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My Saviour - Five

A/N: I’m loving all the feedback on this. Thank you all so much. There will be two chapters this week, on today and one on Thursday or Friday. Special shout out to my beta @thorne93, you are awesome.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Jo Harvelle, Alex. A little time jump. a tiiiiiny little cliffhanger at the end…

Warnings: Alex is a DICK. Angst. Cheating. Alcohol.

Wordcount: 2488

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The next couple of months flew by in a hurry. Alex was pretty busy trying to finish his project before the deadline, which meant working long hours and spending very little time at home, which was a huge bonus for you. There had been a couple of incidents since you were released from hospital, but nothing major, nothing that needed medical attention.

You had been busy at work as well, taking on a few night shifts here and there in addition to your regular hours, just to make a few extra bucks.

Dean was by the bar almost every day, having breakfast or lunch, or even dinner. He made sure to come by when there wasn’t much chance of running into Alex though, and whenever he was in to eat, he sat at a booth or a table instead of at the bar, in case your husband did show up.

You were feeling a lot better, not as dizzy and not as nauseous as you had been for a while, probably because your arm had healed and you were no longer in pain.


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reasons why the first ep of I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats Is Good:

  • ive only heard like half a dozen mountain goats songs so im confused & delighted by pretty much everything they say
  • open and lovely talk about religion 
  • john green isnt perfect, but i missed that guy - he effectively disappeared after kids kept editing his posts to say “god i love the taste of cock” - like a distant uncle that suddenly moved back to town
  • he used to be goth
  • imagine listening to the mountain goats with a guy you’re trying to fuck and he starts crying 
  • “i see the song as a hymn, even if it ends with ‘hail satan hail satan’“
  • the first person they got to cover a song for the podcast is the singer from Against Me! which, as a trans person, got me fuckin Real Excited, and it was a Lovely cover 

Someone said to me that it would be hard for Strickler to be a part of Jim’s family since Jim already has a kind of father figure in Blinky. 

To which I say that Jim should be to dads what Steven Universe is to moms. Just keep collecting more and more as the show progresses. He already has a sizable collection including but not limited to:

Spider bookworm dad

Big mossy pacifist dad

Avocado knife dad

Ghost dad

Goat dad

Angry lives-in-your-basement dad


“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

Charlie Charlie, are you there?

“It was a few years ago. The Charlie Charlie Challenge was pretty popular, and of course my friends and I wanted to try it. It was pretty late, I want to say about midnight. My two friends and I were all sleeping over my one friend’s house. I’ll call her Eliza, and my other friend I’ll call Amy. 

So Amy and I were sleeping over Eliza’s house, and we decided to do the Charlie Charlie Challenge. So we snuck downstairs to the basement with two pencils and a piece of paper. We sat at this old table in her basement, and sat in the chairs. We set up the game, and finally balanced the pencils.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” I asked.


Of course we didn’t expect anything. Amy jokingly went “Charlie Charlie, come out to fucking play.”

After that, the chair that was vacant next to us flipped over. We freaked out.

“Charlie, Charlie, can we leave?”

The pencil moved to no. I forced it to yes, and I tore up the paper and broke the pencils. 

We ran upstairs, locking the basement door. I opened the door and threw the broken pencils and ripped up paper shreds outside. We locked all the doors. We ran back upstairs to Eliza’s room and stayed in there. We locked the door, and turned on all the lights. We could not sleep. I got about an hour of sleep that night.

The next day, we went downstairs and her dad yelled. Apparently, the basement was trashed. The chairs we sat in were flung across the room, the coal bucket downstairs was tipped over, coal spilled everywhere. It was atrocious. We tried to convince him we didn’t mess it up, but he didn’t believe us, since there was no one in the house besides us. So we had to clean up downstairs and while we were down there, we all felt very strange. Like a negative feeling was in the air.

I don’t know what the hell happened, if we actually managed to summon ‘Charlie.’The lesson here is, don’t ever fuck with demons. Even if it seems as innocent as two pencils and a piece of paper.”

By: Anonymous