dad's 50th

In case anyone is wondering about this photo, especially the new fans, it is a flower bouquet given by the THREE Moriuchi brothers together to their father Shinichi Mori-san to congratulate him on the 50th anniversary of his singing career in 2015.

The message from the brothers is:

“Dad!! Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary.
From your three sons
First son    ONE OK ROCK Takahiro
Second son    Moriuchi Tomohiro
Third son    MY FIRST STORY Hiroki”

Yes, the brothers have very good relationships with each other. There are so many evidences of their love, I don’t know where to begin sometimes. Any “so-and-so-hates-his-brother” rumour is so untrue.

It’s different when it’s someone you love.

I just had the best and most terrible weekend all rolled into one. I’ll preface by saying that this was the first time I’ve had two days off in a row in 6 months. I have literally been looking forward to this weekend for the past two months. I like to work, but I was on the verge of loosing it on some poor unsuspecting soul. For my two days I decided to suck it up and make the 7 hour trip north to visit my mother and the rest of my family who live in the middle of nowhere. I had a great visit. We went hiking, I got to see the baby cows (four of them!), and most importantly I got to sleep in!!! Apart from being mothers day it was also my step-dads 50th birthday so we had a huge party planned. This is where things kind of fall apart.

Then there was a scream.

Someone pulled me away from my conversation. I turned and saw my uncle lying on the ground. One of my aunts was already next to him. His breathing was agonal. His face was cyanotic. My aunt checked the pulse and shouted to me that there wasn’t one. I checked the carotid and the radial.


I started compression’s. Shit. I started counting. “1,2,3….”

I could hear his wife screaming in the background. Someone else was crying. Someone else shouted to call 911, I could hear them on the phone talking.

“29, 30…two breaths!” I hear myself shout. I saw my aunt grimace a little before bending over to breathe life into her brother-in-law. Continue compression’s.

We live in the middle of nowhere. It is two hours to the nearest “big” city. Forty minutes to the nearest hospital. The volunteer fire department is three miles away but it will take longer for them to get to the department than to get to the house.

“28, 29, 30…two breaths!” I’m on my second round of compression’s. Shit, shit, shit. Hard and fast I tell myself taking a moment to appreciate the craziness of the situation.

Third round of compression’s. I can feel my arms start to burn. I’m going to need to switch out at the pulse check. My uncle is not small. I shout for my mother to take over at the pulse check.

Fourth round, “29, 30… pulse check.”

There’s a pulse.

We don’t roll him to the recovery position. He’s fallen four feet off of a bar stool onto his head. We hold c-spine. We wait. I try to piece together what happened. Someone notes that he was unconscious before he hit ground.

It’s ten minutes before the ambulance crew gets there and miraculously he’s starting to wake up. Crazy. Waking up. Waking up!!!!

I relay what was done and then stand up to let them work. I find that I’m shaking so bad that I have to sit down. One of my great-uncles who in his day was a volunteer EMT pulls me to the side. He then proceeds to reprimand me for doing CPR. I ignore him as they load my uncle into the ambulance. My great-uncle gets in with him. They’re all buddies.

They take him to the nearest ER. I wait with everyone else. He’s awake, he’s stable! The ER doctor wants to know what happened. I tell him. It turns out that NONE of the EMS providers told the physician that compression’s were performed. They transfer him to the bigger hospital.

My uncle is okay. He’s awake and he’s ALIVE!!!!!

I didn’t think much about what my great-uncle said but now I can’t stop replaying it in my head. Should I have done compression’s. Did I miss a pulse? Did we both miss it? Did we cause more harm than good? He’s alive you say, why does it matter? I keep seeing his face when I close my eyes. It’s blue and he’s gurgling. Yes, I did the right thing. But, that certainly doesn’t seem to be enough to stop me from thinking about it. It’s playing like video in my head on repeat. I can’t make it stop. I want it to go away.

It’s different when it’s someone you love.

We are celebrating dads 50th birthday. There is so much good food. I ate so much i had to lie down. I felt a bit better and went and ate more. Am down again.

Theres a kid here, 4-6 years old, on the computer in the next room. Keeps yelling “what the heck” in the oddest pronounciation. Bare in mind, English is not our first language. It is funny and annoying.

anonymous asked:

mihara love!!! what was ur best moments in ur trip!! ❤✨

omg there was so many!!! it was like a family reunion for my dad and his twins’ 50th birthday and my grandma’s 80th birthday… so we had 3 parties over 3 days and it was exhausting but i loved meeting so many family members who i never knew before!!! mexico was also amazing i loved it so much and the boys were v cute there 👅 i shopped so much in LA i’m literally broke now and universal studios was amazing too i just loved the whole thing!!!!


7/14 (7 total miles) Fri-yay!!! Happy weekend everyone!! So yesterday was my dads 50th birthday and needless to say we went a bit overboard with the food….from deep dish pizza to iced lattes to steak to cake I had a bit of a stomach ache today. At first I felt extremely guilty for overindulging, but I need to realize that I am human and it was a huge milestone in my dads life that deserved celebration!

Moving on!!! Today I woke up feeling slightly sick and tired but my mom and I decided to hit the gym. Thanks to my root canal I hadn’t been to the gym in a week so this was a nice change of scenery. I ran three miles alternating between recovery pace and 85% 800 repeats! It went well and I have to say I loved switching it up and doing speed work on the dead mill :) after that I did a 30 minute full body circuit and it made me realize how much I missed doing strength work. I am considering looking into some strength classes for the rest of the summer to switch things up.

Then this evening I wasn’t doing much and the weather cooled down significantly so I decided to make today a double day. I wasn’t planning on this originally but I was just on the mood for a run and decided to go slow and just enjoy the weather. I ran 4 miles at a slow pace but loved it. I didn’t sweat through my t-shirt for once and the neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. I took it slow and just enjoyed the sidewalk beneath me and birds chirping. My physical strength might not have been there but my mental strength was renewed. It made me realize that I will miss putting in miles in my neighborhood come fall.

That’s all for now! I’m off to meet some friends for dinner!

Today I’m thankful for cool weather and bird chirping

My beloved dog Rufus - a border collie/golden retriever mix.

Once at my dads 50th birthday he ate the whole cake, like the whole thing! My dad got a bit mad, I was a little bit worried and my uncle and the rest just laughed really much. 

He’s awesome.