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Trump: Grading 100 Days Is ‘Ridiculous’ (but His Were the Best)
Trump has followed through on fewer than half of his 100-day promises
In Race To Use Expiring Drugs, Arkansas Executes Two Men In One Night
Man denied lung transplant due to trace of marijuana dies
German crowd hisses, boos at Ivanka when she defends her dad
State Department removes Mar-a-Lago blog post
Google is updating its search to demote fake news
Frozen hash brown recall due to possible ‘extraneous golf ball materials’
Chobani Yogurt Company Sues Right-Wing Radio Host Alex Jones

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Animator James Curran has been making a new animation every day while in Tokyo. #TokyoGifathon

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Be the cute penguin of your dreams. Or, you know, just be nice to people.

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My Family’s Placements💫✨:

Mom - Aries Sun| Sagittarius Moon| Aquarius Rising| Aries Mercury R | Taurus Venus| Virgo Mars|

Dad - Capricorn Sun| Scorpio Moon| Capricorn Mercury| Capricorn Venus| Capricorn Mars|

Older Sister - Aquarius Sun| Aquarius Moon| Scorpio Rising| Aquarius Mercury| Sagittarius Venus| Aries Mars

Older Brother - Taurus Sun| Gemini Moon| Aquarius Rising| Aries Mercury| Pisces Venus| Taurus Mars|

Mine - Capricorn Sun| Virgo Moon| Virgo Rising| Sagittarius Mercury| Scorpio Venus| Aquarius Mars|

I am curious to know what placements your family members have🤗!

No Update for Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad tonight

Unfortunately, I won’t be updating the next chapter tonight on tumblr or wattpad. :-( I’m having serious writer’s block and my stomach is killing me so I’m just calling it a night. I know you guys wait for this and I thank you so much for reading. Not sure when I’ll post next, hopefully next week.

Good night - <3 Cade 

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One of the sweetest sayings I’ve heard yet. David Sykes of Moncton, NB Canada was told this by his amazing daughter. Here is what he said about her quote:

At bedtime my daughter would always try and outdo me when I said “I love you more than…” and one day she said “Daddy, I love you past the Moon and Mars and all the stars, where there’s nothing. I love you where there’s nothing.” And ever since that’s what she says every time because how can I outdo that?
9 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The New Season Of “Carmilla”
Natasha and Elise gave us the deets and they're delicious.
By Lauren Strapagiel

Oh! And if there weren’t enough surprises already… we get to meet Sherman Hollis this season! (Yes… that IS Veronica Mars’s Dad!)

Kara woke up, usual day in the apartment she’d moved into with Winn. She sat up and looked around, frowning when she didn’t see Winn.

“Winn?” she asked, getting out of bed. She brushed her teeth and started some coffee before poking around the new place. She opened up cabinet after cabinet out if curiosity before finding one that…didn’t open. After searching through the keys hanging, she found one that fit and crawled into the cabinet, looking for whatever was inside.