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The Kids Are Alright: Part 2

April 5, 1998


Neville: I… I’m sorry I haven’t come… in a while. Things have been *sighs* complicated, with school. 

Frank: *stares blankly ahead, his breathing steady and slow* 

Neville: I mean… we were already sort of friends *coughs* s-sort of… but now… *smiles softly* I’ve already told you about Ginny… and Ron and Hermione… and Harry-

Neville: I don’t think I told you about her… *falters* I’m sorry it’s been so long… I should have come sooner… *shakes his head, nervously fiddling with an empty wrapper in his hand* 

Frank: *suddenly reaches out to Neville, his hand shaking* 

Neville: *stares* … Yeah Dad? 

Frank: *slowly moves his hand away from Neville, picking a feather up off of his bedside table* 

Neville: Oh… 

Neville: *softly* Dad… please listen. *reaches out and gently pulls the feather from Frank’s trembling fingers* 

Frank: *quickly draws his hands back as if he’s been burned* 

Neville: We’re in the middle of a war… and I don’t think Hogwarts is safe anymore. They’re coming for us. *takes a deep, shuddering breath* 

… I’m scared.

I’m scared… 

Neville: I-I don’t know why the hat put me in Gryffindor. I’m not brave, like you were. 

Neville: I hate that you’re here, but you can’t hear a word I say. I just wish… 

Frank: *jerks, his eyes shutting tightly* 

Neville: *gasps* Oh no! I-I’m sorry… I know this isn’t fair… It’s not your fault you-

Neville: *stares, heart racing* I’m sorry… 

Neville: *gently places a hand on Frank’s shoulder* 

Frank: *freezes* *slowly begins to breathe again, allowing his tensed body to relax* 

Neville: *quietly* I-I have to leave now… *slowly stands, tucking the empty wrapper into his pocket* 


(( OOC: Bellatrix Lestrange played by: @potterdeer 

Alice Longbottom played by: @the-mischief-managed )) 

ierohero  asked:

Can you draw something comforting for the Americans I just need,,, something

i dont think its my place to tell anyone to do anything, but i can offer you imaginary kittens or puppies according to your preference and tell you that its okay to be scared

 im with every person of color, every lgbt, disabled, muslim person who is rightfully upset right now

Percy, Jason, Nico, Will, Frank, and Leo as Dads
  • Percy: The relax dad. Just goes with the flow with everything and usually says yes to what his kids want, unless Annabeth says no. Also the dad with all the cool snacks.
  • Jason: Sports dad. Learns all the sports his kids are interested in. He cheers them all on during their games and helps them practice, even coaches them. If the kids want anything, he tells them: "Go ask your mom."
  • Nico: The "strict" dad. Usually lays down the rules of the house and has no problem with grounding or putting the kids in time out. But he's the one that the kids go to when they want something.
  • Will: The "fun" dad. Doesn't deal with punishments unless they did something terrible. Wants to know what makes his kids happy and does it for them.
  • Frank: The lovable dad. He loves his kids and would do anything for them. He teaches them useful skills they need in life. A little uncertain about most things but always has support from Hazel about his decisions.
  • Leo: The funny dad. Always making dad jokes and goofing around with them. Always embarrassing his kids. Teaches his kids basic repairs for the house and car.
Frerard fanfic things

• “Frankie”
• some cute nickname for Gerard (normally “Gee” or “Geebear”)
• leather jackets
• “cancer sticks”
• Frank being the most obvious top
• “The emo, introverted artist”
• Mikey being so unimpressed
• Jamia and Lindsey being either angels or the biggest bitches ever what the fuck why
•Nobody can ever seem to agree on Gerard’s eye color. Are they honey colored? Hazel? Brown? The world may never know
• Frank playing in some punk band
• Ray is a clueless fuck

Feel free to add on, these are just a few I’ve noticed.