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hi! i want to get into radiohead but dont know where to start. do you have any recommendations or something like a beginners guide

Oh, it’s been a long time since i got an ask like this so *rubs hands together* let’s see… 1 year ago i made a “radiohead starter pack” post because someone asked me to do one and here’s the updated version :) 

Pablo Honey:

Recommended B-sides: Inside My Head

The Bends: (Check out My Iron Lung EP)

Recommended B-sides: India Rubber, How Can You Be Sure?, Talk Show Host, Maquiladora, Killer Cars, Big Boots, Lift.

OK Computer: (Check out Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP)

Recommended B-sides: How I Made My Millions.

Kid A and Amnesiac: (Check out: I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings)

Recommended B-sides: The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Fog, Cuttooth, Trans- Atlantic Drawl.

Hail to the Thief: (Check out: Com Lag: 2plus2isfive)

In Rainbows: (Check the 2nd Disc of this album)

Not necessarily B-sides but listen to These Are My Twisted Words and Harry Patch (In Memory of)

The King of Limbs:

Recommended B-sides: The Daily Mail, Staircase, The Butcher, Supercollider

A Moon Shaped Pool:

Recommended B-sides: Spectre, Ill Wind


Recommended from the White Cassette (Boxset Edition): Let Down (4-track), Attention, Motion Picture Soundtrack (Piano Solo), Are You Someone?, Climbing Up The Walls (4-track), The National Anthem (4-track)