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Escape the Margarita Zone

OK, so I can let people know what I am currently working on:

I am trying to achieve the “Escape the Margarita Zone” achievement. No, I do not believe it has anything to do with the cult!ending. I believe this is the true ending of Joseph’s path, where he leaves Mary and decides to be with you. A few times, Joe mentions the Margarita Zone as his and MC’s friendship place where they can relax with no worries. Which is sort of alluding to a “friendzone”? And escaping it would be, essentially, escaping the “friendzone” - becoming his partner and not a friend.

I have theorized that you must date all the other dads first. You need them at either one or two hearts before attempting Joseph’s path. Not sure if they all have to be A or S, or if there is an order you have to go in yet.

The dadbook answers MATTER. I have theorized that before the game begins, you are able to talk to them and get to know them at the BBQ and other places. During the BBQ, there is no reason to really talk to them, so why would that be there. I believe, it’s there to give you some hints at what answers to put for Dadbook.

There are 8 questions in total. One for each dad and MC. I am not entirely sold on who goes where yet, but some things seem to fit in place. (Eg, Craig is the first answer, which is falling asleep watching the History channel, cause you find out he watches the History Channel, and the only time he could really do this in his busy life is if he is falling asleep to it). So, I am trying my hardest to get the order right. 

But this is what I am working on, and if I do get something, I’ll let you all know ofc.

Lucretia when we first met her was so stoic. So hard, so old, and so sad. Even if we, as an audience we’re unaware of her sadness at a base level, we, as an audience could feel it. Griffin did a wonderful job of balancing the line of leadership and lonely. Her spa trip with Merle was an example of strong constraint against slipping out how /happy/ she must have been to sit around with her friend, her //brother// and drink wine and be pampered in a way she didn’t feel she deserved.

One hundred years of running away and two years of standing still makes the world that turns seem so much faster and slower all at once. Even before the cycle where she was the only one to survive, she was so alone; not physically, maybe not emotionally, but mentally. She fought so hard before becoming a member of the IPRE. She fought to be brave and headstrong in the face of external and internal adversity. She worked so hard to fit in with the goofs, the laughs, the fighting. She wrote and painted and loved with all of her being and that was what she thought would save her friends. Save the /world/. Save ALL of the worlds.

And with Lup, poor Lup, great Lup gone, and their boys lost and unaware of what they were, who they were, before the inoculation from Fisher’s baby, she was so broken. Not just alone, not just sad, but empty. You spend a hundred years with strangers and find them to be your siblings. Your family. Your best friends.

Lucretia’s upset at Merle dancing was just a small moment on a grand scale of how great she is as a character. She more than likely knew, before this occasion that what she had to do was imminent. To have Magnus be the one to see her, to catch her in the act must have been the last blow to her already shattered heart. Merle and Lucretia, before we knew of the Stolen Century, developed a beautiful friendship. Magnus respected and loved her. And Taako? Good, sweet Taako, who she knew deserved to be seen by everyone, who would be loved by everyone, who had Lup the lost one’s face, the truest family inside of the one Lucretia and Davenport and Barry and MagnusandTaakoandLupandMerle created, the brother in law of Barry, the single truest bloodline that was left all alone, she knew he never should be lonely again.

She should.

But in her isolation, in her creation, in her administration of the Bureau of Balance, she forgot that the world is just as hard even when you’re not fighting an insatiable entity.

So my question is, how hard must it have hurt for her to know what happened to the lives she created for them? How hard did she take the poisoning that killed from Sizzling it Up With Taako? Or the loss of Julia for Magnus? Or just Merle’s entire life? And Davenport, poor Davenport. He didn’t get to a life. He got to be a shell. She supported him, took care of him, but every day she had to face the one person who she hurt the most through the inoculation.

And then, as she closed down her office, she had to look up at the magicked painting, the one with the seven of them, the one with just her. She had to look up at that as she left for the evening and realize she was hurt worst of all.


this is a good interview in general but my favorite thing about it is that they go out of their way to not mention that the adventure zone is a d&d podcast