dad youre supposed to be working

Christmas Prompts: Some I made up, some I took from the internet. Feel free to do the whole challenge, or just do some randomly.

1. Mistletoe kiss

2. Pretend boyfriend/girlfriend for family Christmas party

3. You made me a Christmas playlist but it’s just Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. I can’t tell if you’re hitting on me or if it’s a joke

4. My car got stuck in snow you saved me

5. Last Christmas I gave you my heart and you asked me to marry you 

6. I got you for Secret Santa, but I thought it was suppose to be a gag gift, and now I wont fess up because I’m embarrassed

7. We’re both stuck at the airport for Christmas eve

8. Snowman competition, the judges are a bunch of five year old kids

9. I work at a toy store and you keep coming in but never buy anything

10. Your dad is Santa, he’s missing, and I’m helping you save Christmas

11. I’m a barista and you keep making weird faces when you drink the “Christmas cheer in a cup” coffee I make, why do you keep ordering it?

12. We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get in there quick

13. You made me an ugly Christmas sweater

14. I met you on Christmas but haven’t seen you since, until today on Christmas day, are you an angel? Wait, you actually are?

15. We’re stuck in different cities, so we wont be together for Christmas. We end up talking on the phone for hours, to the annoyance of our families

16. You’re robbing the bank on Christmas eve and I’m a hostage but you’re actually really nice

17. I was dressed up as an elf, because of my job. You’re drunk and think I actually know Santa

18. You hate Christmas because you’ve never had a good one. So I go all out to make this the best Christmas for you

19. I was cold, so you gave me your jacket but now you’re cold too. So I suggest we hug instead

20. I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling from the sky? Why are you laughing at me?

21. We got into an argument because of something stupid, but I slipped on ice on the stairs. I called you to help me, and our fight was forgotten when you got all worried

22. I was putting up Christmas lights, and I literally fell into your arms

23. There’s one Christmas cookie left, so I challenge you, winner takes the cookie

24. You keep playing Christmas music, and it’s driving me nuts, please play something else

25. Free prompt

Distance (or lack thereof) Part 6

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Summary: You have just moved to Santa Cruz to help take care of your parents after their recent car accident. While applying for jobs using your literature degree around the city, you decide to make some extra money at Beach City Grill. You end up with a massive crush on Priestly, but unluckily for you, your parents are strict and hate tattoos and piercings. So how on earth are you supposed to deal with all his flirting? (Plus-sized, comic nerd!Reader)

It’s been two days since the unfortunate unveiling of your relationship with Priestly to your parents. Equally unfortunate, those two days were your days off from work. And now, the night before you’d get to see him again, they drop a bomb.

“You’re calling in sick tomorrow, and then changing your shift.” Your mother says with arms crossed.


Your dad chimes in, “It’s what’s best pumpkin. It’s better in the long run if you never see that troublesome boy again.”

“OH MY GOD! One, he’s a man. We’re both adults. Two, I moved back here to take care of you. I could be off somewhere doing my own thing, but no, I came back. For you. Now I’m starting to regret it.”

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His Princess: Part 1

**Summary: Gabriel has one job and that’s to keep Princess Y/N safe. He finds it easy to protect her physically, but protecting her heart is a different matter. Especially since he falls in love with her when she is supposed to marry someone else. **

Warnings: gabrielxreader, Princess!Reader, Knight!Gabriel, minor language

Word Count: 4985

Author: Gwen

Your name: submit What is this?

You frowned at your reflection in the round mirror as you sat at your vanity while Hannah finished combing your hair. You let out a sigh as she placed your gold tiara carefully on your head, tilting it to make sure it wasn’t crooked.

“What is the matter, Your Highness?” Hannah asked as she finished her work.

“I hate when dad calls me to the throne room. Nothing good comes from it.” You swerved in your spot, facing your lady in waiting.

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oh boy here we go. Suzuki Edo AU

you know you’re fucked when your dad is a monk, i.e. supposed to be chaste. then again, Touichirou isn’t exactly the best monk ever so. anyway, we’re talking about Shou first !!

Shou is one of the few espers in this AU !! he can, and will set you on fire. he actually works for Claw, but isn’t into this whole isolationist thing. mostly, he has no choice and also want to find a way to punch his father in the face. you can do it Shou, i believe in you. technically a noble but he dresses and acts like a street-rat with shoes. currently making sure the 7th branch do their job. his father more or less kidnapped him when he learned Shou had powers, so he doesn’t have the support of his mom here. why do i have to make everything terrible

Touichirou is the third son of a family of samurai, which means he’s basically the useless one. but he had powers and didn’t want to just be here to marry rich, so he became a monk. seeing as he got a son and doesn’t shave his hair regularly, you can guess how well that went. if only that was all though… no, Touichirou had to go and become so proud he turned into a tengu !! because he sucks !! with this newfound power, he thought he might try to rule over all of Japan, but the treatises with foreign countries would make that hard, so he founded Claw to get rid of that problem first. he literally doesn’t care about isolationism, he just wants power
uses illusions most of the time to hide his tengu-ness. oh and technically he was fired from the monk order he was in, but he still dresses like one because it helps gain people’s trust

A Depressing Love

Group/ Member: BTS/ Min Yoongi (fluff-ish)

Warnings: Foul language, depressing

“YOU SELFISH FUCKING BITCH! I COULD’VE USED THAT MONEY FOR ME! IS ALL YOU THINK ABOUT YOURSELF?”, my supposed mother screams at me. “YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO EAT TONIGHT! YOU ATE MONDAY!”, she just wanted the money to feed her addiction to heroine. Of course I mean nothing to her. At least I endure this myself and not with another child. Anymore.

Usually I would let her vent her anger, but tonight I wasn’t having it. “This is why dad left! This is why I’m gonna leave the moment I can! All I do is work and work to pay your debt and to feed your addictions, and your stomach, and your insecurities! You starve me of food, of my hard earned money, and most importantly of my MOTHER!”.

By now, there tears streaming down my face. I was shaking with anger and pain. “I’m done here”.

As I got up to walk to the door, but she grabbed my arm so tight, I know there will be another purple bruise added to the endless collection.

“YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD! I GAVE YOU LIFE AND THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME! SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR MOTHER!”. She backhanded me and it stung. Great, another open wound that I don’t money to treat.

“What Mother, ‘cause I don’t see one”. She was ready to burst, but before she could, I ran to the door and yanked it open. It slammed in her face, but by the time she opened it and ran onto the lawn, I was halfway at the end of the block.


Damn, I forgot how cold it was. Great.

Not to mention this neighborhood isn’t necessarily the safest during the day, let alone night. (Which it was)

At first I didn’t know where I was going, just that the path I was taking seemed familiar to my muscles. Then, I stood in front a park. The park I used to to take my baby brother to, while he was alive. No one knew what he’d died of. There was so many things wrong when they did the autopsy.

My mother only worried about the cost of it all.

I just sat huddled at the top of the slide, Luke’s favorite part of the park.

I’m almost 18. My dad left when I was 8, because he couldn’t handle my mom’s psycho. She abuses me to this day, blaming me for his leaving. She met a man, who seemed nice at first. Until he forced himself on me, got me pregnant (with Luke, who my mom told the world to be hers). Then abused all of us (He was taken to jail for being in a gang, but my mom still couldn’t seem to part with him). Luke died at the age of 3, never knowing I was his biological mother, but still prefered me over that witch of a mother we had. I was forced to drop out of school and get 3 jobs. I rarely sleep and rarely eat.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts, I didn’t realize there was a man behind me. He didn’t seem to realize he was unconsciously staring. I almost didn’t meet him, that would’ve been sad. Thanks to my thoughts ending and the realization that I had to go back to the place that’s just a box to sleep in, I was able to meet the most remarkable man I’ve met yet.

When I saw his figure, my first instinct was that he was going to kill me, which I wasn’t sad about really. But, when I looked into his brown eyes, I saw that he was equally as surprised as I was.

I simply stood up and was about to walk when he called out to me.

“Why are you crying?”, Maybe he will kill me. Wait, I was crying?

I turned to face him, still at the top of the slide. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was”.

“That’s fine, but why?”, Why is he so curious about me? Now that I’m looking, he isn’t too bad in appearance. He has raven black hair, dark brown eyes and a nice figure (well, from what I can see). He was dressed in a black hoodie and black skinny jeans.

“What about you? Your eyes look like they have a sad story to tell as well”, I replied. He looked surprised at first, but then a broken smile spread across his face.

“I guess pain knows pain”, he replied sadly.

We sat and talked for a bit. It’s strange how we just met and I already feel so close. It’s as if we were best friends for years. I told him my story (except the part about Luke being my child), not to get pity, but because I was holding too much in for too long and it needed to come out. He also talked a little about himself, but I could tell it wasn’t everything. That’s fine, we only just met.

After a while of sitting in silence, a shiver ran through my body. I’m sure he noticed because he took off his hoodie and gave it to me. He wore a plain black tee underneath. I then noticed that he had matching slices on his skin as me.

“Here, you’re cold”, he said to me. I rejected it at first, but he pulled over my head for me anyway.

“Thanks”, I said sincerely. Finally someone who doesn’t have evil thoughts in mind for me.

We ran into each other from time to time at that park. When I turned 18, I’d already had a place picked out and ready to move into. After a few unintentional meetings I found out that his name is Min Yoongi and we exchanged numbers as soon as I was able to get a phone. It wasn’t the best but it could make calls.

After about a month or two, we went on our first date. After a year of dating, I had a stable job and a better phone. And both of our cuts started fading away.

Who knows what’s ahead of us, but we will get through it together. I know I will, because Min Yoongi is my only source of happiness and I know we can achieve great things together. No more abuse, no more disease, no more addiction, and no more Witch.

We’re on our way to happiness.


First one, so please be nice to me <3


Just ignore this...It's just a vent...
  • <p> <b>Mom:</b> Clean your room! You never get off your lazy ass! After you finish your schoolwork clean it.<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay.<p/><b>Mom:</b> Clean that and that and that and that.<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay.<p/><b>Mom:</b> And you bathroom.<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay.<p/><b>Mom:</b> You just sit and draw aaaall day and keep the shit around you.<p/><b>Me:</b> I draw like three or four hours because the rest of the time I'm getting work done.<p/><b>Mom:</b> You never get your work done! Your dad is up all night going over papers! Maybe I want to spend time with him!!<p/><b>Me:</b> Excuse me? I get all my work done. Unlike my sister over there I actually read it and try.<p/><b>Mom:</b> Says the one who never does their work! You never stop when you're supposed to! You stop early because you complain It's too much!<p/><b>Me:</b> ......You realize I haven't done that but two days on the first week of school right? And she's the one who needs help every night<p/><b>Mom:</b> Stop back talking and mouthing me! Get your friken work done!<p/><b></b> Later...<p/><b>Mom:</b> Your laugh is really stupid. So is yours (My sister)<p/><b></b> *we all laugh*<p/><b>Me:</b> Not as stupid as yours! Hahaha!<p/><b></b> *we all laughed and joked then all the sudden she snapped*<p/><b>Mom:</b> Why don't you appreciate anything. Not the new couch your sitting on. You don't even try to take care of it! (Even tho we love it and take perfect care of it) And your room! You sit on your fat lazy ass all day and don't clean it! I do everything for you and you don't do anything in return! You ever gonna do something with your life! *she stomped out. And grabbed my stuff and ran to my room crying. She passed by my room*<p/><b>Mom:</b> While your pouting you should clean your room you pig.<p/><b></b> *I'm cleaning and she walks in all normal*<p/><b>Mom:</b> Why are you crying? You don't have any reason to cry. I was joking and you took it too far as usual. Jeez you don't appreciate anything. *she walked out...*<p/></p>

Punk!Michael Imagine

Summary: He was everything your dad hated, everything you were never supposed to associate with. Though it’s something about the way his lips feel on your skin that create a longing you’ve never quite felt before. But when trouble ensues, as it usually does when you’re close with Michael, you’ll have to choose between the mysterious punk boy and the future you’ve worked so hard for. 

A/N: I’ve been writing this for the past week and it turned out way longer than I thought but you guys voted to have one long piece as opposed to two parts, so grab a snack and get comfy cos you’ll be here awhile…anyway I hope you enjoy:)

~Approx. 7.8k words~
~Warnings: Light smut, mentions of drugs, swearing~

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Imagine…introducing your boyfriend Barry Allen to your father Tony Stark.

Barry: Oh wow…I’m a big fan of your work Mr Stark. Do I call you Mr Stark? I’m so sorry am I supposed to call you Tony? Oh my gosh…
Y/N: Barry shut up. Dad this is Barry Allen.
Tony: He’s weird.
Barry: I always act weird.
Y/N: He’s just a bit nervous.
Tony: Uh huh. Well Barry if you make Y/N happy then I am fine with you dating them, but if you hurt them I will come after you as Iron Man. I don’t care how fast you are speedster, because I will catch you.
Barry: *stands in shock*
Y/N: He’s just kidding Barry. *glares at Tony*
Tony: You will just have to see.

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hi dad my problem is that my manager keeps scheduling me for bad timed shifts. tomorrow i get off at 11pm and the next day im supposed to go in at 5am. i need to sleep, dad. how do i call them and fix this. help me

that’s barely 5 hours sleep. if that depending on time it takes you to get ready/transport to and from work, thats seriously, like, dangerous lol, because if you’re driving you’re putting yourself in danger driving w barely any sleep, it leads to a lot of potential mistakes and bad situations. I’d really press that this is simply not enough time to get sleep, and to do your job well or safely.

I’d put this in words, in an email or something similar, rather than speaking to them otherwise they will be tempted to try and dismiss it, if you put it in writing they can’t say you never told them or that they “forgot” you know?

anyway hope that works out this isn’t good for you

But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 4: the not-so-happy ending

Chapter 1 [x]
Previous Chapter [x]
Next Chapter [x]

Your dad had gone to the dorm to pick you up; you weren’t there and your group members had tried to cover for you by telling him that you were practising hard at the training centre. But instead of a hard-working daughter, he had found you entangled with a tall, handsome boy. Dating is against the rules.

*You sit in an awkward silence in the back of your dad’s car; you can feel his intense gaze as he glares at you in the rear-view mirror. Minho had made a hasty retreat as soon as he realised explaining the situation wasn’t going to work. You watch the lights of passing traffic through the window as the daylight fades into darkness.*

[AP] …I knew letting you become a trainee was bad news… wait until your mother hears about this… shouldn’t have let you stay in dorms…

*You sit sulking in the back of the car; you were 18… an adult… perfectly capable of looking after yourself. You let your dad ramble on angrily whilst you check your text messages.*

[Soojin] - Your dad is on his way! He turned up without warning…
[Minho]  - I’m sorry! This is all my fault! Please call me…
[Minho] - Are you okay? Call me soon, okay?
[Eunji] - Is everything okay? What happened?!
[Minho] - Fuck… I should have been more careful… call me.

*You feel a pang in your chest. Whatever the outcome of this was… you could tell that it wasn’t going to be good.*

*You couldn’t believe that only a week ago everything had been going perfectly; it was like a dream. You had barely spoken to your group members or… anyone else. Your parents had confiscated your phone. Even the weather reflected your mood. You had already visited the training centre to talk to your members. All that was left was to pick up your things from the dorm.*

[AP] I’ll be waiting here…

*You don’t respond to your father; instead you amble like a zombie up to your dorm. You pause at the front door and rest your head against the door frame. You eventually gather up the energy to go in; the familiar scent of the dorm welcomes you home and envelopes you in a hug. You leave your shoes at the door and wander through the corridor to the room you shared with Seoyeon. Nothing had changed. But everything had changed. You begin to gather up your things and attempt to hold yourself together.*

[MH] Y/N?

*You drop the pile of clothes you’re holding and turn around in shock. Just the sight of Minho is enough to make you burst into tears. His confused voice almost knocks you down.*

[MH] Seoyeon said you’d be here… w-why are you packing your things?

*You stand there frozen. Surely this was a nightmare? You scoop up the clothes that you’d dropped and place them on your bed. You fold them quietly with your back turned to him…. how could you tell him?*

[MH] Why haven’t you been answering your phone?

[Y/N] …my parents… confiscated it…

*You bury your face in your hands. You hear Minho stepping towards you and you put a hand out to stop him. He pushes it out of the way and pulls you into his arms.*

[MH] What’s going on? I’ve missed you… I’ve been worried.

*You let yourself sink into his chest; your usual spot where you fit perfectly. He wraps his muscular arms around you and for a moment everything is back to normal.*

[Y/N] I’m… I’m leaving YG…

*You take a step back away from Minho’s embrace to observe his reaction. He freezes and looks confused. Your heart beat increases… how could you hurt him? Minho speaks quietly after a long silence.*

[MH] …why?

*You gulp nervously and stand there silently.*

[MH] is it my fault?

*Minho’s hands reach for you again; there’s a sense of desperation as he holds onto your sides… you can’t even look him in the eye.*

[Y/N] no… no… my parent’s just think it’s… for the best if I pursue… a different path…

[MH] your parents? what about you? this is your dream…

*You bite your lip and try to hold back your tears as Minho’s tone becomes more heated.*

[Y/N] maybe it’s time I look for a new dream…

[MH] what does that even mean?!

*You try to turn back to packing your things but Minho pulls you to face him. He holds you by the shoulders. You stare down at the floor.*

[Y/N] Minho… I need to pack…

[MH] fuck packing, Y/N. I need you to talk to me… you’re just giving up because your parents told you to?

[Y/N] I don’t have a choice, okay?!

*You shout back as tears start to gather in your eyes.*

[MH] so you’re just leaving? you have so much potential…

[Y/N] it’s for the best! for both of us!

[MH] both of us?!

*Minho stops and looks at you confused.*

[Y/N] You can concentrate on your debut now… no distractions.

[MH] you think you’re a distraction? Y/N… you keep me sane.

*You bury your face in the t-shirt that you’re holding. Your sobs surprise Minho and he tries to comfort you.*

[MH] don’t worry… look, even if you leave the company… we can still be together… I’ll find time to see you…

*You look up at Minho; a sad smile spreads across your tear-stained face.*

[Y/N] my parents have found me a position in a fashion design company… um… it’s quite a big name actually…

[MH] and do you want to do that?

[Y/N] I mean… I’d like to try it… I suppose…

[MH] then great! we’ll work through this, figure it out.

*Minho pulls you into an embrace, kissing your forehead, stroking your hair. All you want to do is snuggle with him and let him tell you that everything’s going to be okay.*

[Y/N] Minho…

*Even you can hear the pain in your voice as you clutch at his t-shirt trying to remember every detail; the lines of his firm torso, the way his big hands held you… his scent.*

[MH] what? what can possibly be left?

[Y/N] the position… is in England…

*Your heart breaks as Minho’s hands slowly fall away from you, stunned. You feel the atmosphere change… Minho was angry.*

[MH] and you’re going? …what about me? us? am I just not a part of your ‘new dream’.

[Y/N] I have to go…

*Every cell in your body needed to hear the words ‘stay’, ‘please don’t go’… you needed an excuse to escape.*

[MH] I see.

*And then your whole world collapsed.*

~to be continued~

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Imagine Safety

A/N: This is something I put on the back burner for a while because I didn’t know what to do with it, but thanks to @chaos-and-the-calm67 it’s back. This is not at all what I’m supposed to be working on but fuck it. My head hurts and I wanna see how this does. I hope you like it because I’m pretty proud of this one.

Paring: ??? x Reader(I have an idea but I’m not for sure.)

Warnings: Angst, death, fighting, but also fluff, cute reader and dad moments.

Word Count: 1567

Originally posted by canonspngifs

“Dad, I’m scared,” you whispered into the phone trying not to be too loud so the things in your house wouldn’t hear you. You fiddled with the necklace around your neck to distract yourself from the commotion downstairs. Your dad had given you the necklace right before he left three days earlier and it was beautiful, you haven’t taken it off since he gave it to you. It was a thin, dark gray chain  and attached hanging from the end of it was an opal the color of ocean waves. It resembled what the sky would look like if you looked at it from under the ocean water. Somehow it made you feel safe, you couldn’t explain it, it just did.

A loud bang from downstairs broke you out of your thoughts and a whimper escaped your lips. Tears were threatening to spill from your eyes, but you didn’t want to start crying out of fear that you would get too loud and they would hear you. You didn’t know what you were going to do if they did. You were only six so you couldn’t do much except beg them to not hurt you.

“Hey, hey, Babygirl, everything is gonna be okay. I’m on my way just hold on a little longer for me, alright?” your dad assured you. You could tell he was trying to be strong for you, but you could still hear the slight tremble in his voice, letting you know he was just as scared as you were.

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Shitty AUs based off of things that have happened to me
  • we met when we were 4 and have been good friends ever since but our parents threw a new years party and it was late and we might’ve talked and shared a little too much
  • It’s bring your kid to work day and our parents have some weird job and they were giving us a tour of the workplace and showed us the ‘cooling room’ that basically helps keep all the computers cooled down and i got stuck in some kind of air vent and i dont know where my dad went, you’re the only one here. help
  • it’s 12am and this project was due over a month ago but if i turn it in tomorrow i wont fail the class. i’m sorry I procrastinate so much, please help me
  • i was supposed to meet up with you over an hour ago but ive been binge watching this show on netflix and i forgot im so sorry please dont be mad
  • you’ve been staring at me for long over 5 minutes and its getting weird now. I stared back at you but you still didn’t look away so now we’re both just staring at each other and not breaking eye contact
  • i was talking to this guy who usually annoys me and you yelled at him for talking to me because you know i usually tell him to go away but i was actually enjoying that conversation what the fuck dude
  • my parent has been yelling at me for the past hour, it’s midnight now and i needed fresh air so i went outside and you were sitting on my porch but who the fuck are you
  • I used to ship you and your opposite gender friend together until i realized you were both super gay so… hey what’s up, im pretty gay myself
  • im still trying to figure out my sexuality and all i know is that im definitely not straight when im around you
  • we sit together at the back of the class and i always put my feet up on the chair next to me and after you see me put my feet up you put your feet up but you look really awkward do you need help
  • i accidentally sent a shitty pick up line to the wrong number and you sent a shitty pick up line right back and it’s an hour later and we’ve just continued to share shitty pick up lines with a stranger
  • i saw you in a suit and i thought you looked really hot until i looked down and saw you were wearing crocs what the fuck
  • we’ve been best friends for a long time and we got into that really deep conversation mode and i asked how you figured out you were gay/what made you gay and you told me i did
  • youve been friends with my sibling for a while and my sibling along with all your friends ship you and me together which is just making things weird
  • you think im ignoring you but sometimes its just hard to look at you because youre so pretty
  • i went to a baseball game with my family but this is really boring so i got up and walked around the stadium before going outside and to the top floor and started spitting on peoples heads who were on the ground and you noticed me after i spit on the head of someone next to you and oh no time to run
  • i got lost in the forest and somehow i found this old cemetery and you were there crying and i tried to comfort you but you thought i was a ghost
  • im hanging out with out and all your siblings/cousins and you keep running through the firepit, please stop i dont want you to hurt yourself
  • i told you i liked your shoelaces and you told me you stole them from the president. lets share URLs
  • I crossed the street without looking and didnt get hit by a car but you still stopped me to scold me about traffic safety but i really need to get somewhere rn, here’s my phone number scold me more later
  • you thought i was stealing something from your workplace but really there’s just a bunch of things lying on the floor from someone else and i was just picking it up to put it away please stop getting mad at me
  • I was sitting at lunch from my friend and you sat across me from me and you keep looking up at me and hold on, are you drawing me?

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Wait no! I want all the symbols! Curse you mobile! (Orchid)

♥ - Something they like about your muse: Her body. And how it looks and feels and tastes when naked.
❦ - Something they hate about your muse: Oh, the part where she just might be a Denarian. Damnit, Orchid.
✎ - A reason they’re jealous of your muse: She has happy memories of her dad.
♪ - A secret they’re keeping from your muse: Well, I’m working on this plan to kidnap her and figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do about the whole coin thing, so I’m thinking I’ll keep that from her for now.
♤ - What they thought about your muse when first meeting: At least she’s a hot fake infomercial psychic!

eregyrn-falls replied to your post: eregyrn-falls replied to your post: …

At least with the “pushing 70” stuff (which is in there more than once, even), you can pass that off as a joke, or on a meta level as down to Stan’s instinct to be dishonest about himself as an underestimate-me strategy, or something. But the baby-as-Shermie thing just sits there in an unsatisfactory way. (I’ve read one fic series that made it work; but it’s difficult.)

Yeah, definitely to both points. Everyone help me make a donation so we can make Alex sort this out for us, once and for all. lol

a-million-chromatic-dreams replied to your post: snapback-gravity-falls: BRO! Do you think…

Yeah… the baby being Dipper and Mabel’s dad makes the most sense to me, especially if that’s supposed to be in ‘69. I’m only a year older than the younger twins would be, and my own parents were born around that time.

Yeah. Baby’s either dad!Pines or younger Pines sibling that we will never get to know, which is a damn shame. 

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4, 16, 27!

Answered by the “real” Stanley

do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?

“Yeah, I always liked my name. Stan-lee. It sounds nice, and non threatening.”

if you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?

“That…depends. I think if my mom would’ve stayed and if my dad wouldnt have had to work so much, then maybe I wouldve been a happier kid. But I dont think I’m an unhappy adult. Well. Not usually. Being in the Office doesnt count.”

do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?

“Uh, maybe? I suppose so.”


“Mum,dad. This is my dear boyfriend. Say hi to the Doctor!” -You

*Your mum is watching eleventh like: Damn, what a handsome man you have got for yourself* 

“Aww so nice to meet you, finally!” -11th *gives kisses for your mum’s and dad’s cheeks* “Hello, I’m the Doctor!” -11th

*Your father’s reaction is like: I didn’t expect that to happen* 

“Nice to… too.” -Dad *confused*

“So! I suppose you are working on hospital as I do!” -Mum *smiling*

“Mum, he is not that kind of doctor..” -You

“What do you mean?” -Mum

“Well..actually he is but he is not.”-You

“Tell us!” -Mum

“No time to explain, get in the Tardis. All of you!” -11th

ghostloner  asked:

Miracle man?

miracle man: if you were able to cure one disease/virus, which one would you choose?

This is a hard question but I’m going to say cancer. I, as well as nearly everyone in my life, has been impacted horribly by this disease. The fact that currently the most widely accepted form of treatment is to literally poison your body just makes me feel physically ill. My boyfriend’s dad has been going through chemo for nearly a year now and it’s just so fucking awful

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updated: May 12th, 2016

smut or nsfw: ♡

requested: *

one shots (all of these are short, i’ve got a few 5k+ ones coming soon)


Submissive (1.7k) ♡ smut


Fire Away (3.7k) *+♡ smut (Boxer!Luke)

Kiss Me, Please (3.7k+) 


Take Me To Heaven (2.5k) ♡ smut

Honeymoon (4.7k+) *+♡ smut

Feels Like Home (8k) ♡ smut (also a personal fav)


Daddy!Michael (1.5k) *+♡ smut

Motocross Michael (coming soon)

4/4 blurbs

how they react to fans giving you hate (*)

you’re in your own band and you’re their opening act, but one of them develops a crush on you (*)

the baby kicks for the first time (*)

feeling insecure about your weight (*)

ashton blurbs

dry humping him  (* + ♡)

you’re teasing him and the boys find out (* + ♡)

confronting him about the cheating rumors (*)

abuse 1k (trigger warning: alcohol abuse)

I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” (*)

Don’t you ever do that again!” (*)

need the sun to break - james bay (*)


calum blurbs

you’re sick and he’s in the mood (*)

your child from a previous relationship calls him dad (*)

treating calum to a nice view of you after work (* + ♡)

breaking off your fwb agreement (*)

“You know, I’m bisexual, so if you’re going to keep that attitude of yours up, I’m going to ask your sister out.” (*)

calum crying at a movie (*)

taking a break (*) 

running into him after the break up 1.5k (*)

getting back together with calum (*)

almost breaking up (*)

you want to lose weight (*)

you’re a MILF (*)

I almost lost you.” (*)


Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” (*)


baby hood and daddy hood (*) (warning: this is CUTE AS HELL)

decorating for christmas (*)

random karaoke makes love (? i dont know how to title this lmao) (*)

angsty calum (contains cheating mentions) (*)

luke blurbs

first date (*)

almost breaking up (*)

luke keeps distracting you from your homework (*)

restaurant bathroom fun (*+♡)

daddy!luke bathes baby hemmings (*)

seeing each other after the break up (*)

luke’s first night back from tour with baby hemmings (*)

meeting luke, calum teasing him the next day (*)

he yells at you and you cry (*)

nerdy luke 1.8k (this was supposed to be a blurb oops) ♡ smut (*)

he’s your best friend, he gets you pregnant 2.2k (*)

you’re their stylist, you and luke have feelings for each other 1.6k (*)

I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” (*)

Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” (*)

I wish I could hate you.” (*)


michael blurbs

he’s quicksilver (superhero au) (*)

confessing his love for you (while drunk) (*)

going out for valentine’s day dinner with best friend!mikey (*)

almost breaking up (*)

beating michael at video games (*)

he scares you (playful) (*)

reminiscing about old memories (*)

trying to find a nickname for you with the boys (*)

he yells at you and you cry (*)

Please, don’t leave.” (*)

Do you… well…. I mean… I could give you a massage?” (*)

after finding out he burnt himself onstage, you can’t help but need to see him