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omgggg do you think they continued after?!?!?! what was betty thinking she looked mad

I think Betty was confused more than mad. If you listen to the director’s commentary, the scene was supposed to be a callback to that scene in the Godfather when Diane Keaton’s character watches Al Pacino shaking hands and paying respects to his father’s business associates, with the implication that he’s taking over for his dad. I’m sure you can put two and two together.

The core conflict of Jughead and Betty’s characters, I think, will be how much they do become like their parents and when they begin to understand why their parents made the choices they did. I think this will be more pronounced in Jughead, given his most vehement protest of his dad’s lifestyle choices (he communicated this by moving out and distancing himself from his dad). I think Betty and Jughead are two characters that are a fantastic counterbalance to one another, but before we see them even each other out, I think we’re going to see them test their boundaries.

Betty wants to shed her good girl image. Jughead, meanwhile, has given up hope. I think we’re going to see them spiral together.

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Yeah…the more I see about Dream Daddy online the more I realize that this is one of those pieces of gay media that’s not really designed with me in mind. Everyone excitedly creating “dadsonas,” as if dads were fantastical creatures like the anthropomorphic characters of furry communities, makes me vaguely uncomfortable, and then there’s the fundamental misunderstanding of what daddy kink usually entails - possibly because pseudo-pederasty wouldn’t fly with the target audience.

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Thoughts on the character: that he is… a masterpiece ? so good. so complex. just knowing Shiro exists is enough to soothe my soul. Seriously, he’s a fantastic character. I would die for space dad.

Have you interacted before: i mean… having known you for YEARS… i’d say yeah…

Favorite part of portrayal: The fuckin’ ACCURACY. Okay, so, playing with you is like playing with Shiro straight out of the show. There are sides to him that can be tough to capture, but you have them all down PERFECTLY. You ensure they all blend together seamlessly to create this perfect portrayal of Shiro—it’s CLEAR you care about how you express him, aiming to give the proper responses as he would, and it’s so BELIEVABLE. I trust you more with Shiro than I trust the writers. You get into his head and bring to attention all sorts of insecurities and thoughts that make him a deeper character than we get to see on-screen. I have Very Real emotions for your Shiro.
Also, broganes.

One piece of advice: you can pick your friends… you can pick your nose… you can not pick your friend’s nose…

A verse (mine or theirs) I want a thread in: all the modern AU things, honestly…

Thoughts on the mun: so, like. I could go on about Grey for HOURS… I love my baby. my boo. my honeybunch. honestly my perfect partner, in multiple contexts. 
So talented, so cute, so glad they’ve put up w/ me for so long. my #1. ♥