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Discovered Love (Philip Hamilton x Shy!Reader)

Author’s Note: This took way too long to write… And it became way longer than I thought it would be. Sorry for the long wait.

Request: @fangirlwithasweettoothHi! Could I request a fluffy Philip x shy!reader where the reader’s Burr’s daughter? Like maybe the reader sneaks into Philip’s room like she’s done a thousand times but Alex catches them together, and it’s very sad and angsty, but then ends in fluff? Thank you! <3

Wordcount: 3,439 words (wut)

Warnings: Angst, much anger, slight swearing.

“Philip, you have to look your best.”

“Dad, can’t I just skip at least one ball? We go to one almost every week!”

“This one is special, Philip. Secretary Jefferson and Senator Burr will be there and I want them to see how great of a son you are.” Alexander said as he straighted out Philip’s coat.


“Philip, if you go to this one, I promise you won’t have to go to another one for at least a month.”

Philip thought about this for a few moments, then nodded. “Alright.”

Alexander smiled. “Good. Now come on, the carriage is waiting outside for us.”

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  • dad: listen, son... i don't care if you're black, white, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, orange, white, acid green, aero, aero blue, african violet, air force blue, air superiority blue, alabama crimson
  • son: uh da-
  • dad: alice blue, alizarin crimson, alloy orange, almond, amaranth, amaranth deep purple, amaranth pink, amaranth purple, amaranth red, amazon, amber, american rose
  • son: dad ple-
  • dad: amethyst, android green, anti-flash white, antique brass, antique bronze, antique fuchsia, antique ruby, antique white, ao, apple gree
Little Secret (Loki x Reader)

A/N: Hellooo!! This is my first request and I’m so sorry if  screwed up the story a little and if there’s any typos haha, I was rushing through this a little at the ending but yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request:  Woohoo thanks!! :D Could you do a Loki/Reader where she is an Avenger and Tony’s daughter who ends up falling in love with Loki but they have to sneak around with Thor’s help because they know the team, and Tony especially, won’t be happy about their relationship or understand that he’s trying to change and make up for his mistakes? Thanks

Warnings: Cursing (hahahahahah okay)

You flopped down on bed after taking a long shower, your wet hair soaking the sheets but you didn’t care, you had just came back from a mission and you were dead tired. Shuffling around the bed to get into a comfortable position, you closed your eyes to let sleep overtake you when a knock sounded on your door. Groaning, you ignored it and faced the other direction.

Another knock sounded again, making you sit up and glare at the door. Who would disturb you now at about almost 1 in the morning?

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does anyone get mad when they do something and someone else does the same thing but it’s so much better than yours? and then you get irrationally mad and upset but you shouldn’t be? because it’s not just your thing, you didn’t copyright it so other people can do it too but you’re still mad? does that happen to anyone or just me?

Slam the Door

remember that 1am timkon au think i mentioned? this went from brief HC burble to first chapter real damn fast. 

leaving this rough for now, if i pick it up and continue i’ll pretty it up but have as-is.


Tim Drake has no heroes.

Tim Drake never became Robin. Instead, he was abducted with his parents in Haiti, and the only survivor – struggling years later with the trauma to both his mind and body. And he really, really doesn’t want to even think about university.

He gets a letter of interest from LexCorp to join their pilot employee training program. He goes for it, gets in, and it’s the best thing to happen to him–

–until the universe, of course, comes crashing down on him again when he stumbles across Project Kr.

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A Probable Normal Conversation Between Father and Son
  • Vargas: Hey dad...
  • Avant: Yes son?
  • Vargas: I want to be strong.
  • Avant: But son, you're not strong.
  • Vargas: Why do you say so dad? I mean... I can fight!
  • Avant: It's because...
  • Vargas: Because of what??
  • Avant: You're VARGAS. Not STRONG.

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Standing in front of her father, Marissa was embarrassed
beyond belief. All she wanted to do was get her Pokemon
from Professor Birch, but her father refused to let her go
alone. She stood in front of him, head down, a flush on her
face. He didn’t want her to go alone, saying repeatedly that
it was too far away for her to walk on her own.

C’mon, Dad, ple–

That was all she could get out before a loud squeak erupted
from her small body.

Marissa wasn’t expecting the giant purple bat to come flying
up next to her. She wasn’t expecting it to look so angry, so…
menacing. It made her feet go cold as she jumped away from
it with a yell, landing on her butt as she tripped over herself to
get away. Clearly, she’d never seen a crobat before

Her father, Arthur, just laughed.

Ah, Luca, so glad to see you’re back and safe! I prayed for
your safe return every night. How was your trip, young man?