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Kids are Afraid to Cry in Front of Their Parents and I'm Stunned??

Ok so I was talking to a friend a few nights ago and they said something that floored me and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since? They were in a confrontation with their mother and said “should wouldn’t listen to me I just wanted to scream and cry. Lol but I couldn’t I can’t give her that satisfaction I won’t let her hold that over me.” And I was absolutely horrified? I’m horrified that so many of my friends I’ve made on this website have such horrible parents. Like I have never EVER been scared to cry in front of my dad. He has never made fun of me, belittled me, told me it was childish, or “used it against me.” He comforts me. I’m in college and even now when I’m crying he’s the first person I turn to for comfort. He’s semi retired and spends most of the week out of town but if there’s something that’s upset me you can bet your ass the I’m picking up the phone with every intention to cry to him. Parents always talk about how their kid is so closed off to them and never lets them in about their personal life and shit like this is the reason why. How DARE you call yourself a parent if you mock their trust in you to be vulnerable before you? I don’t care if you think it’s overdramatic or silly they’re trusting you to be there and comfort them. When I lost my fish I called my dad crying and did he think it was silly? Absolutely! Did he tell me it was silly? Hell fucking no. He comforted me over the phone for 30 min. That’s what a parent should do!

I feel horrible whenever I bring up my dad and have people tell me “your dad is so nice and amazing I wish my parents were like him.” But he shouldn’t be some gold standard unattainable parent? He should be seen as a normal parent. He’s an amazing parent but he makes mistakes and so do I, but guess what? He’s human and I expect him to make human mistakes and he expects the same.

If your children doesn’t tell you about their life then maybe you should consider yourself to be the problem.

You will not be able to convince me that Blackwatch isn’t actually full of children. Sure all the agents are 100% deadly and efficient at what they do, but when they ain’t on missions or not doing their god damn jobs, they all degrade to fucking 5 year olds.

Reyes is less of a commander and more of a glorified babysitter.

Before you say yes, get him angry. See him scared, see him wanting, see him sick. Stress changes a person. Find out if he drinks and if he does get him drunk - you’ll learn more about his sober thoughts. Discover his addictions. See if he puts you in front of them. You can’t change people. If they are made one way, it doesn’t just wear off and if you hate how he acts when he’s out of it, you’ll hate it much worse eight years down the road. You might love him to bits but it doesn’t change that some people just don’t fit.
—  Something my dad taught me
If Black Hat was a father

White Hat: *bursts through door with hands fill of chalk and candles*
White Hat: Okay kids who’s ready to summon a demon
White Hat, teaching them how to draw a proper pentagram: Okay today you’re going to learn how to summon Cyäegha.
Kids: Who?
White Hat: *sighs*
White Hat: Kids these days- he’s an old friend of Cthulhu, kids like Cthulhu, right?
Kids: Yay!
White Hat: Proper names are important- yes, just like that, okay this chant is five minutes long and in ancient Latin, who wants to read it?

*five minutes later*

Black Hat, standing in the middle of the pentagram: …
Black Hat: You taught them to summon me?
Black Hat: That’s-
Black Hat: Quite impressive of them, really
Kids: *sparkly eyes*
Black Hat: Okay who’s ready to summon Othuyeg
Kids: Who?
Black Hat: A nosy little copy cat who needs to get his own children
White Hat: Hey!

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I don't understand why Boruto said if he rebels against his dad he doesn't get punished . Can you explain ????

boruto rebels against his dad because:

1. he’s angry that he doesn’t come home very often and thinks he doesn’t care about his family 

2. to get his attention [mostly] 

so boruto saying that he “won’t get punished” implies that he causes trouble often to get naruto’s attention but he’s simply too busy to punish him. so who does? hinata, of course!

this is important because despite being scolded by his mother he doesn’t resent her at all since she’s actually present in his life. they contrasted that very clearly in the episode. 

furthermore, in the boruto movie after boruto cheats in the chuunin exams, naruto tells boruto that he’ll lecture him later and boruto responds, “you’ll lecture me later? do you have the time, dad? if you had lectured me before then none of this would have happened!”  above all boruto wants his father’s attention, even it means acting out so he would get scolded.

iruka makes this observation  in chapter 700 as well after boruto defaced mount hokage which is probably the “big plan” he mentioned in the episode.

i hope that answers your question! 

ummm … why was this video so cute??? why was phil offering up nostalgic stories from his childhood every 3 minutes? why were they so fond of the family bonding time? of picking childrens clothing for dab???? ive not felt true emotions during a sims vid in so long??????? ? anyway here r some thoughts:

  • why did they try to make bowling strike noises for 30 actual whole seconds
  • phil dragging dan for not being able to read the word ‘mirage.’ good
  • the fact that phil kinda sorta equated the connotations of ’mate’ and ‘friend’ with ‘partner’ gave me heart palpitations ahhhhh partner is legit my fav word for what dnp are to each other and to hear it used in the same context as phil’s cheeky use of friend/mate was v affirming
  • apparently a typical dad move, according to phil, is stealing your child’s electronics. when phil got his first iPhone his dad took it and put angry birds on it? for some reason this is vital information to me
  • letting your child have cake on the bed is terrible parenting. both of them agree
  • when phil was a kid he had a toy where you rubbed its back and sparks came out. uhhh cute and also concerning
  • phil singing ‘fireman dan’ made me giggle and simultaneously forced me to reminisce on the fireman pic from their ‘dan and phil go to work’ calendar
  • the wholeeeeee bit where they’re looking through dab’s clothing choices made my heart melt. they are so supportive of eccentric fashion choices and they’re def going to be the dads that let their kids pick out their own clothes and support their choices and their individuality no matter what
  • omg 4:51 and phil saying, ‘you can make references that are old dan’ holy shit this bit. once again i love phil not taking dan’s shit and i love how fucking synchronized that god damn joke noise they make is, like they somehow made them at nearly the exact same microsecond??? and i have so many thoughts about this bc they both tend to make that noise when the other messes up or says something wrong or has a word flub of some sort, and it has always struck me as being something they use to dilute the awkwardness of that kind of misspeak??? like to take the attention away from the misspeak itself and draw each other out of the awkwardness of that moment by making each other laugh w this weird goose noise instead?? which is just??? fucking cute? i feel like in this instance the applicability was that dan didn’t have a retort to phil when phil stood up for himself so instead of just staying awkwardly silent he makes this goose noise (v slightly before phil does) as a way of being like lol this is awk i have nothing to say pls help me here and phil v instinctively/automatically follows as a way of joining in and being like it’s all good, you’re good, this is chill, pls don’t feel awk for not coming up w a witty response, and look now we’re laughing!!! and that’s the purpose that noise generally always serves them?? at least it seems that way to me, but idk like obvi i have no real basis for understanding exactly what the origin and meaning of this reflex is for them, this is sort of just how it seems from the many instances we’ve seen of them doing this. either way overall it’s just such a cute and  warm lil thing they do bc its so obvi instinctive at this point and a shared gesture that makes them laugh and i love it
  • phil wasn’t allowed ripped/distressed jeans when he was younger. those traditionalist lesters staying true to their colors
  • dan thinks phil could be a stylist wow that is like the height of praise coming from the dark prince of fashion himself
  • dan thinks its cute when dab is in the parental bed while phil yells ‘get out’ hahahaha
  • phil used to talk to the monster under his bed bc of course he did
  • ok omg the whole bit starting at 9:30. holy shit y’all. i’m baffled. they’re having what seems like a v benign convo about sleepovers during their youth and talking about the frustrations of having to sleep on the floor and dan says “the older you get, the more you’re like what the hell i’m so uncomfortable i wish i was just asleep right now.” and then wATCH HIM from 9:38 to 9:42 like what is he doing why did he follow up that contextually very chill statement with that intense stare into the camera and pointed sip of his water I’m SO confused. this immediately made me think about double meanings to that statement and the main thing that occurred to me was that it was an allusion to their separate beds,, that the older you get the more you value comfort when you’re sleeping over the fun of having a “sleepover with your friend” and one possible fix for that is sleeping in a separate bed to your “””friend”””???? idk??? am v open to other interpretations tho i have no idea, and like of course maybe dan is just being inadvertently cheeky but idk that jst seemed like SUCH an intentional stare and i am going to be kept up at night wondering what it all MEANS
  • dank brekkerini dan’s right i want to fight him for that
  • phil’s grandma used to cut up apples and sprinkled sugar on them depending on the activities they were doing wow why is his whole family quite literally the sweetest
  • phil correcting dan by pointing out that you could always cook a gourmet meal and dan’s only available response being “well … shut up” wow fucking shots fired
  • dan is incensed at the wasted breakfast bar. why is dan literally obsessed w breakfast bars
  • 12:56 another synchronized moment when they both say brayden in an obnoxious attempt at an american accent
  • i love that they are both immediately in agreement that the only reason to go to a bowling alley would be to play on the ddr machine fuckin nerds
  • martyn worked as a mascot at a bowling alley for his work experience prime lester family trivs. also cute ass mental image
  • their shared reflection about bowling with the bumpers up and the dumb toxic masculinity of teenage boys fuCK YES
  • editing mistake numero uno: they overlaid a backing track for tabitha’s bowling turn starting at 14:27 but then kept the music in for like a full THREE AND A HALF minutes omg (it plays on repeat until 17:57 lmao i was ready to click out of the video it was so annoying)
  • editing mistake numero dos: they do the exACT SAME THING with yet another backing track starting at 19:57 and continuing for like one min this time ugh omg (tbh its kind of fun to see such a blatant reminder that they’re just human beings who were either v jet lagged or v distracted by their fam vacay while editing this)

this video was good. i’m gonna go shower and continue to be haunted by that fucking sleepover comment and dan’s stare. good night 

(sims #40)