are closed and he knows it’s working. His blood cells are pushing the infection out. It’s all weirdly literal: when Will is working the stuff dripping from his dad’s arm is almost black; when he loses focus, it’s thin and bright red, normal blood again.

Will understands this, too: whatever he is made of, it’s not so different from the infection. The cells feel almost the same to him, as he moves them. They are fighting fire with fire. Where his mom drew his blood, at the crook of his left elbow, there is the disquieting sensation of wetness, a constant trickle from a pinprick wound.

His mom is just next to him and sometimes their arms brush as she reaches for a tool or moves to get a different angle. There must be sounds, but all Will hears is his dad’s raspy breathing and the blood rushing through his veins. Will reaches in to push the black out. He can’t control his dad’s cells at all, can’t do anything to stop the bleeding. That’s not your job, he reminds himself, and even with his eyes closed he knows his mom’s hands are at work.

They’re going to save him. Will feels a bright burst of pride. All of the weird shit he’s been able to do, all of the time he’s spent wondering where he really came from and who he really is. Maybe it really is worth something. Maybe he really is worth something.

“I need to sew things up, Will,” his mom says, her voice breaking his concentration. “Are you ready?”

Will re-focuses, seeking out the bad cells again, but they’re mostly gone. He catches one last clump just at the edges and pushes it out; hears one last drip as it hits the floor. “Yes,” he says, and he feels his mother gently pushing him back from the table. He collapses into the kitchen chair and doesn’t watch.

When he hears his mother sit down next to him, he finally opens his eyes.

His dad is lying still on the kitchen table, his skin pale and blotchy and his left arm gone just below the elbow. His chest rises and falls, steady, and his lungs sound clear. “He’ll be okay,” Will says.

“We’ll find out,” his mom says, but the relief in her eyes is as good as a confirmation.

“Maybe Skinner was right,” Will says.

Exhausted, she still corrects him. “Mr. Skinner.”

Will rolls his eyes and insists, “My blood helped. I mean, I did some of it too, but my cells were fighting back, it was working. We have to go back out there, Mom. If I can help. If it’ll really work.”

Settling back in her chair, she looks away from him. After a moment she says, “I have a computer chip in my neck.”

Will cocks his head, questioning. It’s a strange non-sequitur, and anyway what the hell does that mean?

She continues, “Years ago, when I had cancer.”

He knows about this, kind of. Grandma got teary about it once, years ago; his dad got tight-lipped and anxious whenever it came up.

“I thought I was going to die.” His mother stares straight ahead at the wall. She says it like it’s nothing, the same way she used to say We’re having salmon for dinner. “There was nothing left to try. But Mulder wouldn’t give up. He came across a vial with a computer chip, and a man – a man we knew said it would cure me.”

Will is sure that this depiction of events elides a great deal, but he doesn’t interrupt her.

“And it did, I guess.” Her forehead creases. “Maybe. It’s impossible to know, really. If it was the chip, or if one of the treatments finally worked, or – or sometimes these things just happen, the body finds some reserve of strength and fights back, and we call it a miracle.” Finally she looks at him.

Will reaches out and runs his index finger over the back of her neck. He can feel it there just under the skin, hard and square. He wonders how he never noticed it before.

His mom says, “We’ll never know for sure.”

Will is startled to find that he has his own reserves of strength, and that he knows what he believes. “You left it there, though. You never took it out.”

Their eyes meet. On the kitchen table Will’s dad breathes in and out, and for a moment it’s the only sound in the world.

“No,” she says softly. “I didn’t.”


David Tennant’s NTA Special Recognition - His Reaction


  1. jack’s curious meerkat peek from outside the panel……..
  2. jack’s little shoulder-shakin dad chuckle……..
Soda becomes vodka. Bikes become cars. Kisses turn into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst things you could get from boys were cooties? Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest. War was only a card game. And the only drug you knew was cough medicine. When wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? And we couldn’t wait to grow up.
Walked In*



You and Joe have been dating for a little over a year now and you have gotten to know Joe’s family quite well in that time. You and Joe had decided spend a few days in Wiltshire to get away from the busy city life of London and spend time with Joe’s family. 

“What do you two have planed for today?” Graham asked as the three of you sat around the table eating breakfast.

“Not sure really, might just have a walk around town, Y/N’s not seen everything yet” Joe answered his dad’s question. 

“That sounds good to me seeing that we go back to London tomorrow.” You said sadly. Joe was right when he said that you were going to love the country side. 

“Hey we’ll make it back more often this year, I promise. I need to take more time away from YouTube sometimes and what better way than coming over to see Daddy Sugg.” Joe said patting his dad on the shoulder. 

“You guys are welcome anytime you know that and who knows maybe next visit you two will be looking at wedding venues” Graham said causing Joe to choke on his drink. 

“You’re just as bad as the subscribers you know that” You laughed as Joe tired his hardest to control his cough. 

“Cheers dad for almost killing me” 

“Hey it could happen” Graham said before taking the plates off the table and walking them over to the sink. 

The day was coming to an end and you and Joe were sat in a small restaurant watching the sun set through the window. 

“Do we have to go back to London?” You said standing and throwing on your coat. 

“I’m afraid so, we both have work on Monday” Joe said reaching for your hand which you gladly excepted and let him lead you out of the restaurant. 

You frowned at Joe’s words as you walked over to his car. You knew he was right, you had to go back to work on Monday and Joe had a ton of meetings. But you also knew that he meant what he said about coming back more often because, whether Joe admitted it or not, he really missed home. 

“Alright love, where are we off to now? Back to dad’s to chill or we can go to a bar.” Joe said once you two got in his car. 

“Home’s fine, I kind of want to relax, we can watch that movie your dad was going on about last night.” you said smiling over at Joe.

The two of your arrived home and quickly changed yourselves out of your clothes and into something more comfortable and then headed back downstairs to find Graham had already set up the movie along with a few snacks. 

You were woken up by a gentle hand moving across your cheek. Blinking your eyes open, you focused them on the tv screen that was now rolling through the end credits. 

“How long was I asleep for?” You said looking up at Joe.

“Awhile, you maybe saw 15 minutes” Joe laughed lightly as you sat up and rubbed the sleep out eyes. 

“Whoops, I guess the day just caught up with me” You said grabbing hold of Joe’s hand so he could help you off the couch. 

“Well then off to bed it is” He said kissing your temple before turning off the tv and following you up the stairs. 

The two of you did your nightly routine, brushing you teeth, washing your face, the usual things you did before you officially called it a night. You tucked yourself into bed when you heard Joe shout goodnight to his dad who was still downstairs before he entered the room and closed the door behind him. Joe climbed in bed and quickly pressed his lips against yours.

“Joe,” You managed to get out between kisses. 

“Hmmm?” Joe hummed against your lips, before he deepened the kiss by pulling you on top of him. 

You let out a small giggle before placing your lips back on Joe’s. “You’re dads awake.” 

“So?” Joe said running his finger tips over the smooth skin of your bare legs. 

“So stop it” you said pushing his hands off your legs. 

Joe quickly moved his hands back, this time moving them higher up your thigh, “You know,” Joe said looking down at his hands on your skin, “I really like it when you sleep in just my t-shirt” 

“Oh?” You raised and eyebrow up at him. 

“Mhmm” he said reaching up to connect his lips with your again. Joe’s hands traveled from your thighs to your bum giving it a small squeeze as the kiss heated. 

Joe fingers moved themselves underneath the lining your panties working their way back to your core. 

“Joe” You said against his lips.

“Shhh, you’re going to have to be quiet love. My dads awake.” He said sliding a finger along your wet slit. You let out a airy moan when he slid a finger in and out slowly. 

Joe flipped you over so you were laying next to him on the bed, your legs spread apart, his hand still inside your panties working at your core. Joe’s fingers slowed when you heard the stairs creak under the weight of his dad as he climbed up them. Joe pulled his fingers out of you and quickly removed your underwear followed by his own before moving himself over you, his weight held up by his hands.

Joe positionsed himself at you entrance and slowly pushed into you, your hand moving over your mouth to muffle your moan. Joe picked up the pace a little but still kept it slow to avoid any unnecessary noise. 

Joe had only been thrusting into you for a few minutes when there was a quiet knock on the door before it opened slowly which caused both you and Joe to panic. Joe rolled himself off of you just as Graham had fully opened the door. 

“Hey Jo-”

“DAD!” Joe said pulling the duvet up and over the two of you.

You tried to conceal your blush and laughter as you watched Graham jump at the sudden outburst and then realize what he had just walked in on. 

“Oh I’m sorry, sorry. I forgot Y/N was here!” Graham said quickly backing out of the room and shutting the door. 

You started laughing which caused Joe to shoot you a look before his attention was drawn to the sound of his phone receiving a text. He picked it up, reading the message quickly before rolling his eyes and jumping out of bed and pulling on some pants. 

Joe left the room, the sound of footsteps up and down the stairs and muffled voices could be heard before Joe finally emerged back into the room. 

He shut the door behind him before undressing himself again and getting back in bed. You looked over at him watching in the dark as he stared up at the ceiling. 

“Umm, you alright?” You asked after a while of silence.

“Yep, dad just needed help finding something. We had a weird talk that I never thought I’d have to experience that ended with ‘I didn’t see anything by the way’.” 

You let out small giggle at the slight fear in Joe’s voice. 

“What?” He said turning to look at you. 

“I told you.” You said, reaching over the bed to grab your underwear that Joe had tossed to the ground. You tugged them on before curling yourself around Joe, kissing his cheek and resting your head on his chest. 

The next morning was weird. As the two of you got ready to head back to London, you could hear Graham rummaging through the kitchen downstairs and could tell Joe was dreading having to go down for breakfast.

“C’mon Joe, we can’t stay up here all day.” You said taking a seat on the made bed was you watching Joe repack his things for the third time. 

“Maybe we can climb out of the window, it doesn’t seem that high up” Joe said moving to the window after zipping his bag up. 

“You can jump out the window, I’ll be downstairs eating breakfast. Don’t call me when you’re hurt” You said moving for the door as you heard Joe groan behind you. 

The two of you marched your way down the stairs and into the kitchen where Graham had been making breakfast. 

“Morning Graham” You said taking a seat at the table watching Joe avoid eye contact with his dad. 

“Morning guys” Graham said placing a plate full of eggs, toast and bacon on the table before taking a seat himself. “So um-”

“Don’t dad, lets just forgot this happened please” Joe said going in for the food. 

You let out another small laugh as you looked over at Graham who looked pretty embarrassed. 

“How are you not freaking out about this?” Joe said looking over at you. 

“I just think it’s funny” You said letting out another laugh. 

“It’s not.” Joe said shaking his head. 

“This clearly hasn’t happened for you before has it?” you asked looking between Joe and Graham. 

“No honestly, you’re the first girl Joe’s ever really brought home and to my knowledge, Zoe’s never had sex here” Graham said trying to remember the past.

“Alright dad enough please.” Joe said looking over at his dad. 

“Hey fine, okay. This never happened.” Graham said putting his hands up in defense. 

“Thank you.” Joe said letting out a sigh and taking a sip of his orange juice. 

“Alright lets talk about something else. So when the wedding?” Graham said causing Joe to yet again choke on his drink.

Fistbump - Peter Parker x Reader (Dad!Tony)

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A/N: im tired. i wanted to watch aou today but that has not happened.

Warnings: A heavy make out session *no smut, this is only somewhat sin*

Request: “a steamy (not smut) Peter Parker x Reader imagine.“ (by @prancing-through-the-rain (ps. sorry this took almost a month)) (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Words: 1190

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Jay Park answering to his inner fatherhood instincts xD went straight into the crowd at the mall and started dancing with that little girl that’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders. xD He performed a free show at Starfield COEX Mall just now and as always, there’s a full HD fancam of it courtesy of our dedicated kJwalkerz laduree ~

this is how he takes off his jacket when it got stuck on his arms lol. using his legs xD #relatable

that curly messy hair tho is a blessing.

cos it never gets tiring watching jay dance with kids. this is how jay park becomes a daddy. for real.


Happy birthday to the king of visuals, cooking, eating, lame dad jokes, wide shoulders and most of all, flying kisses ♡ thank you for being the mother of 4 children and taking care of a husband and a grandpa for us. You are truly a beautiful human being inside and out and making me love the color pink even more. We, ARMYs, love you so much! I hope you have a wonderful time today!

True shit
  • Me: *looking at Rolling Stone magazine*
  • Dad: *looks over my shoulder*
  • Dad: is that guy wearing makeup?
  • Me: a lot of rock stars wear makeup! Billie Joe does.
  • Dad: that's kinda weird...
  • Me: *gets pissy*
  • Dad: you have a problem
  • Dad: *walks away*

Here’s a disturbing thought: What if Mob and Ritsu’s dad casually tells his sons one day that their beloved mum, before befriending him, beat the shit outta him when they first met? What if he tells his sons that his own brother got brutally beaten up by his devoted lover he’s now married to when they first met? What if he tells his sons the story of how his own mum got her ass kicked by her loving husband when they first met? What if he laughs aloud and accidentally reminds himself and his sons that getting the shit beat outta you by the future love of your life  before becoming friends is pretty much tradition on his side of the family? What if he tells them that this fateful family thing goes waaaaaaay back? What if Mob and Ritsu get pensive looks, prompting their dad to pat their shoulders and say, “Ah, I recognise those looks anywhere. You’ve both found them, haven’t you? Well then, don’t keep me waiting. Tell me boys! Who the lucky one that’ll put a ring on your finger?”?

How could I be So Lucky? Ch.2 (Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: So this one happened fairly fast and John got back to me with the edits super quick too. Please enjoy the second chapter and know the third is being written as I type. I am on a ROLL.

Chapter 1 here

Title: How could I be so Lucky

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word count: 1,989

Rating: PG (I guess, Idk)

Chapter 2: The Train Ride

“Breathe pumpkin, it’ll be alright.” Your dad gripped your shoulder firmly as you stared at the brick wall in front of you. Your cart was full of your school books and belongings, and you held it firmly as you debated whether to run at the wall as your escort, Leonard Snoot, had instructed.

“Truly, I have to run at a wall?”

Your escort had laughed, attracting attention from passersby.

“Yes, my dear, it’s the only way to get to Platform nine and three quarters.”

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The D-Word

“See, Tim?” Jason called over his shoulder sardonically. “Dad agrees with me.”

He turned back to his food for a moment before the thought suddenly occurred to him that the Cave had gone near silent. He cautiously glanced back at the others. Alfred was still working away at stitching Tim up. Tim looked a little pale and sweaty, but he was glancing over at Jason with a look that was a mixture of concern and confusion. Bruce was standing stock-still, seemingly staring off into space.

I’m not here to tell you what to do or boss you around. I’m here to help you. I’m here for guidance. For a shoulder to cry on on if you need it
—  roughly quoted from my father, I seriously don’t know what I would do without him 😭 he’s so wonderful and every parent should be like this ❤️