dad gamzee


ideal homestuck ending: dad crocker adopts gamzee

humanstuck gamkar thoughts
  • it isn’t until the fourth time an attempt to go further than kissing (you should, right, that’s how far you should be by now after officially dating for so long) turns into a tickle-fight that spans the entire apartment and ends with you sprawled on each other wheezing that you realize maybe this is really just completely stupid.
  • “Baba made us a cake,” says Gamzee, and holds out a cake in apology for dripping on your carpets.  It’s got an offensive amount of rainbows on it.  The icing, in Mr. Makara’s round, careful hand, says “CONGRATULATIONS GAY”.  You would be insulted except in the middle of all the rainbows he’s somehow found a way to print a photo of you and Gamzee cuddled up on the couch together and okay, the cake looks really good.
  • It take a long time for you to calm him down enough to make out words, but nobody stops to look at the two boys sitting on the park bench in the sunset.  Gamzee’s sobbing keeps their faces pointed toward the ground.  “–threw me out,” you make out finally, and think about his dad on TV, eyes wide and wild, pounding the pulpit and yelling about fire and torment for eternity.  You hold him tight, put your chin in his hair and just hold him as he sobs.
  • When you’re sixteen you find a hand-drawn manga lying on the floor of your group study room while you clean up, and it isn’t until page four of Nepeta’s painstakingly sparkly art you realize the dark-haired bishonen with the commanding eyebrows is you, and the flaxen-haired elegantly androgynous figure of his new romantic conquest is meant to be Gamzee.  
  • Your embarrassment that day is nothing compared to the next, when Gamzee picks it up and recognizes both of you instantly.  Out loud.  Loudly.  You have never seen Nepeta go that red.
All I want from the final upd8:

• Johnrezi
• Karkat and Terezi to be close again
• more!! (Vriska)!!!!
• Roxy x John
• Karkat to be happy
• Dirks gotta be alive man
• Dad & John reunion
• let gamzee out??
• Jake to be ok with all his buddies again
• bring back Feferi guys
• more AraSol
• one last smile from Dave


So I had this idea.  What if the person Jane was alluding to was neither Gamzee (who was in fact Void-ed out of the book with Equius’ blood), nor Vriska?

What if it was fedoraFreak?  He died pretty early on in comparison to the others, and since only Nannasprite knows of his session in which he died and godtiered, nobody else would expect his appearance.

It’s just a thought.

On the other hand, if it isn’t fedoraFreak, the fact that she referred to the character as “firebrand” only makes me think of one person: Mr. Egbert.  From what we can tell, raising Jane made Mr. Crocker a much more mild man than the one who raised John.  John’s constant pranks and refusal of cake made a constant feud between them (that was affable and placid at its worst).  Dad Egbert was the very same man who heaved a safe at Dersite guards, and stood up to Spades Slick, temporarily getting on his good side by burning and extinguishing his hat, earning him a pardon.

Even without godtiering, Dad has the highest man-grit stat of all people supposedly.  Food for though, I guess.

petition for Dad Egbert to be the legal guardian of EVERYONE in Homestuck.

Let them be raised with constant support and baking instead of neglect, being forced into murder of their species/caretakers of their species instead.

let’s see how the same story plays out then.